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Quick note: I write poems just for fun and sometimes to blow of some steam. I don’t take requests, but the main focus on this blog is Choices fanfiction, so, sometimes I may get ideas and base them off of a Choices pairing.

The Freshmen/The Sophomore


~Chris x MC~

Day 1 - Winter Wonderland

Day 2 - The Coffee Stop

Day 3 - Makeup’s

Day 4 - Sweet as Cinnamon

Day 5 - Together

Day 6 - Mental Image

Day 7 - What True Love Really Is

Day 8 - Nightmare 

Day 9 - Relatives

Day 10 - Parties Are Hard 

Day 11 - DIYing isn’t easy

 Day 12 - Christmas Eve

What if after the car wreck, Chris didn’t get away unscathed? 

This is the journey that Ariana, Chris, his family and their friends go through when he comes back into their world, but not as his usual self. AU! This series contains: Angst, despair, pain, and some blood.

The Royal Romance

~Drake x MC~

|| Home aesthetic  ||

|| Face Claim Aesthetic ||

~Liam x MC x Drake~

~Liam x MC~

~Liam x OC~

~Maxwell x MC~

Red Carpet Diaries

~Matt x MC~

|| Face Claim Aesthetic ||

~Matt x MC x Seth~

~Seth x MC~

Endless Summer

~Jake x F!MC Collab~

A collab series with the amazing @lahuertasprincess and the wonderful @choicessa about life after La Huerta and the ups and downs that happen in Jake and Sienna’s (MC) life. 

|| Face Claim Aesthetic ||

~Jake x F!MC~


~Kenji x F!MC~







Chris and MC (Odette)


-Important Moments

Where they Met (Hartfeld Quad)

Where They Admitted their Feelings (The Dorm Kitchen)

Where they told each other they loved each other (The Boat Dance)

There first-anniversary date (in the snow so a kiss in the snow)

-Their Greatest Achievements and Public Declarations of Love

Chris: Collection of Newspaper Headlines from his first year and a quote from his thank you speech

Odette: Her chosen Cover of the book her and Professor Vasquez wrote and the book’s acknowledgments

-Social Media Love

Chris and Odette appearing on each others snapchats

Odette and Chris appearing on their friends snapchats (Abby and Kaitlyn)

-Nicknames for each other

-Black, White, Red and the Future

(Faceclaims: CHRIS=Chace Crawford/ODETTE=Naomi Scott)

I fell into your illusion

Thought I saw the fire in your gaze

Then you took me away

Nathan/Teyra MacLeon (My Mc)