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Cool It, Dollface

Summary: A soulmate tattoo au where Bucky Barnes is intrigued by “and what the hell are you lookin’ at tough guy” across his arm and somewhere across Brooklyn the reader is rolling her eyes at ‘cool it dollface, was checkin’ out the goods is all” wrapped around her waist.

Pairings: Bucky x fem!Reader, brief mention of Tony x Steve

Word Count: 1,434

Warnings: Minor, minor violence

A/N: Yes, I know, another soulmate AU but I couldn’t resist!! Sorry guys! Based on a post I saw ages ago that stayed with me; I couldn’t find it again to link it. Y/F/N – Your full name


You rolled your eyes for the millionth time as you looked at the words wrapping around your waist ‘cool it dollface, was checkin’ out the goods is all’. It was scrawled in slanted, loopy writing and was a pain to try and read in the mirror but by now you had the words memorised.

Who even said dollface anymore? Your soulmate sounded like kind of a jackass.

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Henry Cavill Request

Could I please request a Henry Cavill x reader imagine where they meet through their mutual friend, Chris Evans, at an awards show or the premiere of hers and Chris’ new movie? They both have a (secret) crush on the other and LOTS of fluff occurs. I love everything you write!! You’re amazing!! 💜💜

“Why can’t you be a DC Superhero too,” you groaned sarcastically to Chris, your best friend, who was finishing up getting ready for the premiere of your and his new movie. You had finished getting ready and made you way to his room to hand out, that’s how you got your hands on the magazine that had been placed on Chris’ coffee table.

“You looking at Cavill again,” he asked without peeking out of the bathroom; he knew you too well.

“He’s in this magazine,” you explained. “I can’t help it, he’s just so cute.”

“And such a talented actor,” he mocked back in your voice since he knew that’s always what you said next.

“Stop making fun of me and support my crush.”

“I’ll support your crush when I think you’ll do something about it,” he quipped. He walked out and threw on his suit jacket. “So I guess you’ll never get my support,” he joked.

“Whatever,” you threw the magazine back on the table and stood up. “Come on, we’ve got a carpet to rock,” you grinned and locked your arm through his.


You posed with Chris for the first couple of pictures before you broke off from him and started taking your own pictures and giving your own interviews. You were just about to the end of the carpet, getting ready to go in for the movie, when you heard Chris call your name. “Y/N, hey.” You turned and nearly fainted when you saw who he was dragging by his side. “I’d like you to meet someone,” he gave you a shit-eat grin. “This is my pal Henry Cavill. Henry, this is one of my best friends, Y/N Y/L/N.

“Nice to meet you,” he extended his hand and it took a moment for you to clear your dazed head and take his hand.

“Nice to meet you too.”

“He’s a big fan of yours…and your a big fan of his,” Chris smirked. “Sounds like you guys have a lot in common,” he chuckled at himself. “Oh my gosh,” he faked surprise, “I forgot I have to go give a quick interview. Why don’t you two go inside and grab our seats?”

“Our seats,” you shot him a death glare?

“Yeah, Henry’s my plus one! He told me he was excited to see the movie so I thought ‘Why not.’ Go ahead, I’ll meet you two inside soon.”

Chris quickly left for the fake interview and left you and Henry standing there awkwardly. “Shall we?” You nodded and walked towards the steep stairs. You eyed them cautiously before gathering your dress in your hand and getting ready to fight your way up the steep stairs. “May I,” he offered his arm to you and your heart flutter.

“Thank you,” you grinned and accepted. Henry helped you up the stairs and watched as you fixed your dress after.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you look stunning.” Your cheeks flared from his words.

“Ugh-um- thank you,” you smiled. “You look pretty good yourself.” You mentally smacked yourself in the face for how dumb you sounded.

He smiled and looked down at his feet before looking up at you. “Chris didn’t tell you I was coming? He said he told you.”

“He didn’t,” you admitted. “But I’m glad he did. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while. It’s nice to finally meet you.” You two walked silently together into the theater and looked at the seats you had been given. You two were together but the seat that Chris should have been in was occupied. “Excuse me, I think you’re in the wrong seat.” Just as you were about to look at the woman’s ticket Chris walked in and gave you a shrug, “Just found out I got moved. I’m in row D,” he faked a sad frown and left you sitting alone with Henry.

“Why do I feel like this was his plan all along,” Henry chuckled nervously.

“Knowing Chris…it probably was.”

“Can I be frank with you?”


“I told Chris about my crush on you a few months ago when we met up again at a party and he might have mentioned that,” you could tell from his face what he was going to say.

“-He didn’t…”

“That you like me too.”

