So right around the time when I was like “Wow, DC, I literally give up on you forever,” I though it’d be neat to play around with some of the younger characters as a… idk, new Young Justice?? Anyway, so uh… Lian Harper as Little Red (‘cause having a second Red Hood is kind of confusing??), Milagro Reyes as a Green Lantern, Nell ?? as Batgirl, Irey West as Impulse, Chris Kent as another Superboy, Jai West as Haste, Damian Wayne as Robin still, annndddd I like Alan’s idea for Colin Wilkes as Crusader (I hope that’s okay!!).

Anyway, there are stories for a lot of things and headcanons - especially for Colin - but I am too lazy to mention them here, so… Yeah. Um. Just some really quick sketches.

EDIT: I had ideas for Sin Lance, Ramsey Robinson, and even Alan’s Liam Harper (wow, I should stop roping other people’s characters in…) too. Maybe I’ll draw them some other time!!! uvu


Begin your JKD in Portland with style! 

In my experience authentic Jeet Kune Do (JKD) as pioneered by Bruce Lee can be very difficult to find. Looking deeper into most offerings around the Portland, Tigard, and Lake Oswego area and you might find more schools than just RCW. I readily ask you to challenge, or even simply look for their credentials. 

JKD, even in Portland, is a small family of talented instructors and students. It’s easy to see if they’re on the right track because credentials can be traced a short trek back to the 1970′s. In Martial Arts terms that’s the blink of an eye, and lucky for us, most of the folks training back then in the first and second generation of Jeet Kune Do are still around. 

At River City Warriors  we can show the credentials and always strive to present opportunities to train with individuals close to the source material. Contrary to what you might expect, this is EXACTLY what the beginner just starting out should do. In an environment where safety is stressed, a progression is offered, and there are senior students who are capable, learning accelerates. I’ve recently posted some videos of my skilled students performing, but everyone starts at ground zero and works there way up, and you can too! I’ve trained with a number of instructors over the years, and the best ones showed me how to get started, AND then measure progress. They gave me the tools necessary to learn, let me explore on my own, and come back for more. When done right, students can’t help but fall in love with the efficacy of good JKD. 

Throughout the year we’re constantly inviting our JKD team in Portland to seminars locally and in the surrounding region. We regularly bring in my instructors like Guro Chris Clarke who’s been training with Dan Inosanto for over 30 years! This weekend, I’m privileged to announce that the last student to join Bruce Lee’s backyard group in California will be with us, Guro Chris Kent. After Mr. Kent began he quickly established himself as one of Dan Inosanto’s most prominent students. Until decades later where he went off, like many of Guro Dan’s students, to form his own academy. Guro Kent has kept up his skills to this day and is knowledgeable in JKD, Kali (Filipino stick and knife fighting), Wing Chun, and the French kickboxing style of Savate. 

We welcome everyone to join in our JKD heritage and participate in the workshop this weekend. If you’re interested in regular JKD classes or Kali in the Tigard or Portland area we offer training 6 days a week. We are also the only school in the state of Oregon to offer training in Sayoc Kali. RCW is a place that beginners can start out and feel immediately welcome, and the advance student can further their training, knowing the entire time that this is a legitimate path of authenticity. Who knows, one day I’ll post all those testimonials I have that echo the same sentiment. 

This weekend our workshop with Mr. Chris Kent will be hosted from 12pm-4pm both Saturday August 29th and Sunday the 30th. On location directly at River City Warriors in Tigard. 

Don’t worry if you can’t make it or want to take it a little slower in a group class. Contact us any time and check out our JKD program for yourself! We’re always offering a FREE trial, because we know that once you see the difference in our JKD curriculum you’ll be hooked like the rest of us! 


Guro Joe 


“I began to think Batman and Superman occupy different parts of the mythic imagination. In superhero stories, Batman is Pluto, god of the underworld, and Superman is Apollo, god of the sky. That began to be really interesting to me, that their conflict is not just due to manipulation, but their very existence.” – Chris Terrio, screenwriter of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

“I’m sorry, I should have been a better father to you.”

This week’s Superman hits me with all the Superfam feel i swear…

Maybe it’s just a coincidence Clark gets over-protective when Jon is hurt but to me, it’s like he’s remind of what happened to Chris and Cir-El all over again AND HE CAN’T LOSE JON TOO.

GUYS! I finished it! Puck Bunny Samwell Hockey Team!

My eyeballs are burning but I loved every second I spent on this! Hope you guys like it!!!!! <3

PS. Sorority pose just cause I can.