So right around the time when I was like “Wow, DC, I literally give up on you forever,” I though it’d be neat to play around with some of the younger characters as a… idk, new Young Justice?? Anyway, so uh… Lian Harper as Little Red (‘cause having a second Red Hood is kind of confusing??), Milagro Reyes as a Green Lantern, Nell ?? as Batgirl, Irey West as Impulse, Chris Kent as another Superboy, Jai West as Haste, Damian Wayne as Robin still, annndddd I like Alan’s idea for Colin Wilkes as Crusader (I hope that’s okay!!).

Anyway, there are stories for a lot of things and headcanons - especially for Colin - but I am too lazy to mention them here, so… Yeah. Um. Just some really quick sketches.

EDIT: I had ideas for Sin Lance, Ramsey Robinson, and even Alan’s Liam Harper (wow, I should stop roping other people’s characters in…) too. Maybe I’ll draw them some other time!!! uvu