BOO! And welcome to another Ghost Review, where everything is either ghastly, ghostly, or just plain stupid!
Today I’ll be reviewing a webcomic called Biff.
And in case anyone is wondering, I’m going through my first webcomics and then I’ll go on to ones that I’ve recently found, or ones that people suggest to me.
Biff is one of those comics that you would expect to see in the Funny Pages. Except, it’s about an alien named Biff who has insane eyebrows, and who misinterprets many things here on Earth. The Book of Biff was started by Chris Hallbeck, who is now making another webcomic called Maximumble. Biff is probably my first webcomic. Seriously. I remember finding it years ago while surfing the web in our second house. I was just sitting there, messing around, when I saw an ad for something named Biff. I clicked on it, being the silly kid I was, and BAM! I was sent into the dimension known today as Webcomicdom.
Since I’ve already explained what it’s about, I’ll just go right to the review.
Family Friendliness- Anyone could read this. Really. Sure little kids might not get the jokes, but it’s fun to look at!
Art- Very consistent. Not the best in the world, but still very good.
Consistency- Updates Monday through Friday. I’d say that’s pretty consistent.
Plot- It’s a day by day comic, so I really don’t need to say it has a plot, because it doesn’t.

There you have it! Yet another Ghost Review right out of the oven, and steaming hot! Tune in next week for more tales of Shock and Terror!

But seriously. Next Tuesday I’ll be reviewing a little something involving fake witches and baking.