I know I must be doing something right when I’m still making my mom proud. I come from a pretty traditional, first-generation family that didn’t really push me to step out of the boundaries. However, mom is the one who pushed me to do what I love. That really sums it up: She’s the wind at my back. We have a song called “I Am The Challenger” on the new record, Gospel, which I wrote about my parents. A lot of my mom’s friends’ kids are graduating college and starting their ‘real’ lives. The fact that I can still make her happy [while] not making money and being gone most of the time hits me extremely hard. I don’t think I’d put up with that if I had a kid, so there’s something golden there. She grew up on the Beatles and was sort of a super fan, so I think she really latches on to any pop-rock elements she hears while listening to our albums. She sometimes tries to make me recite all the lyrics to our songs while we’re in the car together. It sucks in the best way. I really blame my obsession with pop music and ’90s radio on her—which ultimately made me want to start a band like Fireworks. So in the end, it’s really all her fault! Love you, mom.

Chris Mojan of Fireworks

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