“I’ll kill him,” you muttered to yourself.

“And I told him I’d really like to meet you. Then he invited me to this.” You looked up to Chris’ seat and saw him looking back and you two, he winked when you looked at him. “And I know there’s an after party after this but would you want to go out after it. Maybe go out for a cup of coffee?”

“I’d like that,” you grinned.

AOS Fic - In Darkness, Part IX

Originally posted by lasheeda

For @gracieminabox

In Darkness chapter index

Warnings: Same ol’ same ol’.

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk

But often faltering feet
Come surest to the goal;
And they who walk in darkness meet
The sunrise of the soul

~ Henry Van Dyke

The days slip past. Jim can hardly distinguish one from the other anymore.

Honestly, he doesn’t care.

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Gif is mine

Imagine LaSalle teasing you about having a hangover from losing a drinking game the night before. 

Requested by Anon~

The sharp, loud sound of pills being shook in a bottle made you groan and cover your ears. And yet, you didn’t miss the chuckle LaSalle let out. “Sorry. Too loud for ya?”

You grunted, too annoyed and in pain to reply. Pride had been nice enough to bring you some strong coffee. But right now, you felt like pelting the mug at LaSalle’s head. “Go away.” You muttered.

The pill bottle was placed on your desk while Chris leaned against it, no doubt wearing a shit-eating grin. “I just thought you’d want somethin’ for the pain.” LaSalle continued as he pushed the bottle closer.

Surprisingly, he ducked and laughed when you ended up throwing it at his head. Though, to his benefit, Chris did look a little sympathetic. “Okay, I’m sorry.” He said. “Do you want anythin’? Toast? A bagel?”

You were silent for a few moments, head back in your hands, before exhaling. “The pills, please.”

Sick. *Chris Motionless Imagine*

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*Gif not mine*


    Winter was Y/N’s favorite time of year. There was snow, candy canes, hot chocolate, and cheesy Christmas movies to the max. But it seemed like the only bad thing was the sickness that came with winter. Every year she always got sick. It was horrible. Her boyfriend, Chris, seemingly never got sick. Y/N thought that was crucially unfair. So there she was, sitting on the couch bundled in one of Chris’ sweatshirts, a pair of sweats, and a heavy blanket. When Chris got home he’d probably tease her to no end. But all she cared about right now was being warm. She was being all comfy on the couch when she heard the door open and Chris call for her happily.   

    “Y/N, I’m home!” He sounded so cheerful, so joyous, so…so…not sick.

    “In the living room.” Y/N called back. Her voice was scratchy and crackly. She groaned and pulled the blanket over her head.

    The cushion next to her was weighted down and she knew it was Chris. Y/N could practically see his shit eating grin. Her blanket that was protecting her face was tugged down and she faced her boyfriend with a pouty face.

    “Can I have my cover back?” She asked.

    Chris smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek, “Nope.”

    Y/N whined and tugged the cover out of his hands and pulled it back over her head. She honestly didn’t want to deal with this right now. There was more shuffling around and a moment of quiet before her cold hand came into contact with a warm one.

    “Chris no.” She groaned

.     But he didn’t listen and pulled himself to her, under the blankets and all. Y/N popped her head out of the blankets and so did Chris. He wrapped his arms around her and she sighed.

    “Comfy?” He asked as she cuddled into his side.

    “Yes, thanks for asking.” She replied happily.

    Y/N was surprised he hadn’t started teasing her yet. Although she didn’t mind. She liked it when Chris got cuddly like this. Y/N ended up taking a short nap but didn’t wake up in Chris’ arms like she wished. Instead she was in their bed covered in comforters and blankets. She smiled at the kindness her boyfriend showed. Y/N had a fucking fantastic boyfriend.

    “Chri-AUCK!” Her hands flew to rub her sore throat.

        Y/N whined at the fact that not only her throat was sore as hell, but she was also losing her voice. She got out of bed in a frustrated fashion and pulled one of the blankets along with her. Chris gave Y/N a strange look as she padded into the kitchen with the blanket bundled around her shoulders.

    “Do I even want to know?” He asked.

    Y/N shook her head and plopped back down on the couch. She refused to open her mouth, Chris would never let her hear the end of it. He came to her with a mug of tea and she murmured a very soft thank you. He sat next to her and she grabbed his arm then plopped it into her lap. Chris chuckled as she started tracing the designs on his body. She always did this when she was in a tranquil state. He liked when she did that at night when they lay close or if he was angry she would do it to calm him.

    “You good?” He asked.

    She nodded, taking a sip of tea and not stopping her fingers on his skin.

    “Which is your favorite?”

