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"C-Corporal..." The young man shuffled and shifted his stance, glancing away. "Don't-- Don't you have a girlfriend...?"

Leeland propped his elbow on his desk, his head leaning into his hand. With a sigh, his eyes slid up to the man that had just addressed him, looking quite bored. “I don’t know why that information has anything to do with you. Now get out. I have work to do.”


more shenanigans with nathan and chris
DaGeDar: It’s A Game!

DaGeDar is budget title and it makes no claims otherwise. The box bullet points are all exactly what is in this game. 33 levels, yes. 100 DaGeDars, yes. Multiplayer, yes. There is no story and the four game modes are instantly apparent when you load the game. This game is exactly what it says it is and nothing more. Now keeping that in mind DaGeDar is actually a competent and mostly fun game.

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(to Nina) Christopher spotted the new face he had seen talking to Benji at one point, he couldn't remember details on their conversation. He walked over to her and smiled. "Hello! Christopher is my name and it's a pleasure to meet you!"

Nina was just about to head to the training grounds when this man approached her. Just what she wanted…another pain in the ass. Her dark eyes flicked up at him, her red lips pressed in a tight line. “Fuck off. I don’t have time to deal with shit like you.”


We all want breakfast croissant sandwiches right now.


chrislockefun takes Merchandise’s album After The End and grills it on the hot dog BBQ.

Chris Locke and Sam Simmons with Cats and Spaghetti Respectively

Chris Locke and Sam Simmons with Cats and Spaghetti Respectively

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Zoofest. JFL. Off JFL. Who can tell the difference at this point. While these festivals have been going on since about mid-July, we are now getting into the meaty week, the week where all the international acts come in to town to Wow us. I hope that you went to the free Weird Al show, and I hope that you have found the little nook filled with food trucks on Ste-Catherine just west of St-Laurent,…

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