Let me say, that [ridiculous line] was an ad-lib by Norman [Reedus]. That was not scripted. When we shot that scene, we all stood there in shock and looked at Melissa [McBride], and like… that’s a tricky thing to pull off, that transformation of a character. We’re so accustomed to spending years watching all of these people dirty, sweaty, covered in blood. When Melissa stepped out the first time, we all sort of laughing. Even Melissa was like, “This is so silly. How are we going to pull this off?” When we did the first couple of takes, Norman was just giggling and laughing at how ludicrous this whole idea of Carol dressing up as a soccer mom was. Every time I watch that scene, and especially the way Norman looks up at her and then looks back down, he’s like “Pfft.” He does that great thing Norman always does… I love Norman and Melissa, and they’re both such genuine performers that just adding that little flair takes it to such a great place. 

- Greg Nicotero (x)