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Civil war better be worth Chris Evans shaving away his beard or I will sue for emotional distress.

I’m starting a support group, we meet on Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.

No but seriously, if the Russos and Chris say this movie will be amazing and “it’s the best one yet” I’m sure we’ll come out of the cinema on our hands and knees crying bc all the Stucky.

Remember my fellow beard lover, Christopher’s facial hair grows back quicker than you can say “Bucky is not a villain”.

We shall be blessed with that sexy Lumberjack beard once more.. Think of how full and glorious it’s going to be during the CA: Civil War press.

My current celebrity crushes

I’ve done this a little while ago and it seems to have change a lot since. So, here’s my current crushes. (Trying not to put too many of them.)

Adam Driver - Yes, this guy. Kylo Ren from Star Wars The Force Awakens

Domhnall Gleeson - Bill Weasley from HP and General Hux from SW: TFA. You know, the Come to the Dark side, we have cookies T-Shirt should be change to Come to the Dark side, we have cuties.

Sebastian Stan - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier from MCU. YEP! Still love this guy!

Chris Evans - Steve Rogers/Captain America from MCU. Well… One without the other… Chris grew on me again.

Well… I’m pretty sure with movies coming up, some will pop up again in my list. But right now, these guys are it for me. I will say that Aidan Turner, Richard Armitage, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Robert Downey Jr, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are still among my fav, but… Kind of dethrone because of Domhnall and Adam.

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So basically I was sleeping downstairs. My dad respectfully decided to watch the first Fantastic 4 movie (the one with Evans) upstairs. I woke up from a dead sleep. I was barley even awake. I yelled up the stairs: "Are you watching Fantastic 4 up there?" He yelled back yes. Chris Evans wasn't even speaking. That's when you know you're too obsessed.

I think that’s our sixth sense.  The ability to feel Marvel happening around us.  We don’t need sound or visuals.  We just know.

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i was trying to avoid any spoilers but its become too apparent that we know /who/ dies in civil war. and bucky becoming cap ;-; i just realized how far infinity wars is and imagine the movies seb will be in like cameo wise in between as cap. we're going to see bucky hurt as fuck over steve, im not ready

First off, I don’t want to talk about anyone dying…that is to sad and I I want everyone to be happy, even if they are fighting, I don’t want anyone to be killed over it since I will fucking cry in the theater because of it.

But I know someone will die…it’s how it is in the Civil War comics, and yes it’s really sad since we might know who’s going to die, but it might be someone else who takes that person’s place instead of that person who does die.

Does that make any scene, I feel like I just was talking in circles.

But still Chris wants to renew his contract for Marvel so he can continue being Captain America, because well…we should fucking let him!!!!

Chris has a contract that is for 6 movies as Captain America, He’s done Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. And now add Captain America: Civil War.

That is 5 movies, he will be alive at the end of it, I really hope he does survive Civil War.
Captain America: Civil War Test Screenings Highly Positive | Collider

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Might Be Marvel’s Best-Testing Movie to Date

Captain America: Civil War is making its way through the post-production process, and currently is handling test screenings and reshoots. Both are normal parts of filmmaking for any Hollywood film, and in my experience, it’s best not to read too heavily into this phase of filmmaking. It’s like looking at meal before its fully cooked and judging how it will taste. There was some toxic test-screening buzz on Mad Max: Fury Road, and we all know how that turned out.

However, if you want to take heart on positive test screening buzz, then Civil War has you covered. Devin at Birth.Movies.Death. says he’s heard from five sources that the movie is testing through the roof, and “[in] fact, the only thing they disagree on is whether the movie tested as well as or better than Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which had previously been the best-testing Marvel movie.” He goes on to say that test audiences’ excitement for the film has also put executives at ease regarding the film going to some dark places and not pulling any punches (I’m reading that as “expect some character deaths,” but I could be wrong).

While I’m incredibly excited for Civil War, I’m still taking this with a grain of salt, not because I don’t trust the filmmakers, but because sometimes the people creating hype out of test screenings have a vested interest in letting you know that a test screening went well. And keep in mind: just because a film is popular with lots of people, that doesn’t mean you’ll like personally. Opinions aren’t determined by a democracy, but I’m still hoping that I enjoy Civil War as much I like most of the other Marvel movies.

