But you love each other..

: pairing: Thor x reader

plot: Soulmate Au where y/n already found her soulmate, but what happens when she doesn’t love him anymore?Does she leave her soulmate for the person she truly loves? Is that even allowed?

A/n: I know I’m supposed to write the other fic but I couldn’t help but write this. Tell me what you think.


I walked around the compound searching for one person, my soulmate. I will never get used to saying that, never did I expect to find him. I always thought that he was never there, that maybe I was one of the exception that didn’t have one.

Most people would die if they found out that they don’t have a soulmate, that they weren’t destined for eternal love, but not me.

Not that I don’t like the idea of it, it’s just something I never put a lot of thought to it. Because since we were kids we were thought that nobody is perfect, but our soulmate is the perfect person for us? It never made sense to me.

But now it’s different, it’s been 4 years that I found my soulmate, Thor the god thunder. There I was thinking that I will never find someone and, here I am dating a god.

When I first met Thor during the battle of New York. It was nothing romantic like most people say when they find or meet their soulmate. When really we just shook hands and then we felt a shooting pain, me on my left arm and him on his shoulder. That’s when i saw that i had a red star printed there. He had a star as well but a different colour and it was on his right shoulder blade.

To be honest I am really happy that I found Thor and he was happy that he found me ,but i cant help but feel guilty about the fact that he had broken up with his girlfriend to be with me.

He reassured me every day telling me that he loves me and that it wasn’t my fault, that Jane and him was not meant to be, and that we were.

He really loved me and I loved him.

“Love, there you are” a booming voice called me. A smile appeared on my face knowing exactly who it was I made my way to the source of the voice “hey babe, I was looking for you,” i kissed his jaw since that was what I was able to reach.

“You humans are so petty and cute” he kissed me.

“Well I am the human that kicked you ass this morning in training, not petty after Hun?” I smirked.

“ and yet I managed to steel your pop tart this morning”

“Wait you what?”

“ I love you, babe” he kissed me again “ and I bought you more of these triangular corn chips that are shaped the same way as Brother Steven”.

“ I hate that you know my weakness, but this time you will have to make it up for me and Clint since I made Pietro drop him in the middle of dessert for ‘steeling’ my pop tart,” I cringed.

“Oh I love you so much, little one”

Just when I has going to open my mouth to return the kind words to Thor, Steve walked in with a man.

He seemed tired and lost in thought. He seemed like he knew the place since when he came in he went straight for the elevator. Before he can press any button Steve called his name “Bucky”.

‘Bucky’ turned around and faces us, his eyes bored into mine. For some reason i couldn’t break contact. Until Wanda came up to and shook my shoulder.

You ok?“ She whispered into my ear, I nodded and looked at the two men in front of me.

As they spoke I saw Bucky sneak glances at me. That’s when I noticed that his hand was made of metal. ‘I wonder what happened?’ I thought.

Wanting to know if his whole arm was made of metal I used my x-ray power though his shirt sleeve. Only to look at his metal arm that captured my interest.

His arm was indeed made entirely out of metal, but it also had a something red on, it- it was a red star. Pretty much similar to mine. No it’s exactly like mine. Not even Thor’s one was identical to mine.

“Y/n this is Bucky”

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