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  • “Bad Bob” Zimmermann was the king of rock ‘n’ roll back in the 80′s, like Sprinsteen levels of cool. He was like the most famous Canadian ever. 
  • His son Jack rocketed to stardom in his teens, starring in a pop duo with Kenny Parson. As most kids who grow up famous do, they both got involved in the party life style - and Jack ended up in trouble. Kent went on to have a solo career while Jack went into rehab. The whole thing was plastered all over the tabloids. 
  • Post rehab - Jack’s dad & record label find this group of ~delinquents~ that are need some kind of star power to get them on the billboard charts. They’re a good group of kids actually - hearts of gold - they’re just kind of… strange. But this is the music business and they’re an indie/punk (weird - says bad bob) band, so strange is good. The fans dig it.
  • “Shitty” Knight is the drummer, obviously, generally half to fully naked and always yelling about heteronormativity and the gender binary and other things that tend to get lost under the crash of his drum set. His energy is magnetic though, and Jack finds himself in the possession of a new best friend without really even trying. It’s okay… once he gets over the nakedness and the mustache.
  • Justin “Ransom” Oluransi - guitar prodigy, and Adam “Holster” Birkholtz - best electric bass player in the business, are an inseparable team and a force of nature on stage. Jack has no idea what their nicknames mean, but he’s not about to question it. 
    • Holster can play pretty much anything you put in front of him, so sometimes he plays the key board (and Jack’ll play bass). He can also play the violin, the dobro, the piano, the clarinet and the recorder. obviously.
    • Ransom is actual FIRE on the electric guitar, it’s amazing, but he never got past the whole playing the intro to Smoke on the Water thing… Holster almost threw his guitar out the window one day. It was bad.
  • Jack joins as the lead singer, though he always has a guitar in his hands. He prefers the acoustic guitar actually, but he’s always played electric on stage. In this new band, he’s secondary to Ransom, and plays rhythm.
  • The name of the band is something like H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS. or something. Like, with actual hockey sticks in the logo, ya dig? idk, i’m not creative. 
  • So they start recording some songs and with Jack’s influence they get some more attention and soon they’re getting a fan base (hello, look at all these cute boys it’d be MADNESS. the cheekbones alone jfc) and a few plays on the radio. They do some small local shows, open for a few bigger bands. 
  • They hire Larissa Duan as a manager after six months and one memorable night where the entire band almost missed a performance because they thought it was the next day. Shitty dubs her Lardo within five minutes of meeting her, and for some reason she stays, even after watching R&H go from arguing about a TV show to wrestling on the floor in about two minutes flat. She’s seems unaffected and down to earth and Jack loves her with every fiber of his grumpy heart. 

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You Don’t See Me (Luke Hemmings Imagine

“Do you ever feel like we’re too close? Sometimes I feel like we’re too close,” I say as Sean attempts to press more of his weight down onto my back.

My band mates and I are sitting in our dressing room, but instead of pumping ourselves up for our show that’s coming up in a few hours, we’re laying on each other. I’m on my stomach with my head in the lap of our drummer Chris, my left cheek resting on his thigh as he runs his fingers through my hair absentmindedly. My feet are propped up on Nick, our lead guitarist, who is busy texting away on his phone. Sean, our bassist and my best friend, is lying on my back, face up with his phone held up above his head.

Everyone ignores my quiet musing, so in order to gain their attention, I thrust my ass up into the air, causing Sean to drop his phone onto his face.

“You little brat!” Sean yells as he rubs his forehead to soothe the ache. I burst out laughing as he flips over suddenly to dig his strong fingers into my sides. Tears are running down my reddened face as we fall off of our band mates and onto the floor. I’m screeching and yelling at Sean to stop when Chris and Nick wrestle him off of me.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but causing the lead singer of the band to lose her voice three hours before our show is probably a bad idea,” Nick tells him. Sean huffs but relents anyway, flopping back down onto the floor on his back.

