Watching Containment just made me even worse now that the show feels are lessening. Some people in this fandom are just so… Over themselves that they don’t see talent even if it hits them in the face.
Chris Wood did 3 completely different characters. 3 characters completely unrelated and he did every single of them so beautifully, with so much care for the role and the characters story…
It’s impossible not to feel the raw emotions in Jake’s character. It’s impossible not to cry with him, and to feel his pain. Chris Wood not only is an amazing actor but it’s also an amazing human being who did nothing other than his job.
I legitimately saw people on Instagram say to him that his character destroyed the show. Like why don’t you complain with the writers? Or in his face? Or you don’t have the guts to do that?
Chris Wood deserves better than a so entitled fandom, than people that disregard his feelings when he sees this kind of shit being said about him.