welcome to the skeleton clique: people!

Mark Eshleman (ReelBearMedia): A long-term best friend of Tyler and Josh. He’s the media director and films some of their music videos.

Brad Heaton: Tour photographer.

Jenna Joseph: Tyler’s wife. Sometimes meets with fans and comes to most shows. She’s the woman in the “Tear In My Heart” music video.

Maddy, Jay, and Zack Joseph: Tyler’s younger siblings. Zack is featured in “Kitchen Sink”, a song from their album “Regional At Best”.

Ashley, Jordan, and Abbie Dun: Josh’s siblings.

Chris and Kelly Joseph: Tyler’s parents.

Bill and Laura Dun: Josh’s parents.

Tyler Shapard: Lighting director

Michael Gibson: Tour manager. Long-time friend of Tyler and Josh.

Jordan Snyder: Another crew member and long-time friend.

Chris Salih: Drummer for twenty one pilots from 2009-2011. Introduced Tyler to Josh.

Nick Thomas: Bassist, backup vocalist, and keyboardist for twenty one pilots from 2009-2011.

David the Dad: A member of the clique who knows Tyler and Josh. He’s really interactive with the rest of the clique and retweets art all the time.

(I’m not too familiar with the crew and their roles, so if you guys have anything to add, please let me know!)

Megadeth - Dystopia (2016)

Some are calling Megadeth’s latest album Dystopia their best since Rust in Peace.  I wouldn’t go that far since the band has released plenty of high quality albums since Rust.  I will say Dystopia definitely has a Rust in Peace sort of vibe, but then again so did Endgame, which was very old-school thrash heavy.

Drummer Chris Adler (Lamb of God) and guitarist Kiko Loureiro (Angra) definitely add a terrific adrenaline boost to the band.  Adler has often said in interviews after joining Megadeth that he’s a life long fan and was incredibly excited to be part of the band.  Dave Mustaine must have been stoked to have this sort of energy in the band because Dystopia blows away Super Collider by a wide margin.  This is a seriously fabulous album and long time Megadeth fans should be very pleased with the outcome.