X-MEN ‘92 #10
• It’s an X-traordinary final issue!
• How will our favorite X-Men survive their biggest threat yet – Apocalypse?!
• And will Scott Summers and Jean Grey make it back from the year 2099?
• This is one giant-size finale you don’t want to miss out on!
40 PGS./Rated T …$4.99

Mattel Releases Wearable Utility Belt And Batarang, Crimefighters No Longer Need Fear Embarrassing Pants Mishaps

By Chris Sims

One of the more unfortunate side effects of living in modern society is that we’re expected to wear pants whenever we’re in public. Seriously, they want you to do that every time you leave the house, even though that is clearly an unrealistic proposition for a society that has already perfected pajama technology. It’s an undeniable hassle, but this month, Mattel released something that helps make it a little more awesome: a recreation of the classic Batman ‘66 utility belt, complete with a folding Batarang.

It’s the latest entry in the tidal wave of merchandise that’s been hitting shelves in the truly wonderfulBatman TV series revival that we’ve been seeing over the past few months, and unless you’re willing to get creative with your “Surf’s Up” Batman action figure, it’s the first one you can actually wear. Check out a video of the belt in action below!



                                             KNOWLES Dress

I feel like I’ve been pumping out CC everyday almost! But now that it is the summer I finally have more time for creating and don’t have to focus on school so much! 

I hope that you enjoy the frequent updates.

This cute dress:

  • 19 colors
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Mesh made by me
  • Disabled for random

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                                                EMMI Lipstick

So, since I’m still having issues with the GRANDE Dress, I thought I’d at least give you a new set of lip colors! :)

This set: 

  • Comes with 18 different shades
  • Made by me
  • Disabled for random
  • Custom thumbnail

Hope you guys enjoy! <3

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*the makeup section is up and running! 

(if you use my creations for something tag them with @xchris-creationsx or #christopher067)

“We’re just gonna leave this here…” – Japan

The Craziest Karate Robot Motorcycle Movie Ever Made

I sat down to watch 2011’s Karate-Robo Zaborgar, a Japanese film from the director of Machine Girl and Final Pussy… Between that and the Netflix description, Zaborgar had a pretty high standard to live up to, but seriously, you guys? It is the best movie I’ve seen all year, and maybe the most balls-out-crazy movie I’ve seen in my entire life.

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Ty Templeton Draws Batman As Created By Bob Kane and Nobody Else

By Chris Sims

Here at ComicsAlliance, we’ve grumbled more than a couple of times about the persistent, legally mandated “Batman Created By Bob Kane” credit that appears on every single Batman story. The truth of the matter is that Batman was at best a collaborative effort between Kane and writer Bill Finger, who sadly remains unknown to many fans to this day. But what if — and this is a really big “what if” — that credit was actually accurate?

As Bill Finger’s 100th birthday approaches, that’s the question cartoonist Ty Templeton, artist of Bill the Boy Wonder, has set out to answer in a strip that shows Batman in the form that was actually created by Kane, and it’s not exactly a familiar site.


X-Men ‘92
Written by Chris Sims & Chad Bowers, with art by Scott Koblish

The book is set in the world of the 90s cartoon, and will be the first comic spinning out of Secret Wars. Marvel will also be diving into the world of digital firsts with this book.

Looks like I will probably be spending some youtube time getting reacquainted with this world. I wonder if it happens sometime in the middle fo the run, or after everything took place?

I only know Chris Sims from comicsalliance, and Scott Koblish from Deadpool ads. Going to have to get a better read on what they can do. I want to want this book, though.