My phone chimes from my bag on the other side of the room and I hop up to run to grab it out of the side pocket, a bright smile forming on my face as I see the name flash on the screen. I hear Sean chuckle quietly before I turn my back on the boys before opening the message from Luke.

if I told you that we’re here already, does that make me seem too eager? asking for a friend…

My head turns again and I lock eyes with Sean, blood rushing to my face to color my cheeks with a deep blush.  He quirks his eyebrow in silent question, but I don’t even need to answer him. Sean is the only person in the world who knows the truth about my feelings for Luke.

The guys and I were doing a small tour in Australia and just before we were set to play, our manager had found and booked a local band, 5 Seconds of Summer, to support us. Ever since then, the eight of us have been inseparable. It’s hard to maintain close relationships when you live this lifestyle, but we all understand each other. We FaceTime and text as often as we can, and whenever we’re close by when the other is playing, we do our best to attend and show our support. Tonight we’re in LA playing a small show at the House of Blues while 5SOS is in town to begin writing their next album.

I love Ashton, Calum, and Michael like brothers, but it’s always been different with Luke. Every time he’s around, I can’t control the crazy butterflies in my stomach and it’s impossible to stop my heart from racing. At the beginning, I assumed that he was just unaware of my feelings for him, but as time goes on I become more and more convinced that he just doesn’t see me that way. Because of my increasing discouragement on the issue, Sean helped me convince Nick and Chris to let me add a solo song to our set list tonight without revealing anything to them. I’m taking one last chance to tell Luke how I feel the best way I know how. I’m going to sing it to him.

I turn on my heel and make my way toward the door, tapping out my reply to Luke as I walk. Just as I’m about to send him a message asking him where they are, I round the corner and walk straight into a strong, warm chest. My phone slips from my hands, but Ashton catches it just in time. “Walk much?” he asks with a wide smile that matches my own. He engulfs me in his muscular arms, picking my feet up off the ground and spinning me around. “I missed you,” he whispers sincerely in my ear. I peck his cheek in reply and he sets me down. I move on to Michael who kisses my cheek sloppily and dips me back slightly causing me to throw my head back in laughter before being passed to Calum for another warm hug. They all walk past me to go find the guys, and I’m suddenly left alone in the hallway with Luke.

Even after the hundreds of times I’ve seen Luke, I still can’t get over how beautiful he is. I allow myself a moment to re-memorize his face; my eyes wandering first up to his perfectly styled blonde hair, then down to the graceful slope of his forehead and eyebrows. I avoid his eyes at first, saving my favorite part for last. When my gaze slides from his adorable button nose to his kissable pink lips, I notice that they’re pulled up into an unmistakable smirk.

I finally take a deep breath to calm my fluttering nerves and release it before I move up to his eyes. They’re bright blue and shining with his usual happiness and warmth and I have to tangle my fingers together to restrain myself from reaching out to run them along his cheeks and bringing his lips to mine.

He steps toward me slowly and wraps his arms firmly around my waist as mine wrap around his neck. Luke settles his face into the crook of my neck and inhales deeply, immediately bringing the flush back to my cheeks.

I can feel the softness of his lips brushing against the skin of my neck as he finally speaks. “Hi, little one,” he says, and my heart shatters into a million pieces. Those three words remind me that no matter what, he’ll never think of me the same way that I think of him. He’ll always see me as a little sister.

My eyes drop to the floor as they flood with tears and he immediately slides his fingers underneath my chin and tilts my head back up to look into my eyes with confusion and concern. I blink my tears away and force a smile, turning back toward our dressing room and pulling Luke along. “I missed you, Lucas,” I tell him as we walk, causing him to roll his eyes dramatically.

He slings his arm around my shoulder and tucks my head into the crook of his elbow to give me a noogie. He’s laughing at his own antics as we walk into the dressing room together, the guys in the room already listening to loud music in an effort to get pumped up.

Luke releases me to go and hug Sean, Chris, and Nick, and once Sean sees my face he knows that I’m upset. He moves back over to the couch and pulls me down onto his lap, his chin resting on my shoulder so that he can whisper in my ear.

“What happened?” he asks immediately.

“Nothing happened. Why?” I ask nonchalantly, avoiding the issue completely.

