I think I should tell the story behind her photos. It’s interesting for her fans. This photo has become one of my favorites, and my favorite swimsuit shot i have ever taken, but it almost did not happen.

I’d worked with Jennifer since she was 12 years, and she was always a mouthy and funny little squirt, but between 2005 and 2006 she started physically maturing, and it was obvious that she was no longer a little girl and was developing into a very sexy young lady. HOWEVER, being a month from her 17th birthday, shooting her in a bikini completely exposed would have been jumping the gun a bit, and I wanted to keep mamma Lawrence happy. However knowing she was only a 14 months from 18, I decided it was not too early to promote her as an emerging sex symbol.

The way it was shot, by hiding her eyes, and placing and framing her behind the screen door, allowed the photo to stay portfolio relevant for years to come; staying usable as her face matured to match her body. It made for a beautiful photo, one that I think have personally underrated. But as an agent/photographer, I was going to make sure that everyone knew how sexy she was becoming, and I think the strategy was solid.

Again a great shot has several parts, one of it being luck, and the angle of the sun to the door was perfect, so I instructed her to lift her head to shadow the eye line, and frame her jaw structure, a low strong stance allowed the wood in THAT particular door, to hide her mid section, (but exposing the belly button) and thus while showing very little skin, I was able to create a very sexy shot.

Jennifer Lawrence - 16 years old

Chris Kaufman talking about working with Jennifer

This is a video I made with my friends Maya and Chris when I was in Toronto for NXNE. They asked me to talk about my influences/inspirations so I talked a bit about Andy Kaufman and Chris Burden!