7 Days of M7 Challenge
Day Three: Favorite Romantic Relationship
Chris x Mary
While they didn’t technically reach the actual romance stage, I loved Chris and Mary’s dynamic and I wish the show had stayed on the air long enough to see their relationship blossom further.
They develop a mutual respect for each other built on the foundation of an equal push and pull. It’s not just Mary going to Chris for advice, it’s Chris looking to Mary as well when it comes to the well-fare of the town and the citizens. They listen to each other, they care about each other’s opinions, thoughts, ideas. Maybe they don’t necessarily agree on things but they hear each other out anyway.
And holy hell would they butt heads. They’re both incredibly stubborn and they’d probably have some pretty nasty fights. Mary would flay Chris alive with the power of her words but Chris…Chris can be so intimidating but he knows the power of words too. He might not say much but when he does, it will hit home. Of course they’ll say things they don’t mean in the heat of the moment but when they cool down, they’ll see reason and apologize.
Above all though…they’re broken people. To care about each other outside of work would be dangerous, flirting with heart break that neither one of them believes they could go through again. But imagine when they did get together, how tightly they would hold onto each other, how they would savor every single precious moment with each other because they know nothing is certain, especially with Chris’s line of work, especially in this wild, untamed west.
When they first met, they scowled and glared at each other. By the end of the series, Chris - this closed off, grim-faced, emotionally distant man in black with the bloody reputation that precedes him - Chris Larabee is smiling when he looks at Mary. 

Classic One Bed in the Hotel;

Vin and Chris have to share a bed for the first time. Chris steals all the blankets and is Very Picky about them. Vin takes about 2 seconds get settled in but is 100% alert every time Chris even twitches and Chris gets up to go to the bathroom a lot during the night and Vin makes a joke about getting old and maybe you should see a doctor about that that makes Chris try and smother him with his pillow because this is the last straw damnit and Vin’s giggles wake up the guys next door and they end up all having a pillow fight at 3 am.

The Boys Dancing

Chris is light on his feet. He and Sarah danced often.

Buck just wants to have fun and make sure his partner has fun too.

Ezra is slick af. But it would take a lot of booze or the right partner for him to admit it. 

Nathan makes up for lack of training with love and enthusiasm. 

Josiah is sentimental and enjoys simple numbers.

JD and Casey have No Idea What They’re Doing.

Vin… as usual defies expectation. 

I don’t know why I did this, I was just thinking about them dancing and this popped out. Was fun though.


Another humorous favorite. Ezra - can’t live with him, can’t live without him. Vid by jojo1inthecity.

Some of my favorite Mag7 headcanons to think up are the ones where the town’s become civilized enough it doesn’t need gunslingers protecting it but, whether the Boys meant it or not, they’ve become pillars of the local community all the same.

Give me everyone in town acting like Mary’s the mayor of town and Chris is the sheriff, even though neither have been elected.

Give me Ezra and Inez becoming official business partners and turning the Standish Tavern into one real fine establishment.  Better yet, give me Ezra rebuying the saloon and slowly buying up other properties in town until he’s turning a pretty penny from real estate.

Give me Josiah getting called to every town in the area because people need graves blessed, and babies baptized, and weddings officiated and he’s the only preacher they know who’d rather help them then thump Bibles at them. He can never tell people ‘no’ so he spends hours traveling and seeing to the spiritual welfare of the people who need him.

Give me Nathan going head-to-head with a Back-East doctor who moves to twn until they realize they both get along great, and the new Doctor can answer all the questions Nathan has and Nathan can teach the new guy how things work in the west.

Give me JD actually becoming elected as Sheriff and being really good at it.

Give me Buck who decides to take up a law badge so he can be JD’s deputy….just long enough to make sure the Kid won’t get himself killed.  Once he’s satisfied JD can handle himself, he heads on out to give Chris a hand with his place.

Give me Vin who can’t bring himself to leave town—he keeps trying to move out toward Chris’s place and finds himself worrying about the town when he’s not there to hang out on rooftops and watch over it. Hell, give me an eighty-year old Vin who’s still the first person on every crime scene in town and the cops just sigh and go “Here comes Old Man Tanner again”.

Give me Chris setting a new precedent for ranchers in the area—being a good neighbor and taking care that everything’s well in his part of the world instead of bullying and terrorizing people.

Give me the Boys getting married and having kids. Give me the Boys as aging men, talking about the Old Days. Give me the Boys as really old men, still as ornery and stubborn as ever.

Just….I have so ideas of these drifters settling and building good, happy lives for themselves!

This look, with the fluffy hair and the little smile…this is when Sarah fell in love with him. Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight because as Buck has already shared, Chris was a rough ‘n’ tough bad boy and Sarah was the Prettiest Little Flower. But then maybe Sarah pegs him. Calls him out on his bad behavior, tells him to shape up and Chris’s tough exterior wavers because this slip of a girl with the sweet face is giving him hell and it’s so totally unexpected that he has to duck his head to hide his smile. 

But Sarah sees it. She definitely sees it. With his wind tousled hair and the light casting this small halo. It’s a secret smile, one that Chris doesn’t show very often, and it makes him look younger, lighter. Happy.

Sarah falls in love with him then, even though maybe she’d been holding back. But that smile…oh that smile made her melt on the spot.

Sarah did everything she could to earn more smiles like that. And then one time, when they’d known each other a while and it was pretty clear they liked each other but they hadn’t actually done anything about it yet because they were young and shy and maybe both a little pigheaded, Sarah got that little smile she loved so much and she reached out and touched him, traced her fingers over his lips, his cheekbones, memorizing him, as if she could hold that happiness and keep it forever. 

And lord have mercy, the first time she kissed him when he smiled like that, secretly, softly, only for her these days, and she tasted that smile, that happiness. Sarah was lost on him forever.


Magnificent Seven Modern AU - Chris Larabee “The Leader”

Chris Larabee was a CIA agent for a time.  His dangerous choice of career led to the deaths of his wife and child, Sarah and Adam.  He then retired from the agency to freely pursue his family’s killer, but all his leads turned up dry.  He moved to the country and bought a ranch where he boarded local horses.  Special Agent John Dunne recruited Larabee by promising him access to CIA resources to find his family’s killer.  Larabee agrees and takes charge and assists J.D. in recruiting the seven, and fashioning them into an unstoppable team.