“Don’t even try it, Y/N,” he replies coolly.

I roll my eyes but stand anyway, offering him my hand and moving him toward a secluded corner of the room.

“I think I’ve changed my mind about the last song. I think we should just stick to the regular set,” I explain quickly, avoiding eye contact by inspecting my shoes.

Sean sighs and grabs my chin, forcing me to look at him. “What did he say?”

His eyes are kind and caring, filled with nothing but concern for my well-being. Unable to lie to my best friend, I explain how I’m feeling. “I just feel like he looks at me like a little sister, and that’s never going to change. He’s surrounded all of the time by these beautiful, gorgeous girls and he could have any of them. Why would I even entertain the thought that he’d want me?” I muse, a few tears escaping my eyes at the downward spiral of my thoughts. I look down at myself; my tattered band t-shirt, ripped skinny jeans, and converse making me look like another one of the guys as opposed to the beautiful love interest of the amazingly handsome rock star. “I’m not good enough for him, Sean.”

Sean wipes my tears away with his thumbs before kissing my forehead soothingly. “Y/N,” he begins, “you are so, so beautiful. Please don’t let him or anyone else for that matter make you feel like you’re not worthy. You’re stunning, sweetheart, and even more than that you’re a beautiful person on the inside. You’re kind and caring and compassionate and gentle and giving. You’re more than good enough. You’re the best there is.”

I hug my best friend tightly around his waist and as I rest my cheek on his chest to listen to his calming heartbeat, I see Luke staring at us with an expression on his face that I can’t place. I furrow my eyebrows at him in confusion, but he just looks away from us and down to the water bottle he’s rolling back and forth in his hands.

Sean squeezes me again before excusing himself to go talk to Ashton and Calum, so I make my way over to sit next to Luke. His head stays trained down at his lap even after I sit next to him. I scoot slightly closer and nudge his shoulder with mine to get his attention, and once his eyes are on me I say, “Everything okay, Lucas?”

“Everything’s fine, little one,” he replies with a nod. This time, though, the nickname doesn’t upset me. This time it fills me with determination.


“Thank you LA!” Chris yells into the mic from his seat behind the drums. He stands and holds his drumsticks in the air as the crowd screams in response. We’re all sweating and exhausted and dizzy from jumping around the stage for the past hour, but we’re smiling ear to ear.

Sean grabs his mic as he unplugs his bass and walks over to where I’m still standing in the middle of the stage. “That was officially our last song, but tonight Y/N is going to perform something special,” he explains as Nick comes back out from backstage with my acoustic guitar and a wooden stool.

I pull the strap over my head and plug myself in before hopping up on the stool, adrenaline from our performance still flowing through my bloodstream. Sean adjusts my mic stand as I strum a few chords to check the tuning before I clear my throat and speak. “First of all I want to thank you guys so much. This night has been absolutely incredible and I love each and every one of you,” I say to the crowd as they all scream and cheer again. “Tonight I’d just like to finish the show off a little bit differently. I’m going to play you all a song I’ve never done before, but I hope you’ll all like it. Songs and music are sometimes the only ways that I can get my words out or tell people how I’m feeling, and this song holds a lot of special meaning to me. There’s someone here tonight that I’ve never had the courage to be completely honest with and I’d like to fix that. So this is You Don’t See Me by Safetysuit.”

I take a deep breath and glance quickly over to where I know the guys are standing, and even though the lights are too bright and I can’t really see anything, I still feel like I’ve made eye contact with Luke. A wave of calmness and clarity washes over me, and I know that I’m making the right move as I slowly and purposefully start to strum the chords.

My eyes slide closed as I sing, pouring all of my pain and emotion into the song. As I sing the song that so accurately describes my feelings, all I can picture is Luke. I see his face, and I think of every time I’ve almost told him how I feel but never did. Singing the lyrics is cathartic in a way, and as I strum the last chord and my eyes open again, I smile. The crowd goes absolutely wild and I thank them all quickly before running off the stage to join my bandmates.

