Conflicted (Part 6)

Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2353 // Rating: Mature

Warnings: drinking angst, dont ignore abdo pain guysss, my thanksgiving knowledge is hella low

Summary:  Reader is the new girl in town. But will Chris be friend or foe?

Note: felt a bit disheartened writing this because of some of the repsonse to last chapter but opted to write it as planned any way


I have absolutely no idea what prompt to give you as a request but I really loved “just a fling” so maybe something with chris e again? Maybe Christmas or holiday related? Or on the flip side they get to know each other more (maybe didn’t originally like each other) become bffs then the relationship (which probably won’t be holiday related lol)? Really, just preferably something with a happy ending lol. Fluff, angst, smut, all or whatever really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just throwing things out there so I’m not completely useless lol.

Thanks!! I love your writing!

The feeling of unease on set had become palpable. Since Halloween and the following morning’s texts, neither Chris nor Y/N had spoken to each other. It wasn’t that they were being rude or mean. If anything, they seemed to be quite civil. Sure, they weren’t friends but they had seemed to come to an unspoken agreement that the best way of dealing with their problems was to not acknowledge them.

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Chris Evans Talks Fatherhood, Says He ''Wants to Be a Daddy Someday''
Captain America star is already an uncle a lot of little nieces and nephews

Watching Chris Evans in his new movie Gifted, one can’t help to think of what he’ll be like when he has his own kids.

In the Fox Searchlight film, the Captain America star plays a boat mechanic raising his six-year-old math prodigy niece (Mckenna Grace) when his overbearing mother (Sherlock’s Lindsay Duncan) takes him to court to gain custody of the young child.

At one point, Evans breaks down in tears.


70/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.


“one team of two and one team of one.” Steve stated.

they stared at each other for a moment, “so you and Y/N-” Bucky began.

you knew what was going on and grinned at the two guys who were constantly fighting over you, “no you guys go together, i can be the single.”

So… I found this on Instagram. If you know who made this, tell me so I can give them credit. It’s not mine.
But that’s sooooo accurate. (But not Andrew Garfield. He’s just a kid, leave him alone)

And don’t even get me started with the Supernatural cast…

Edit:  @sebastian-stan-fan is the one who created it. And, honey… You own me an oxygen thank.

Edit 2: I have no idea about how old actors are. I know RDJ is on his 50’s, and Chris E. and Sebastian are on their 30 something. Don’t hate me.

Maybe foolishly, maybe recklessly, I’ve never been one to be too preoccupied with how I’m perceived. I’m not saying I’m not aware of it. I’m not Buddha. But it just feels like such a nasty concept to be concerned with how you’re being perceived and let that be your compass. That’s what they teach you from the time you’re five years old: don’t be too concerned with what other people think of you.