    Y/N pointed at no one in particular and smiled at him.

    “Ricky and I fucked last tour.”

    “WHAT?!” Y/N’s loud scratchy voice rang through the house, “Why wou-” She looked at Chris who had a sly smile on his face. He did that just to make her speak.

    “What was that?” He mimicked her awful voice.

    “Fuck you.” She growled putting the tea on the table.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Chris continued to mimic her sickly tone.

    “Christopher Cerulli, I swear I’ll start singing your song lyrics!” Y/N threatened.

    He only laughed at her threat and reached for her as she struggled to move away from him and go pout, “You won’t because it’ll-”

    She cut him off with a horrific rendition of City Lights that almost matched the key of a dying walrus. However she stopped only a few seconds later when her throat rocked with awful pain. Y/N rubbed her throat and whimper at the pain. She gave in as he pulled her into his arms.

    “I’m sorry.” He cooed kissing her head.

    “No you’re not.” She grumbled.

    “Yes I am.” He nuzzled his head  between her neck and shoulder giving several kisses.

    Y/N laughed softly and wrapped her arms around him. His apology was accepted and Chris spent the rest of the day with Y/N. The next week Chris was sick and this time Y/N took care of him… with lots of teasing of course. 

Laura Hale Appreciation Week, Day Seven - FIC: A to B

For day seven of @laurahale-appreciation, prompt “Dealer’s Choice.” I’m calling it “Epilogue.” This is the last fic in this series, though I may revisit this universe at a later date. There’s still so much story left to tell.

Music was a huge part of inspiring this series, and if you would like to listen to all of the songs that inspired the fics, I made a playlist on Spotify, which can be found here. If any intrepid fanartists would like to take a crack at a cover, I would love you forever (if you make any art at all for my fics, I will love you forever.)

Thank you to everyone who has liked and reblogged this, and a very special thank you to everyone who flailed at me in the tags. All of them made me smile.

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Fics in this series:
Slow It Down (AO3)
Light That Match (AO3)
Fickle Game (AO3)
Rise and Fall (AO3)
Tesselate (AO3)
Soldier On (AO3)

A to B - Laura Hale, Derek Hale, with appearances by basically everyone. PG-13. 

Two Years Later

The crack of a body crashing through a tree echoes through the woods.

Laura growls, ripping off her work gloves and tossing them to the ground. “Scott! I swear to god, if you don’t stop screwing around, I’m going to send you home and let your mother deal with you.”

Scott grins, eyes flashing beta gold. A few months after everything, Laura took the Stilinskis and the McCalls out to the preserve on a full moon. She shifted to wolf, preening as they pet her fur and gaped in amazement. She and Derek ran through the woods, threw back their heads and howled with nothing but joy.

They sat around the living room after, Stiles and Scott asking about a thousand questions each, until Derek tackled them off of the couch and onto the floor. She woke up the next morning, still in her fur, draped across Melissa and John’s feet as they slept. Scott, Stiles, and Derek sacked out on the floor, piled on top of one another. Something settled deep in her chest, a puzzle piece finally slotting into place. These people, these humans who took her in for no reason other than they cared - they were pack.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a Chris imagine from FTWD? Where you're his best friend (but you both feel something more but don't know it) and he makes his family take you with him when the go on the boat? And you confess you feelings for him when you jump in after him when he jumps from the boat.

I love Chris, that angsty lil bean.

You were still alive, thanks to Chris. If he hadn’t convinced Travis, Madison, and more stubbornly, Strand, to let you go to San Diego with them, you had no clue what you’d be doing right now. Although, all bets are on lying dead in a ditch somewhere with only a matter of time before you turned into one of those things.

Chris, the boy you’d been best friends with ever since you can remember. You are eternally grateful to him for all that he’s done for you. He convinced his dad and Madison to let you seek refuge in their home after your parents were killed by walkers, and since his own mom had died, you both grew impossibly closer in understanding. You spent the majority of your first night on the Abigail with him, but noticed he was a bit standoffish this morning. You understand completely. Losing someone so close to him the way that he did is utterly devastating, and he just needs some time alone. And you respect him more than enough to grant him that.

You hadn’t slept a wink last night, and neither had Chris. As early morning drew in though, he grew quiet and you decided it would be best to give him some space for a while. You spent some of your morning with Strand, asking him questions about the boat and whatnot, just general small talk, but soon grew bored of him and headed inside to sit with Ofelia. The both of you talked for a while, and you felt sorry for her. You could see she was tired and in pain, so you draped a blanket over her on the sofa and told her to get some rest, and she complied and tried to get some sleep.

