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A happy hearty nineteen hundred eighty second post awaits you in praise of everyone’s favorite typeface, Papyrus! 

In my travels, I found an interview from Boise Weekly with Chris Costello, who loosed this beast on the world way 29 years ago…

“At first it was cool to see it in a few spots, especially CD cover designs and movie credits … then television, billboards, etc. It started cropping up in the late ‘80s in National Geographic articles and a few magazine ads … But then I started seeing it in homespun newsletters, bulletins boards, everybody’s business cards, real estate and mortgage ads … basically everywhere … It had become diluted and lost its original appeal.”

Costello also acknowledged the magical ability of his font to garner both hatred and admiration.

“Although many despise the font, right up there with Comic Sans, and Helvetica, I think even more people absolutely love it,” Costello says.

I implore you to go to Costello’s site and watch this helpful animation he made that displays an example of how successful Papyrus can be when put to a good use. Also look at his Letterpress Text font, which I actually enjoy quite a bit.

So cheers to Chris Costello, whose creation haunts pretentious designer folk across the globe! Hey, at least it’s not Curlz MT or Jokerman.

Interview with Papyrus creator, Chris Costello
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Of course here, I ♥ Papyrus. I think it’s a great font, and up until about the year 2000 or so, it was probably a reasonably unique choice. These days, any old shlub can cycle through the system fonts and rest complacently on it for their “designs,” and as we know, they do.

So since I’ve switched to tumblr, which I really enjoy, I lost a lot of what was saved in my old Blogger site. So here in its entirety, is the interview:

♥: Tell me a bit about your background and what you are doing today.

CC: My background is in art and music. I started working with my father as a sign painter when I was in sixth grade. He encouraged me to pursue a career in commercial art instead of music, but he also helped me buy my first bass amp.

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Issue 1, Page 8

The final page of the first batch! From here on out we’re updating ONCE A WEEK! It’s as fast as we can manage for right now, but the plan is to pick up the pace once our lives slow down a little. Hope you’ve liked the first eight pages.

And of course, if you have missed the first seven pages, you can start at the beginning here!

Madness In Our Lives




“You sure you want to come with us?” Chris stepped in my bedroom.

“Yeah, why not?” I shrugged, trying to put on my shoes on the edge of my bed.

“Because we’ll probably talk about band stuff and new songs, etcetera.” He looked away, blushing slightly.

“Uh, I’m sure.” I confirmed, slightly annoyed.

I’m tired of keeping this thing a secret from my brother…but it is kinda’ funny that he thinks that Ash is coming onto him because she’s over here a lot. I mean, boys are stupid! It is blatantly obvious that she teases him like I tease him! He thinks he’s so special and it cracks me up.

“Okay.” He walked off, thinking high of himself. I snorted with quiet laughter and ran out to meet him.

It was only a quick walk down the street from our L.A. apartment to the restaurant. I loved living downtown! Everything was right where you need it! We met up with Ash at one of the tables, ordered, and the drama began.

“Any new projects we have to work on?” Chris asked Ash, trying to ignore my presence. I was sitting right next to her, holding her hand under the table.

“Not that I know of. I just thought that we’d have a nice lunch together.” Ashley gave him a weird look.

“Oh, I see.” A smile came over his face as he sat back, clasping his hands together. I rolled my eyes and breathed loudly. I heard Ash slightly chuckling. “My sister wanted to come, hope that’s alright.”

“Uh, yeah. I invited her.” She had her own smile on her face. I sensed confusion coming from her. I felt giggles boiling in my chest.

“Oh.” Chris sounded shocked. “I guess that makes sense.” I could tell he felt embarrassed. I would, too. My poor brother…

“Why wouldn’t I invite her?” Ashley cooed, kissing my cheek as I squished my face up into joy.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Chris sat up in shock. “What’s going on?”

“You don’t know?” She asked him, completely shocked herself.

“I kinda’ forgot to tell him.” I blushed, feeling bad for never mentioning it.

“We’ve been going out for six months and you haven’t told him.” She giggled at me.

“I mean…it’s cool.” Chris spoke up. “I just thought Ash was into me this whole time…” He looked aside.

“The world doesn’t revolve around you.” I teased my brother.

“Shut up, (Y/N)!” He argued back. No matter what age, you’ll always have that sibling love…