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Justice for Eva

I get that Julie created SKAM for Noorhelm and she didn’t want to start with them right away so she made Eva’s season first. But damn, Eva faded into irrelevance after first season. She’s just seen as the friend that hooks up with p.Chris and parties and is drunk all the time. I hate that so much. I love Eva. I discovered SKAM because of third season but I’m one of those people that has to watch a series from the beginning. Before I even touched third season, I watched S1 and S2. And let me tell you, Eva’s season means everything to me and to this day I can’t decide if I like S3 more or less. I identified with how she felt so much even though I’ve never been in her exact situation. I understood her pain of losing her sense of self and struggling to make friends. I love all the SKAM kids (even Isak whom I hated in first season lol) but Eva’s my favorite (followed closely by Sana). Eva’s season is something that I think a lot of girls (and guys) can identify with and it just makes me so fucking sad that we just lost Eva after S1. I wish we saw more of Eva.

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