Your next stop, you decided, would be to see how Alicia was getting on with the radio, so you headed back out and found her sitting on one of the sofas lining the wall of the yacht, fiddling with the buttons. “Hey,” you greeted as you sat down next to her.

“Hey. Get any sleep last night?” She asked, setting the radio down for a moment and turning her attention to you.

You laughed humorlessly, “I don’t think anyone did. I know you didn’t, I could hear you stomping around from Chris’ room.”

“Chris’ room? What were you doing in there?” She quirked an eyebrow at you, and you laughed, this time genuinely.

“We were talking. Any luck with that thing?” You nod towards the radio next to her.

She sighed heavily, “Unfortunately no. At least, not yet.”

You hum in acknowledgement and turn your head to watch the sea. With no chit-chat going on, you could hear the calming noise of the waves lapping against the side of the yacht, and you think you could just stay out here all day. Well, until your peaceful moment was interrupted.

“You love him, don’t you?”

You turn back to Alicia, who’s studying your face intently, trying to catch you out and you suddenly feel intimidated. Like a deer caught in headlights. You try to mask it with indifference, “Who? Chris? Of course I do. We’re best friends.” Alicia shakes her head.

“No, I mean you love him, don’t you?” She asks, this time slowly.

You look away and focus your attention back on the waves, not exactly planning on answering her. You ponder the question for a second and think, in the midst of all this chaos, you haven’t had the time to think about love. Maybe, you think, you’re too young to love. You’re just a teenager after all, and love is a strong and scary word and it’s not to be thrown about lightly. But when someone says it out loud, it feels… true. Right, in a way.

“He loves you, you know.” Alicia states, and you merely nod, unable to form a coherent sentence through the rush of emotions.

“He said-”

“Dinner’s on the table!” You hear Nick call, and you practically jump out of your seat and sprint inside, needing to get away from all this talk about love.

“Saved by the bell.” Alicia mumbles, but you miss it.

You sit between Nick and Ofelia, who seems a lot better after some sleep, and opposite Alicia, who thankfully doesn’t bring up the subject of your last conversation. Although engaging in some casual conversation, you can’t help but worry about Chris. He hasn’t left his room all day and no one else seems to be bothering with him. You’re just about to excuse yourself when you hear a splash from outside.

You almost knock your chair back with how quickly you stood up. Your heart races as you run onto the deck and down the stairs to the stern. Without thinking, you dive in and immediately feel the burn in your nostrils as water fills them on impact.

You just about see Chris’ head bobbing up and down not far from you and you quickly swim over. “What the hell are you doing!?” You shout, clearly exasperated.

He looks at you, seemingly shocked that you jumped in after him. “Just wanted to swim,” he replied, as if it was nothing.

“You just wanted to-” With a ferocious wave of your hand, you splash him, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” You ask, and you can hear everyone back on the boat shouting for the two of you to get out of the water. “Look how worried they all are! What if something had happened to you? What if there was-”

You’re interrupted when Chris surges forward and kisses you, tangling his fingers in your wet hair. It takes you a moment to get over the shock, but you finally kiss back and lose track of time because when you pull away, you swear it’d been minutes, even hours rather than seconds.

The first thing you notice when you pull away is that you’re breathless and barely able to keep yourself afloat. The next is that everyone back on the boat is now dead silent, but you don’t bother looking back because when you look at Chris, and see the complete and utter fondness and adoration in his eyes, you can’t help but blurt it out.

“I love you.” you say, and it feels like a huge weight off your shoulders.

“I love you too, Y/N.” He says, breathless. And you laugh because wow. You feel happy. You feel like everything has suddenly clicked into place and you want to keep it that way, and Chris starts laughing too. You haven’t seen him genuinely happy for a long time, and it makes your heart flutter.

“Let’s get back.” You say, not wanting to end the moment, but not wanted your skin to go all shrivelly either, “No doubt it’ll be awkward as hell.”

Chris smiles and nods in agreement before pressing a soft kiss to your forehead and challenging you to a race back to the boat where Nick and Alicia were waiting with towels. Chris beats you back and hops up then holds out his hand. You take it and he pulls you up.

You feel someone drape a towel over your shoulders and you turn around to thank them, but stop when you’re met by Alicia’s shit-eating grin, “Told you so.” She says and you smack her lightly on the arm with a ‘shut the fuck up’  before she laughs and walks off.

And when Chris comes up beside you and gently takes a hold of your hand, you think this apocalypse might not be so bad.

grabby-hands-for-benedict said:Hello! Would you write about Josh being constantly inappropriate with Chris on public places? :)


“Why does it always have to be me helping you out with this crap?” Chris is huffing, arms burning as he holds a wooden plank over his head.

