With the Glee series finale just a couple hours away, I’ve decided to rewatch the Quarterback in memory of Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson.  

When Glee first aired, I have to admit that I didn’t love Finn or Cory right away. 
There was something about his voice that grated on me at first, but within a few episodes, Cory had won me over, and the more I saw and heard Finn, the more I grew to love him. His vocals improved during his years on Glee. 

Thanks to Cory’s fantastic acting, Finn became one of the few characters on Glee who felt real.  Finn wasn’t perfect, but he was good at heart.  Finn made mistakes, but he also owned up to them and made amends (something that few characters have done on the show).  

I think my favorite Finn moments were the ones he shared with Kurt.  Cory and Chris really had a wonderful onscreen chemistry, and every scene they shared was memorable and poignant.  There are so many scenes that stand out–particularly their scenes in Theatricality and Furt.  I also loved the scene when Kurt talked to Finn about college in the locker room, and their discussion the morning after Finchel and Klaine broke up.  It saddens me that Glee didn’t spend more time on the Furt relationship, and that we never got a Furt duet. 

I will forever miss Cory’s crooked smile, and his carefree nature.  I loved his love for the Vancouver Canucks (one of my own favorite hockey teams).  I always enjoyed watching his interviews and behind the scenes segments because I knew they would make me smile. 

I admire Cory so much for speaking so openly about his addictions. I’m sure that he helped so many people struggling with addiction.  Though his demons did take him in the end, I have so much admiration to Cory for getting clean, getting his life together, and staying sober for so many years.  

Thank you for your years on Glee, Cory.  You are remembered and loved forever.