chris x leon

Ain't Nothing Please Me More Than You || Chris & Leon

It wasn’t much. But it was home. For now, anyway.

Chris wanted more, as he always did with Leon. He wanted a nice two story home with a white picket fence and a dog–and he wanted to kiss his husband on the porch everyday to piss off as many republicans as he could. But not yet. For now, their small apartment with five minute hot water in the showers was just about as good as it was gonna get. “It’s terrible,” Chris said, arms adjusting under Leon’s legs as he held his husband on his back. The piggy back ride from the elevator to the door and through the threshold had been completely mandatory, Chris argued.

I love it so much, Leon,” he continued as he carried Leon through the doorway to their bedroom. No bedframe set up yet, boxes still everywhere, just a mattress and pillows. He crash landed on his knees to the bed, flopping himself and Leon to the side and laughing. “I can’t believe we’re doing this, I can’t believe we own a place together.”


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