“Cuz Josh is too short, man.” Mike is up on a ladder, biting screws between his teeth while he maneuvers the end of the plank against the wall, eyebrows knit together in concentration.

“Listen, broskis, being short works out in my favor sometimes. Like now, for instance.” Josh, the bastard, is leaning against the opposite wall, watching the other two sweat and struggle to put up the cabinet while he drags lazily on a joint. “Besides,” he puts on a fake Southern drawl, lips curling up into a crazy smile, “I like to watch the new guys sweat.”

“Shut up, Josh,” Chris grumbles, feeling a bead of sweat work its way down his neck and into the collar of his t-shirt. He turns to throw a glance at his older friend, and shifts just enough that it makes Mike bark at him.

“Hey, keep it steady, man! I can’t screw it into the wall if you keep fuckin’ around.”

“Shit, man, sorry,” Chris goes to right it again, focuses in on the task at hand. Tries to ignore Josh’s muffled snickers behind him. Holds the plank as steady as he can despite his muscles aching. Shit, he’s barely doing anything and he’s this exhausted already? Time to start hitting the gym with Matt again…

A vibration runs through his leg, and it makes the blonde jolt, just a little. Mike gives him a sharp glare, and Chris tries to swallow down his instinct to drop the plank and grab the buzzing phone in his pocket. It could be Ashley, texting him about their history project. It could be his mom, with news about his grandpa or something. It could be Sam, in desperate need of someone to fix her computer.

“Josh, man, do me a favor?” He can’t help it. He’s not patient, he needs to know now.

“Sure, dude, what’s up?” Josh’s tone sounds almost serious, and a little excited. He always likes it when Chris asks for help with stuff, makes him feel useful or…something.

“My phone’s buzzing, can you grab it out of my pocket and see what’s up?”

A short silence, Josh’s footsteps coming towards him. A cool, “Sure, bro.” Mischief. Aw shit, what’s he gonna–

Chris feels a hand dive into the back pocket of his jeans, and he lets out a yelp. He’d like to pretend it’s a dignified yelp, but it isn’t. Not even close. He feels breath on the back of his neck, and he can just picture the shit-eating grin on Josh’s lips.

“This pocket, bro? Is it in this one?” The hand squeezes his ass, then leaves and jumps over to his other back pocket. “What about this one?” Squeezes that cheek, too, and Chris all but drops the plank.

“Dude!” he squeaks, overlapping with Mike’s angry shout of, “I will end you, Chris!” He struggles to keep the plank steady, and Josh is laughing as subtly as he can. Which is to say, not very.

“Alright, alright, sorry man. Jesus, take a pill. I’m gettin’ it.” Chris watches Josh’s hand out of the corner of his vision, watches it slowly creep down to his front pocket, slip inside. He feels fingers wrap around his phone, but the hand doesn’t move, just stays still. Josh presses up against Chris’ back, snickering.

“Want a quick tug, Cochise?” It’s barely a whisper, a throaty mumble next to his ear, and Chris feels his face light up. He tries to bat Josh away with his elbow, and nearly drops the plank. Again. Mike yells something angry in Spanish, it sounds vaguely like a threat on his life. Josh slips his hand out of Chris’ pocket, taking the cellphone with him, giggling the entire time.

It wasn’t that Chris didn’t like Josh’s special brand of…erm, attention. It was just that it had been more aggressive as of late, a little harder to ignore. And more public. The rest of their friends never said anything, oddly enough. Must’ve figured it was par for the course, knowing the friendship they had.

Usually, it was tame enough to pass off as a weird joke. Chris would bend over to pick up a notebook he’d dropped, Josh would stand behind him and mime thrusting motions. Before gym class, Chris would take his shirt off in the locker room, and Josh would yell something loud and embarrassing, something like “love me some whtie bread!” (Funny, sure, but really dude, white bread? He’d tried to call him multi-grain in retaliation, but that just…hadn’t worked out.) Everyone was used to Josh’s stupid jokes. It was never something a well-placed ‘no homo’ couldn’t fix.

But lately it had just gotten…different.

March 18th, 3:17 pm

Chris was trying on a sweater at a store in the mall. He slid it over his head, tugging at the soft material a few times til it sat comfortably on his frame. Twisting this way and that, he gave himself a long glance in the mirror, then shrugged. He’d never been good at this stuff. This is why he had to shop with Josh or Emily, he never knew what looked good. On this trip, it was Josh, who had been all too happy to pluck a few (overpriced) sweaters from a display and usher Chris to the fitting rooms to try them on.

