chris brown make music

no offense but why the fuck is chris brown still making music and more importantly why the fuck are there actual real life people who are actively supporting it?? truly tragic…. love yourselves


this 16 yo kid going against Kesha like she understands the whole legal system. everyone was like “no you don’t understand, she doesn’t even want him in jail, she just wants to be able to do her JOB” and she kept going like NOPE. NOPE LEGAL SYSTEM. CONTRACT.

kid, Chris Brown abused women and he wasn’t stopped from making music. Zayn left because he didn’t feel like working w/ the band anymore, and he broke the contract. But she’s not allowed to break the contract b/c she was sexually abused?

in any case, I hope she can one day learn that her attitude here is p problematic. I don’t like the people hating on her b/c she’s still young and I just hope she gets educated about a topic before deciding to speak up so boldly about it.