Hey, lovelies! And welcome to the GEN2 of The Argyle Family aka One Hell of A Slow Legacy. GEN1 took me ten months… oh boy, I guess we’re here for a long ride LOL And we begin with this bunch of disgustingly happy morning people, aged up correspondingly into their childhood, teenhood and adulthood. Yeah, Luke has a mustache now, it’s because of @romeo-and-simulet, who has been secretly sad all this time because none of my sims had a mustache. Here you go, there’s no need to thank me :p


I had prepared for this evening, a special surprise for tell him of our baby on the way… Now he is in hospital , I’m staying here, staring him without words… Chris is in a coma .. is very serious the damage .. 


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Group photo! ٩(^‿^)۶

~ We passed 50 followers! Can I just say thank you guys so much it makes me so happy to see that you like what I’m doing on this blog. I also can’t believe how fast this blog has grown in just one month. Thank you all sososososo much, you’re all my little cinnamon buns and I love you all. Look forward to more cute pictures, more sims and a Valentine’s day special!! (◕‿-) ~


I’ve often mentioned how much I owe to @esotheria-sims for her help with the chapters of my story: without her, I don’t think the story would have made it this far. Her suggestions and support helped me countless times to keep going on whenever my writer’s block would make me feel like giving up, and her words were often a huge source of inspiration that helped me come up with new plot lines, fixes to plot holes and whatnot. In addition to all that, she’s an amazingly funny and adorable person, whose messages never fail to make me smile <3 

Soooo… this one’s for you, dear: have a wonderful birthday! *_____* <3 <3 <3

  • From Anna Faris is Unqualified, Episode 21, 33 minutes, 16 seconds--talking about why Jenny Slate didn't get her driver's license when she turned 16, and then, teenage diaries!
  • Chris Evans: So your friends have a problem with that?
  • Anna Faris: So you just stayed in...
  • Jenny Slate: Stayed at home.
  • Anna: And did you write in your diary?
  • Jenny: [Laughs] Oh! By the way? Majorly!
  • Anna: Oh my god! Shit! I should have had you bring your diaries over!
  • Jenny: And most of it is like, "I need to stop doing 'that,'" and "that" is underlined. And "that" is masturbating.
  • Chris: Oh! The screenshots of Jenny's diaries are like, the best thing ever!
  • Jenny: Oh, I sent them to Chris.
  • Sim Sarna: Can you give me an example?
  • Chris: Because the truth is, it's just really's still wildly creative and clever and like, it's, or just like your cute phrasing. Who was it? "Who deserves no mercy"? [Laughs]
  • Jenny: Oh, Lydia Krabbs [sp?]? Lydia Krabbs.
  • Chris: [Laughing] "Lydia Krabbs deserves no mercy!" [More laughter].