The one he was trying now was cozy. A heavy lambswool sweater, the color of moss, and it was ridiculously soft. He liked it well enough, he supposed, but decided to ask a second opinion. He straightened his glasses and unlatched the door, stepping out into the bright hallway to search for Josh. His dark hair popped into view immediately, followed by bright green eyes and a broad smirk.

“What d’you think?” Chris murmured, glancing over Josh’s shoulder for a moment at the cute blonde girl that was refolding merchandise. She gave him a quick glance and smiled. Chris grinned in response, then looked back to Josh. Who was narrowing his eyes ever so slightly.

“No. No, not this one. No way. Can’t buy it.”

“What? Why not?” Chris had thought it looked pretty good…plus it was warm as hell. Huge plus in Chris’ books.

“Cuz it looks too good. I’d just rip it off you the second you put it on.” Josh’s grin bloomed wider, and Chris felt his cheeks burn red. The blonde worker whipped her head up to stare at the pair of them, eyebrows raised so high they may as well have rocketed off her face. Tongue suddenly thick and dumb, he spun on his heel and marched back into the dressing room, Josh’s snickers trailing behind him.

He doesn’t buy the sweater.

April 4th, 10:14 am

One of the mistakes teachers often made was sitting Josh and Chris beside each other. Chris was a good student…mostly. He got in trouble for looking at his phone during class, but otherwise, he was attentive. It was Josh that caused the issues. He cracked jokes, bugged Chris, one time he even tried to make it a point to crawl, on his stomach, across the entire room, unnoticed. Just to pass Emily a note.

Josh mostly liked to focus his attention on Chris. Because Chris could take it. He could absorb the jokes and let them pass. No amount of pencil pokes or passed notes could make him emote large enough to get them in trouble. And Josh loved to push his boundaries.

The assignment was simple: read a chapter of the textbook, write down a few questions or comments, and there would be a class discussion. Josh, as always, had forgotten his book in his car, so he slid a chair over to Chris’ desk to share with him. Normal occurrence. But there was a gleam in his eyes, like he was planning something. He was always planning something.

Chris started to read, pen scratching tiny notes and questions on his open notebook. Josh read a few sentences, then placed a hand on Chris’ knee. The blond looked up, gave him a long stare. A ‘don’t-do-whatever-it-is-you-want-to-do’ stare. Josh smiled, and looked back down to the reading. His hand stayed on Chris’ knee. Chris returned to reading. The hand scooched up his leg, maybe an inch. Neither boy said anything. The hand inched up again. And again.

“Imma grab your dick,” Josh whispered, his hand edging up to lay on Chris’ thigh. Chris jolted his leg up, slamming Josh’s hand (and his knee) against the underside of the desk with a loud bang! Both boys groaned in pain, and the teacher glared at them.

They were sent to the Principal’s office. Josh wouldn’t stop smirking.

December 12th, 12:32 pm

Christmas was just around the corner, and Chris couldn’t wait. He loved Christmas time. Lots of warm sweaters and hot coffee and all the cute people at school bundled up against the Southern California cold? It was, without a doubt, his favorite time of year. Not to mention it meant that the annual Blackwood Mountain trip was only a few months away.

He was walking to his locker with Beth in tow, chatting about plans for the trip, securing transport, what sort of wintertime fun they could have. When they finally got round to his locker, he started to spin the lock on it, putting in his combination. When it popped open, he swung the door open, and was promptly smacked in the face by a piece of felt on a spring.

“Is…that mistletoe?” Beth asked. Chris didn’t even respond, just stared at the green and red hot-glued monstrosity that was stuck against the locker door. Who the hell broke into his locker and stuck mistletoe–? It didn’t make any sense.

“Does that mean we have to kiss?” Beth’s voice brings him back to reality, and he stares down at her, eyes blown wide with shock. Shit. Shit, shit, did she think he set this up? He didn’t, he wasn’t trying to mack on girls at his locker, that would be so dumb. She has her eyebrows knitted together, looking at him with a mixed expression, and he puts his hands up defensively.

“I didn’t do this,” his voice cracks when he says it, and a shiver runs down his back. “I swear I didn’t–”

“Aw, man, you beat me here!” A gravelly voice behind him makes Chris jump, and he whirls around to see a slightly out-of breath Josh. Josh looks between his sister, Chris, and the craft-store hellspawn mistletoe, and lets out a huff. “You tryin’ to kiss my sister, man?”

“No, no no no, I have no–”

“Well, I guess the best idea would be for me to take the fall for her. Y’know. Keep her safe from your wily womanizing ways.” A smirk lights up the sharp edges of his face, and Chris starts to wonder if maybe, somehow, Josh is connected to this whole thing somehow. But there isn’t time to think about that now. Josh is pressing up on his tiptoes and Beth is covering a grin with her hand and Chris does just about the only thing he can do at this point.

