#JusticeForMonEl trend

We need to get as many Supergirl viewers as possible to retweet and join the trend to increase our engagement, so please write messages that anyone who is not a hater would agree with.

Use #JusticeForMonEl with other popular hashtags, like #Supergirl #Karamel #ChrisWood #Melwood and #MelissaBenoist.

Don’t forget to join the trend on 26 June and reblog/ repost for awareness.


You united the planets when you got married. There it is. Wow. When I was still mourning Kara. Imra and I were friends and partners - and I was fond of her, I respected her. But I knew that marrying Imra would help so many that it seemed like the logical thing to do. And then with time, I mean our pretend marriage became more real and our feelings deepened and I - I grew to love her, I was content. 


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