Crème de la Crème: 2


“Girl, tell me what happened again? Because I’m so confused” Tish said as she sat cross legged.

After leaving that fucked up place of business, I headed over to Tish’s house to talk and try to cool myself down.

And to think, in the media Aston Martin looked like a well put together company only for it to be run by a no good piece of shit.

“Girl, before I even sat down, I ended up grabbing my shit and leaving. This arrogant bastard was rude as fuck. I’ve never met a man more full of shit in my life, if you could even call him a man with his childish ass. I wanted to put my foot down his damn throat.” I said, growing angry all over again.

I’m not even like this, I didn’t let people get to me like he did but then again I don’t sit well with disrespect either. Either you’re going to respect me as a person or you’re going to get your ass handed to you.

“Explain, how was he arrogant and rude? What exactly did he do?” She asked.

“Well for starters when I walked in none of them niggas were doing shit. Everyone was just… chilling. Not doing shit but running their mouths.” I said shaking my head and sipping my wine.

Tish stifled a giggle and urged me to go on.

“So, his secretary walked up to me and said that they were waiting for me in the conference room but I’m like wait,  it’s not even nine o'clock. Mind you I got there at 8:40 and the meeting doesn’t start until 9:15. Girl this muthafucka made up a rule saying that 9:15  means 8:30, if you’re on time, you’re late and if you’re late, you’re fired. What kinda bullshit?” I smacked my lips.

“Wait, what kinda sense does that even make?” Tish asked and I shrugged, sipping my drink. “I don’t know but I do know one thing, I won’t be going back to that fuck ass job.” I snapped.

“What else did the nigga say? Do we need to pay Martez a visit?” I laughed thinking about my older brother but as soon as the smile came it was gone “Well, he asked where they found my ass at? Listen he’s a complete jackass and I didn’t have time for his bullshit, not this morning, not any morning.” She looked at me with wild and bugged out eyes.

“Girl, you can’t let that job go down the drain because of one nigga who has a damn ego he can’t tame. Fuck him, don’t give him the satisfaction that he’s got the best of you. Go back, just ignore him.” She tried reasoning.

“Nah, fuck that! I don’t deal with disrespect and if I wasn’t mistaken that nigga needs me not the other way around. Like I told him, his boss called me because they don’t have a damn handle on the company anymore. If he wants me, he better call and have that attitude in check!” I said.

“You mad… or nah?” We both fell out laughing.

Deep down I knew it was a mistake leaving that job but I wasn’t compromising my beliefs for a job… a very well paying job.

My brother taught me better than that, if I don’t respect myself who was? Ashton Michaels was nobody to me. Sure he was rich and a very powerful man in the business that he does but that doesn’t mean he can show his ass like that, he could go fuck himself.


“Eve.” Tish kicked me in my side making my eyes pop open only to still be in darkness “Girl, get your phone.” she groaned

I hadn’t even known we fell asleep for so long. Tish and I spent the whole day calling companies who were looking for PR management until we eventually fell asleep.

I stretched my body out a little and searched around Tish’s big bed looking for my phone. It took a few seconds to find it, squinting at the screen, I didn’t recognize the number but I still answered it “Hello?” I cleared my throat a little and waited for a response

“Evie Summers?” the very familiar voice said

“Yes this is she, may I ask who this is?” I asked

“Ashton Michaels. Look the next meeting is in two days and since you obviously didn’t get the memo the first time around, I’m going to let you know this time. Be there at 8:30 sharp″ he emphasized like I was stupid or something “Can I guarantee that you will be present or not?” he asked

I scoffed, totally taken back by the rudeness in his voice “Not.” I said sitting up

“What?” he scoffed

“I said I will not be attending, is that how you talk to people? Like they’re below you?” I asked

“Listen, I’m trying to give you your job back so do you want it or don’t you.” he asked

“I wouldn’t work for you even if you were the last muthafucka on earth! Plus I don’t need your stupid ass company, I found a new one.” I said

He laughed “You found a company better than mine? You wish, don’t nobody want your unexperienced ass. Actually, thank you for doing me a favor and turning my offer down.”

“Fuck you! Kiss my ass you douchebag.” I hung up in his face

I could not believe that he thought he could rehire me with that kind of attitude. I wasn’t expecting some big ass apology but I thought he would have at least approached the situation a little bit more respectfully.