Sean immediately pulls me into his arms and kisses the top of my head quickly before leading me back toward the dressing room behind Nick and Chris. We all fold ourselves into the traditional post-performance sweaty group hug, but this time it’s interrupted by the door slamming open. We all jump to face the door to see a frantic looking Luke, and he’s staring straight at me.

“Who?” he asks me, his chest heaving as he struggles to catch his breath.

Sean taps Chris and Nick on the shoulders and motions for them to follow him out the door, the two of them wearing equally confused expressions. Sean winks at me from behind Luke’s back as he closes the door, leaving Luke and I alone in the now quiet dressing room.

Luke is standing completely still in the doorway, his eyes wide and wild as he waits for my answer. “Who doesn’t see you the way that you see them?”

“You really don’t get it? You don’t know?” I ask as I wring my hands in front of my body and move my feet to be slightly closer to him. My hands are shaking and my stomach is quivering with fear and nerves, knowing that if this doesn’t go well I’m going to ruin one of my favorite friendships.

“I need to hear you say it,” he replies immediately without moving even a fraction of an inch.

“I’m in love with you, Luke. And I’m afraid that you’re never going to see me like I see you,” I confess in a whisper, my eyes trained on the floor.

I don’t hear him move, but suddenly I feel his fingertips brush the hair from my forehead and I glance up at his form as it looms over me; his normally bright blue eyes darkened with an emotion that’s foreign to me. “You think I don’t see you?” he says, his hands moving to hold my face gently. He leans down slightly and he’s so close to me that I can feel his breath fan across my face. My eyes flutter closed and I can feel the blush rise on my cheeks and I’m completely in his control. My hands come up to hold loosely onto his forearms and his feet shuffle even closer to me so that there is hardly any space between us at all.

Luke moves closer still, his lips ghosting over mine as he breathes. My body floods with warmth and passion as his lips finally touch mine. His hands slide down my torso to wrap around my waist and I respond immediately by sliding mine up the back of his neck to tangle in his hair. He lifts me up and my legs wrap around his waist as we both smile into the kiss.

“You think I don’t see you, Y/N?” he repeats. “You are absolutely everything that I see.”

No but…

Outlast band AU.

They’re rock group called “The Variants”. Eddie’s the lead singer because of course he is, Rick is on lead guitar, Chris is the drummer and Frank plays bass and stares at everyone.

Jeremy is their sleazy as fuck manager.

Waylon is the tech guy for their shows and is constantly an inch away from quitting because the record label are shady as fuck and Eddie won’t stop hitting on him.

Miles is a reporter trying to get the story that will make his career and keeps breaking into their hotel rooms. He’s been punched by Chris and Rick shut his hand in a door, but he hasn’t pressed charges because he doesn’t want to explain what he was doing there.

Eddie and Rick do most of the talking in interviews. They call each other ‘Darling’ and 'Buddy’ but everyone knows they can’t stand each other. They each think they’re the Lennon to the other’s McCartney. 


On this day in music history: October 8, 1980 - “Remain In Light”, the fourth album by Talking Heads is released. Produced by Brian Eno, it is recorded at Compass Point Studios in The Bahamas and Sigma Sound Studios in New York City from July - August 1980. The bands third and final collaboration with producer Brian Eno, many of the albums songs are inspired by experiments with African poly rhythms and recording the basic tracks in pieces then looping and editing the final results. The band also bring in outside musicians such as King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew and singer Nona Hendryx. The final product is a genre defying and innovative work that receives great praise from fans and critics alike. The albums distinctive cover artwork, features photos of the four band members with red computer rendered masks obscuring their faces (except for their eyes, noses, and mouths). The design is created by drummer Chris Frantz and bassist Tina Weymouth in cooperation with Walter Bender from MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology). The process involved in creating the computer generated rendering, are very arduous and time consuming, due to the limited amount of computer memory available. It spins off two singles including the classic “Once In A Lifetime” (#103 Pop). In 2006, the album is remastered and reissued with four unfinished outtakes from the original recording sessions in 2006. The same year, it is also reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP by Rhino Records. “Remain In Light” peaks at number nineteen on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.