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No Such Thing As Bulletproof

Pairing/Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: fluff, kidnapping, swearing, angst, violence, blood
Summary: You’re captured by Hydra Agents who want revenge on your boyfriend, Captain America. The actions of one agent would make you do something you will never forget.
Word Count: 2k+
A/N: This is for Kate’s Cards Against Humanity Challenge with the card, “My first kill”! HAPPY 1 YEAR AND 2k KATE!!! YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

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Alpha’s Duties (Chapter 7)

Author: sumcp

Chapter Seven: The Ceremony

Characters: Scott McCall x Y/N

Word Count: 10,855 (I know.. I know..)

Warnings: swearing, fight scene, mentions of death, mentions of murder, interrogation, general violence and sentence structure/grammar.

Note: So this fic ran away with me as you can tell by the word count. I couldn’t put everything I wanted to in this fic so Chapter 8 is going to be really interesting. Thank yall so much for loving this series as much as I do :)


Chapters: 12 3 4 56 

You stared at your plain white ceilings, trying to gather enough energy to get out from under the protection of your blankets. It has been a week since you’ve been home and back to regular life because you released yourself from the hospital against medical advice as soon as you told everyone exactly what they were up against.

“What do you mean ‘they’re next’ ? How do you know it meant us and how do you know it had anything to do with your parents? Satomi is like a hundred years old I’m sure she has plenty of enemies.” Stiles stared at you wanting an explanation you couldn’t give.

“The note was in my mom’s handwriting.” You gritted your teeth, tugging the blanket back from you again. “How do you think Satomi lived so long huh? She was smart. She was one of the oldest Alpha’s to alive, not just any hunter could take her down. It was my mom, I know it. I have heard things from my sources all over the U.S. She just cleared out a pack in New York who have lived there for over a century. She hold’s a grudge against the supernatural for what happened to Lily. She wants revenge.“ 

“Woah Y/N, what do you think your doing. You heard my mom.” Scott scolded you like a child, but you ignored him. You pulled out the IV in your hand, and grabbed the edge of the railing on the bed to host yourself up. You swayed slightly and Scott grabbed your arm to steady you. “Y/N you’re hurt, you lost a ton of blood, please get back in the bed.“ 

“I’m not staying in this hospital, not when my mom is out there plotting to destroy every supernatural creature.” You huffed, jerking your arm from Scott’s grip. You grabbed the bag on the table which had your belongings in them and dumped them on the bed. Everything had dried blood on it but you didn’t care. You grabbed the jeans off the bed but Scott grabbed your hand to stop you.

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First Date

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Characters: Chris Evans, Reader

Word Count: 820

Warnings: mentions of sex, light cussing 

Summary: While jogging Chris accidentally bumps into some, then ask her out shortly later.

Notes: Hi! This is the first marvel/marvel rpf fic I’ve done so sorry if it’s terrible. Umm this was for Kate’s Cards Against Humanity Writing Challenge by @emilyevanston (I had signed up with my main blog @blackfandomtrashandproud). The prompt I chose was “The primal ball slapping sex your parents are having right now” and my person was Chris Evans.

“Shit, I’m sorry. Are you okay?” Chris asked the pretty girl, before picking up the papers he had accidentally made her drop. He was out jogging and bumped into a woman when he was zoned out. Apparently he had hit her with so much force that it caused her to drop everything in her hands.

“Yeah I’m fine, thank you” the Woman said taking the papers from Chris and giving him a small smile. She then proceeded to walk in the opposite direction of him, carefully stuffing the papers back into the manila folder.

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Jake & Katie | Hurts like hell (1x11)

“I loved and I lost you.”

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