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6th. The film stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, and Paul Rudd.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” finds Steve Rogers leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps—one led by Steve Rogers and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark’s surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability.

Source: collider

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I feel like I’m having an affair with Chris Evans! Pictures, movies, messages from friends? Tumblr, Twitter? Fan fiction? Damn! The stuff I write makes me blush! My husband is very much the jealous type. He always asks why I’m on my computer… I’ve never given him any reason to be jealous or fearful. So what if I have a major crush on an actor? Is it really wrong to let a fantasy get me a little more excited IRL? How is it any different from a man watching porn? And should I feel guilty?

Hey, as long as you are not getting lost too much in that sexy, hot fantasy of yours - I say keep it up!! Nothing wring with having a crush on an attractive, lovely guy like Chris.

I know we’ve had that discussion before - so why don’t you people jump in and let us and the Anon know what your thoughts about this are? I know it is a hot topic!!! DISCUSS!

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My afternoon was quite an experience! Oh boy..

Wanna know why?

 I found an unused sketch pencil in the box where I put my painting stuff in. So I decided to make me and Nick Vaughan the test subjects of this pencil! XD

Here’s what I drew today

I made myself look way too smol I think!!! N O 

But remember this drawing was merely a test, nothing fancy. No need to get excited. XDDD just kidding! You still can if you wanna X33 Sorry about all of the ink dots everywhere, those came through from another page

Anyway, we’re suppose to be ice-skating in Central Park of New York city!! <3333 and I assume it’s still winter time when Before We Go takes place???? So…yeah. But in the little story I’ve got in my head it’s winter for sure! Oh and I have this headcanon that Nick is an expert ice-skater /)////(\ and here he’s teaching me!!  Aaw~ aren’t we precious?! XDDDD X//333 man, I could gush over this pairing for hourrs!!!!!!!!! What’s it called though? ReinaNick, Nickina, um..Reick? Ew no. Uhhhh…..I can’t decide on an official ship name right now. LOL At least I have a couple options :3  

Okay, back to the pencil. I have to say it worked out alright. It’ll take some getting used to, but I think I’ll start using the pencil. Instead of the mechanical one that I use for school. Also I need to start drawing my other self inserts more often. But my brain’s all like “nooOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! You must draw patriotic fireworks any. chance. you. cAN!!!!!!!!”  and I’m like “b-but, my other ships need love too :’(”

…..I don’t even know you guys

Note: the doodle was strongly inspired by this poster for Before We Go I couldn’t help myself!!! I’ve been wanting to draw this for a long time!

It’s sO pretty and cuTE!!!!!!!! I love it so muchhhhh!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ why couldn’t this have been the official movie poster? -.-

I’m rambling too much aren’t I

There’s a line in 13 Hours in which you’re called Captain America. Is this an inside joke because you were up for Captain America in the Marvel movies?

[Laughs.] No. Okay, you know what’s funny? I never thought about it when we were shooting. But when I watched the movie, I was like, “Oh my God!” I never even put that together, but that’s hilarious.

When I saw the screening, a few us were wondering.

Yeah, “Take that, Chris Evans.” Yeah.


One of my all-time favorite scenes from any of his movies. I swear. He was a Dorito back then, too. ugh This never gets old. From the second he parks that bike inside the door to the “ok” sign at the end. PERFECTION

Also, his mom once said that this is the character he’s most like IRL. Not sure if that’s still the case today, but JUST ADORABLE! :)

30 Day Challenge: Chris Evans

Day 19: Which movie would you like to see him in?

A musical or a comedy… or a musical comedy. I originally thought Les Mis, but I think he’s a little old to play Marius, but too young to play either Javert or Jean Valjean. He *could* possibly do Thenardier. I just want to see the man on stage for once.

Or A live-action version of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty where he plays Prince Philip.

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@katiekeysburg and I also decided that Evans should have been in The Finest Hours, cuz that’s also MA-based and he could use his accent.

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Sorry, it’s a non-answer.

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Going off of something @daisyjm75 said, a war movie so we can see more of this:

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Or something where he’s a family man. I mean it’s not like he’s too young to play those roles.

@sweetlifeofadreamer @thewife101cevans @ek823 @daisyjm75 @lillianfromaccounting @steverogersnotebook @avenger-nerd-mom @call-me-captain-america @moncun

Answer 10 questions and tag 10 amazing people

Thank you @sicariu-s for tagging me<3

1.What was the last movie you watched?

