chris's shit eating grin at the end


I walked up and told him he was going to try and grab the Doritos from me. He ripped them out of my hand in a split second. Me: not now! He handed them back and grabbed them again within 2 seconds. He handed them back and went to grab them again but I pulled them away and he ended up grabbing my shirt and it went up a little so I gave him a scandalized look and he grinned and went “oooooooo” me: you’re such a shit! And he started laughing. So we finally did the picture but Chris said the bag was too far out so we redid it. During autos I told him not to eat the whole bag in one sitting and he replied with “you know what! They’re my Doritos and I’ll do what I want.” As my friend and I were walking away he was giggling and said “thanks y'all love ya”