“What the hell was that about?” Tish asked sitting up and turning on the light

“That bitch ass nigga had the entire nerve.” I paused and huffed “To call me on some disrespectful shit.”


“Ashton Michaels.” I mocked “He said no company would want me.” I said sadly

That really hit home because that was my main fear when I first graduated. That no one would hire me since I didn’t have much experience in the work field and hearing someone with his status say it only heightened my fear.

“Hey, bitch you better get that sadness out of your voice. You have an interview with Nordstrom on Wednesday, fuck him.”

I nodded “You’re right.”


“Michaels.” I looked over at my god father and cocked my eyebrow “What’s up Rick?” I asked

Everyone around the table’s eyes darted from me to him awaiting what was to come next.

“It’s Wednesday, why isn’t Evie Summers sitting around this table?” he asked

I shrugged “I made the call, she said she isn’t coming.” I said

You win some, you lose some. If the bitch doesn’t want the job then who am I to force her?

He slapped his hand down on the table “I have had it up to here with you Michaels!” he said “How many PRs are you going to run through?” he asked “You’re wasting people’s time, coming to a meeting that’s meant for PR when we don’t have a damn PR maneger!” he yelled

“I’ll get a new one calm down.”

“I don’t want a new one, you’re going to get me Evie Summers.” he said sternly

“Too late, she said she already found a new company to PR.” I said

“Obviously you didn’t hear me, I said I want Evie Summers.” he stared me down “This meeting is over.” Everyone stood to their feet and walked out the room.

I smacked my hand down on the desk and stood go my feet.

This is some bullshit! I can’t believe he really expects me to get this stuck up bitch back. I called once I’m not calling her ass again. She’s annoying and on top of that she don’t listen.

I walked back to my office with Adrianne on my damn heels. "Mr. M–”

I turned around and looked down at her. “Look, right now I need to be alone, hold my calls.” I turned and walked into my office and slammed the door.

Of course Adrienne didn’t listen and my phone ring off the hook. “I don’t know why I keep this dumb bitch around.” I groaned and answered the phone.

“What?” I answered dryly. “Damn Ash, why you answering the phone all mad and shit for?”  August asked.

I sat back in my chair and untied my tie. “Yo, this damn job man. So remember I told you about the one stuck up ass chick that came through the office?”

“The PR manager right?”

“Yeah her. Rick wants me to hire her back but she ain’t budging. I called her last night and she straight clowned on me, going off and rolling her damn neck I’m sure.” I said.

“What did you do to her? I know you nigga.” I kissed my teeth. “Man, I ain’t do a damn thing to that girl but tell her ass not to be late to my damn meeting.”

“It’s the way you speak to people bruh, you might as well call her again ‘cause you know when Rick like someone and he wants them then he gon’ do whatever it takes to get them and he ain’t gon’ let up. Good luck with that though, see you when I get back bro.”

“Whatever.” I hung the phone up.

I don’t know what they expect me to do? She probably won’t even answer my calls. I pressed down on the intercom button and began talking. “Yes, Mr. Michaels?” Adrianne answered before I could even speak.

“I need a favor…”


Next morning…

After making a few calls yesterday I had another interview scheduled for Saturday and two that I’m getting read for this morning. I was beyond excited, and hoped that I could land one of the three. I just pray it doesn’t go like my last interview, that shit was a damn tragedy.

After showering and picking out an outfit to wear, I brushed and styled my hair into the high bun that I usually wore it in. My phone vibrated on my glass vanity, I looked down and scrunched my face up.

I picked the phone up and hesitated answering. “Hello?” I finally answered. “Ms. Summers?” Her familiar voice beamed through the phone. “Yes? Who’s calling?” I asked, already knowing. “This is Mr. Michaels’ assistant, Adrianne. He was wondering if–”

I cut her off. “Hold up, he had you call me instead of picking up the phone and calling me himself?” I smacked my lips and rolled my eyes. “From my understanding he tried calling but he claims that you went off on him. Also, Mr. Martin wanted me to call you, he really wants you to work for him and he’s really sorry about Mr. Michaels’ behavior. He wants to speak with you.” She said.

“Hello? Ms. Summers?” I couldn’t even say a damn word. I swallowed hard before answering. “Hello?”

I didn’t think I would have to talk to him again after our last encounter.

“Hi, Ms. Summers.I am very sorry about what happened a few days ago and if you can give us one more chance I promise you won’t regret it. I also apologize for Ashton’s behavior and I promise it won’t happen again.” He pleaded.