He kisses Josh.

I totally got you this time

A/N: Probably not my best piece but I felt bad for not posting anything yesterday and wanted to get something up asap to make up for it. Someone send me in a request pretty please :) 

Pairings: Sebastian Stan X Reader

Summary: Seb usually has this sixth sense that tells him when you are up to something. This time he had absolutely no clue when you surprised him on set.

Warnings: Fluff, excited swearing

Word count: 671

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“And you’re sure that he hasn’t caught on?” you asked for the billionth time. 

“He’s been to busy to suspect anything. I’ve made sure of that.” RDJ told you. He offered to pick you up from the airport since this wasn’t his day for filming. “But he has been a little more grumpy than usual. That’s something you can take care of though.” he said while smirking. Rob had been the first one to suspect anything going on between you two, seeing as he had invited you both to lunch. Seb and you hit off from the start. 

“ROBERT! Do not go there…” you said in a warning tone. He had also been the one to walk in on you two going at it in Sebastian’s trailer when they were filming for Civil War. He hasn’t let it go since.

The driver had pulled up outside of the warehouse and dropped you two off. Your nerves were driving you crazy. It had been over a month since you had seen Sebastian. You facetimed regularly but that isn’t enough sometimes. You couldn’t wait to be in his arms. Butterflies had attacked your stomach and you weren’t anywhere near him yet. Oh boy…

“Okay, you walk behind me and keep your head ducked down, I’ll try to get you to where he is before he notices anything weird.” You nodded in agreement and followed his footsteps. The first one to notice you was Chris. He was in his chair, getting his hair tousled and blood added to his cheekbones. His eyes widened and a giant smile appeared. He was halfway out of his seat when you put a finger up to your mouth and made the shhhhh signal. He sat back down, and made a pouty face. You made a mental note to give him a bear hug after you’ve seen Sebastian. 

Rob stopped and pointed to where Seabass was. He was in character, and you had to admit he looked hot as fuck with that metal arm. Rob had walked over to the director and his crew to let them in on what was about to happen. They called for a cut and you watched your man stride over towards everyone. He still hadn’t noticed you yet. You were definitely going to take advantage of that. Being as quiet as you could, you snuck around the group and got behind him. You lifted your hands up around his face and hid his eyes, “Guess who?” 

He immediately turned around and you loved the way his eyes lit up. And his big smile wasn’t helping those butterflies calm down any. “No way.”

“Yes way.”

“No way!”

“Yes way!”

“No fucking way! WHAT THE HELL!?!?! Baby? How? When? What? I can’t believe you’re here! ” He picked you up and spun you around. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a long awaited kiss. Everyone around you two whooped and hollered. 

“I totally got you this time.” You said with the a shit eating grin.

“Hell yeah you did.” He said with an adorable giggle at the end. He leaned in for another kiss and you happily complied.

He pulled back and kissed your neck, “I” your cheek, “missed” your forehead, “you” your other cheek, “so fucking” your nose, “much” your lips “sweetheart.” He pulled you back in for another hug and whispered in your ear, “I love you.”

“I love you too baby.” you said as he set you down.

“Alright boo-bear, ever heard of sharing?” Chris said to Sebastian as he made his way towards you. He gave you a big squeeze, “Missed you munchkin. It was waaaay to quiet around here without you.”

“Awwww look who’s turning soft all of a sudden.” He lightly punched your shoulder.

“Whatever nerd.” 

“Alright everybody, let’s take a break for lunch.” The director said, “See you back on set in an hour.”

Sebastian grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him. 

“Hurry.” He said urgently while opening the door to his trailer…

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Part two is here! 


CHARACTER : Sebastian Stan! Actor

AUTHOR : loricameback

GENRE : Smut





“Thanks a lot. Have a good one!” I slipped a dollar in the tip jar before leaving Starbucks with my iced coffee. As I walked out the door, Sebastian was coming from across the street. Luckily there were a few people to block his view to give me time to run down the sidewalk into a crowd of people.

Moving out of the way to avoid getting trampled, I looked back just in time to see him go in and stand in line. Damn he looked good. Wearing the Straight Outta Romania shirt he got at Wizard World in Tulsa and ripped blue jeans, and Lord, his thick hair just made me wanna…mmmm…ok calm down woman.

He chatted with the barista as she made his coffee, then he sat down. Hmmm, resting today baby? Yeah well not for long. I kept my eyes on him, dirty thoughts already going through my mind as I pulled my phone out of my purse and started texting.

