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[..] We didn’t want people to hear some crap video recorded on an iPhone, to be the first experience of our songs you know- it just doesn’t seem right when we’ve spent months and months making the album, trying to make it sound as good as possible and the first thing someone hears is a crappy iPhone recording, it doesn't make sense.


Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Characters.

Welcome Home.

pairing ; chris x reader

summary ; after four years, you’re finally back in new york with your best friend; you’re finally back home.

words ; 4,706 (wowza. this was all written, first, too.)

warnings ; references??

note ; i had some inspiration from the fic “When You Come Home” by @teamgtnw


Everyone has something they call home. This thing could be a place, person, object, animal, even a smell. Of course, it’s different for everyone ─ most say that “Home” was the house they shared with their parents currently or during their childhood. Some would say home is the feeling of happiness, caused by being in their birth town, or the block they grew up on.

You, however, considered it to be a culmination of things. Alongside the stereotypical place, you found comfort in the smell of New York; specifically, a street in The Bronx that you grew up on in the quiet side of the big place, where couples walked the streets, runners smiled and laughed at the dogs they were jogging with; where families could be out with a mild fear of being mugged by some druggie or poor guy in need of some money; where happiness seemed to be one of the most prominent emotions and one of the only words to describe the place and your feelings upon walking around it.

Your favorite place, as dumb as it sounds, was the little coffee shop at the end of the street. The workers were always changing there, seeing as they were all teenagers wanting more money or just starting college and need a way to pay for their loans because their parents sure-as-hell weren’t doing it alone. At one point, that had been you, when you still went to community college.

You remembered loving working there, as you always had light-hearted conversations with the customers and relationships with the regulars. But once you got your first two years of college done, you headed off to a big university across the country, staying there for about four years to get your masters. Then, you came back home with high hopes of achieving something great, something that made an impact, no matter how big.

Your dream had always been to be involved in dancing or music, specifically for Broadway. And as crazy and farout as it sounds, you knew you could make it there someday ─ someday.

The distinct smell of coffee beans and oven pastries filled your senses as you walked into the coffee shop you adored so much. People were too caught up in their own conversations to acknowledge your entrance, which was normal. A fuzzy feeling filled you when you took a deep breath and let your senses be bombarded by the homey smell. The sounds of clinking plates and brewing coffee and buzzing of light conversations about work, coffee, the need to finish a paper and get some sleep filled your ears, as well.

What you noticed out of all of that, though, was the echoing, familiar voice of someone you knew all-too-well. The voice was deep but soft, forming words that were so beautifully put together, yet only said because they worked with everything else he was singing about. This one was about working two jobs, brewing coffee, and still enjoying the life he was give. The optimism he had in his words was what seemed to keep the rest of coworkers going, smiling and giving him beats or backup vocals.

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↳ I wonder… if I also want that ~Noragami Chapter 10~

Kids- Chris Kreider

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I didn’t think this one would be hard, but I started it like three times before I found something I liked! This one is for @plutoisback so I hope you like it boo!

Warning: Christmas theme (don’t ask)

Request: Awe thanks!!! Anything pertaining Chris with children… that’s would be more than great!!! Don’t worry about when it’ll be up!! I’m just glad I’m getting one 😋


              You had a headband with reindeer antlers on. The antlers had red, green, and gold bells on them that jingled every time you moved your head. It clashed with your blue ‘Kreider’ jersey, but it put you in the spirit. Chris was wearing his jersey and a Santa hat.

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