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I had no idea there was a second movie to the first one so I wanted to check it out. It was weird seeing Chris Evans playing another superhero tho.

2. What was the last song you listened to? 

Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara. 

3.What was the last show you watched?  

If rewatching counts, then Sherlock. Otherwise I don’t watch shows too much. 

4.What was the last book you read?

Nana by Émile Zola. My teacher recommended it to me a year ago and I only picked it up last week…it was pretty good.

5.What was the last thing you ate ? 

Idk what to call it in english. It was rice and some other stuff

6.If you could be anywhere else, where would you be ?  

Tokyo. It’s funny bc last time I went to Tokyo I didn’t have a very good time…but now I want to go so bad. 

7.If you could pick a decade to travel back in time, what would it be? 

Victorian London. Mostly because of AC Syndicate, The Infernal Devices and Sherlock. 

8.If you won the lotto and millions in cash, what would be the first thing you’d do ? 

Buy something nice for my parents and save the rest.

9.Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day ? 

As of now, the Frye twins. We don’t even have to do anything I could just sit and watch them banter all day. And then I’d give them a big hug:)

10.What was the last fandom you joined ? 

Honestly I love Star Wars a lot but did I join the fandom…?Idk…I’m gonna go with Assassin’s Creed bc I’m so invested in it rn.

I’ll tag @rozunderpressure @greywatch @laracroftsspouse @kirayni @eviefryesshadow 

oh, my heart... it kinda hurts...

I had an emotionally shitty weekend (weekend was actually pretty good, but mentally, I wasn’t in a good place) and watching What’s Your Number? was actually kinda therapeutic. The movie needs to come with a warning label though.

“WARNING: You may fall in love with Chris Evans after watching this movie.”

Seriously, the first and last time I watched it, I was fighting tooth and nail against this crush, so I was all in the “oh, Colin’s not that great” camp and I distinctly remember telling @katiekeysburg (my fangirling enabler) that “oh, I think the romance between Colin and Ally happened too quickly and there wasn’t enough time in the movie to develop it. It just wasn’t believable.”

Well, on second watch, and mentally in a totally different place, I’m now fucking in love with the movie. Definitely one of his best ones.

And I’ve fallen in love with him/Colin all over again. Like seriously, this kinda hurts.

sigh. Posting the official count in a little bit tomorrow morning.

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so i recently watched the Avengers along with a bunch of other Marvel movies, and now i'm in love with Captain America (or at least his actor Chris Evans) haha. but honestly, Marvel movies have now become my favorites. Haikyuu! will always be number one in my heart though :') are there any particular movies or comics that you really enjoy? c:

hmm movies..I really like The Heat xD it was hilarious hahaha oh and from Marvel I really liked Ant Man xD but Avengers was super good too!!

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YOUR BLOG IS ONE OF MY FAVS <3 and we’re theme twinsss <3 

Tell me something about yourself and send me a question for a blog rate (:

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2,8,19, and 27. c:

nikki you da best :*

2. What movie(s) could you watch over and over and not get tired of?

the winter soldier, snowpiercer, pride & prejudice, any hp or lotr movie

8. What movie are you looking forward to coming out the most?


19. Favorite movie action hero?

i’m not big on action movies tbh but i love jason bourne

27. Top 5 actors?

  • jake gyllenhaal
  • matt damon
  • chris evans
  • sebastian stan
  • mark ruffalo
  • idk???
  • there are too many i can’t

send me numbers?

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if you're into animated movies then spirit stallion of the cimmarron, otherwise the martian or inception :)

omg i need to watch inception too, is that on netflix or amazon prime? 

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want one?

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17, 35, 96, 97 ^_^


17.  Do you think there is life on other planets? I feel like there has to be! If there isn’t I’d definitely be surprised

35.  Would you rather live without TV or music? Without TV, definitely! I don’t really watch it anyway haha, but I listen to music constantly.

96.  Favourite actress? :0 good question! I don’t watch a lot of movies/TV im gonna be honest lmao but I like Scarlet Johansson and Karen Gillan.

97.  Favourite actor? lmaoo hmmm. Chris Evans probably hot damn. There’s other people I like too but I can’t pin down their names right now :( also Aziz Ansari though I’d put him more in the comedian slot than an actor, but he was on Parks so it counts!

Thank you! <3