I just saw The Magnificent Seven and can I just say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for not catering to traditional Western themes and THANK YOU for making it a PG-13 movie because not hearing western characters spew profanities like air is refreshing and THANK YOU for believable characters that were mother effing badass and THANK YOU for fantastic relationships that I was down for as soon as they were tossed on screen and sweet lord of the rings THANK YOU for Vasquez.

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I do hope Harry's tour will get even more coverage as the cambridges,but I'm not holding out hope, I guess to some royal reporters it won't be interesting enough, whatever that means. lmao.

Usually most of the reporters go on tours with Harry especially a long tour like this. Not all of them will go and most will blame it on money issues which I can’t really fault them for. That will be the 4th big tour this year so I can understand a paper not being able to afford it. Also if there is a big royal event in the UK some will stay behind to cover that. I mainly want Rebecca English, Emily Andrews and Emily Nash to go because I think they post the best pictures and videos. We know Chris Jackson will be there who gets the best professional pics.

Last time Harry was in the Caribbean, the local press did a really good job. Sometimes the local press has better stories and pictures than the British reporters. It’s Harry so the tour will get plenty of attention :) I can’t wait!