\Hey baby, I figured you’d be on a break by now. Are you?\ I watched him pick up his phone off the table, grin and text back.

\Damn woman, I just sat down. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’d be watching me.

After I read it, I bit my tongue and waited. Three…two…one…yep, there it was. He lift his head, narrowing one eye, and he typed \Payback, huh? Ok brat, where are you?

I covered my mouth with my hand so no one would look at me like I was crazy for laughing. \I can’t tell you honey, but I wish I could straddle you right there in Starbucks and put my hands up your Romania shirt as I suck on your neck.\ I smirked as I waited for his reaction.

Poor Sebby. Looking out the window, and agitated. \That’s not very nice doll.\

Awww, I pouted with a smile. \I’m sorry. How about I get naked from the waist up for you and let you knead one breast and bite the nipple of the other. Make me hurt for being such a bad girl!

I laughed out loud for that one. I’m gonna pay for that one!!! Sebastian threw his head back and covered his eyes. Two young women approached him then. “Oh my god! This is perfect!!” I didn’t realize I said that out loud until people were looking at me like I was nuts. Screw you, I thought. You’d be laughing too!

He was doing great with them, smiling and talking, so I thought, alright Sebby, let’s see how you pull this one off. I was giggling so much I could barely see. \Mmmm Sebby, can we have them watch? After I sent it I wondered if he would even look at it. He knew it was from me and the subject matter, so why do that to himself in front of two women?

He was signing autographs and taking pictures, then they left before he picked up the phone. DAMNIT! He read the text, then a huge smile came on his face. I narrowed my eyes. Either he liked the idea or he was trying to piss me off. I chose the latter. He wouldn’t do that.

//You’d like that wouldn’t you. You’d do it with Chris and me. Yeah, Chris in your mouth and me deep in your cunt. If you come out now, I just might ask him.

I almost dropped the phone. Son.of.a.bitch! He had a huge shit eating grin on his face. Oh Sebby, that was low! \You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Or would you rather Scarlett suck you off as I watch?// I sent it and damn if I wasn’t making it worse. I would LOVE to see that happen!

Oh, he liked that. He sat up slightly as he discretely put pressure on his groin. This was going to be ending quite soon. I watched him text. As my phone buzzed, I was afraid to look, but with shaky hands, I did so. \I never brought this up to you, but Scarlett has a crush on you and well, there are things that she’s willing to participate in.

Fuuuuck meee! I fell against the wall and was basically panting. \Are you trying to get me to show myself or are you being serious?

I could barely see at this point, but I looked up and saw him blowing a kiss to me through the window.


We didn’t even make it home. He pulled the car onto a path off of the highway and I jumped on the hood of the car, he amost ripped off my pants and panties and his mouth was on my clit sucking hard. “Damn Sebby!” His tongue circled around my pussy as he grabbed my ass cheeks. A few laps from bottom to top had me pushing his face in and arching my hips. “MORE!” Two fingers entered my cunt, pumping quickly, scissoring until he found my sweet spot. Lapping my clit and teasing with his fingers started a hot, thunderous orgasm shaking my entire body. I grabbed Sebastian’s hair and he sucked my clit, moaning my name which started another amazing orgasm that continued when he climbed on top of me and thrust deep in me. Never mind wondering when he took his pants off, I didn’t care.

He bit my earlobe and growled, “You are a bad girl and should be punished for teasing me.” His thrusts became faster and harder.

I threw my arms up over my head and moaned loudly. “I like…your punishments!! More Sebby!!”

He sucked on my neck, marking me, his thrusts not slowing. “Mmmm baby you’re so wet. So horny and so bad. Maybe I’ll punish you when we get home.” Sebastian was in balls deep when he began cursing into my neck, then came inside me, flooding like a dam burst.

He lay limp on me, his shirt sticky from sweat. Not looking up he mumbled, “I love you babe…I really do.” He held out his hand without looking up. “Now gimme your damn phone!”

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I walked up and told him he was going to try and grab the Doritos from me. He ripped them out of my hand in a split second. Me: not now! He handed them back and grabbed them again within 2 seconds. He handed them back and went to grab them again but I pulled them away and he ended up grabbing my shirt and it went up a little so I gave him a scandalized look and he grinned and went “oooooooo” me: you’re such a shit! And he started laughing. So we finally did the picture but Chris said the bag was too far out so we redid it. During autos I told him not to eat the whole bag in one sitting and he replied with “you know what! They’re my Doritos and I’ll do what I want.” As my friend and I were walking away he was giggling and said “thanks y'all love ya”