fireworks/yellowcard/all time low

fireworks by far had the best set because the first time i saw them i only got to see half a song and it was such a tease so finally getting to see their full set was dope and their energy was amazing and yellowcard played a lot of their older songs so the fucking nostalgia was hitting me hard and all time low were adorable and hilarious

but after we went back out to hang out with rob dyer (who remembered me from the last time we met 7 months ago) again and we see this weird tall dude looming over him and it took a couple minutes for it to register in our brains that it was matt kean???

and yeah awh i had a really lovely long conversation with chris from fireworks about workaholics, warped, breaking bad, and netflix and him and the rest of the guys were fanboying over my free karl shirt. i bought gospel even though i already have it and got it when it came out but its the first cd ive bought in over a year and a half. ive met a lot of a decent amount of bands and the pop punk ones have all been so great. my love for the entire pop punk genre mostly in part has to do with just how fucking humble and friendly everyone in the scene is.

all in all, it was a perfect night!