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Do you have a favorite type of ship/couple? Like any tropes you find yourself really enjoying?

I’ve been thinking about this last night and I don’t really think I do but I’ll just list the kinds of ships I like and maybe you or people who read this will find a pattern that I can’t see? Lol.

So I like my fair share of “ordinary” ships,  just happy, day-to-day, low-key ships but in which the two people are just so genuinely happy and in love:

I also like really angsty, soulful, transcendental, you have completely altered my life in the best possible way, once in a lifetime, passionate, life is beautiful ships:

I also really enjoy precious *SQUEE* my heart flutters, you two are ADORBZ ships:

I also enjoy just purely passionate, intense, emotional, breathless ships:

I also enjoy you shouldn’t work but you do and it’s glorious ships:

I also love it tears me up inside to love you relationships:

And of course a lot of these overlap, so like I dunno, lol, is there a pattern?

I honestly think Skins 2x05, Chris’s episode, is the most quotable in the entire series. I mean think about it. All of these quotes are from the same episode:

“I’m a bit lost” - Chris

“Fuck it” - Chris

“Do you remember them coloring-in books from when you were little, Jose? I hated them. If I’m gonna do a picture of a house, I don’t want someone else telling me what it should look like, do you know what I mean?” - Chris

“Where are you staying?” “Oh, you know, nowhere” - Chris and Cassie

“Have you ever been in love? Do you want me to describe it to you? Do you remember when you rode with in the ambulance after I tried to kill myself? That’s what love feels like” - Cassie

“When you were young, did you ever read the Very Hungry Caterpillar? Aww it’s a classic. It’s about this caterpillar, yeah, and he basically eats a loud of stuff, and then he gets in a cocoon and becomes a butterfly. And after my brother died, my parents were just…. You know I’d get inside my duvet and I’d just read it over and over.  And it made me think that, when I came out, I didn’t want to be different. I just wanted what was outside to be different.” - Chris

“Money - it’s just bits of paper, or numbers on a screen, innit really? But these walls, they exist. If you can imagine memories happening in them, then that’s real, innit? I just… I want you to imagine dying. Right, I know that it sounds weird, but just, right… you’re really old, and you’re in your bed, and you’re remembering your life - your daughter’s first birthday, shagging on a Sunday afternoon, just getting up in the garden with the kids! When you do that, is this the house that you see in all those memories? Because if it is, then a few bits of paper here or there don’t really seem to matter.” - Chris

“I’m thinking of leaving school, growing a beard, and joining the circus” - Cassie

“Oh, wow, but… fuck you” - Cassie

“That’s people. We arrive, consume what we can, and then leave. Like locusts.” - Cassie

“You know what hurts the most about a broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before. Try and keep that feeling because, if it goes, you’ll never get it back. Then you lie waste to the world - and everything in it.” - Cassie

“I had everything I wanted - I lost it all. Hurts like fuck. But Chris, I’m going to get it all back, piece by piece. What else is there?” - Tony

“It’s kind of easy when you got nothing because nothing can’t be taken away from you. But I don’t want nothing anymore.” - Chris

“Are you the only person in the world that’s been let down? The only one that’s been hurt? Abandoned? Are you? So what gives you the right to act like you are?” - Jal

“Yeah, let’s do that! Let’s build something and we’ll tear it down.” - Jal

“You’re an empty, poisonous smile.” - Jal

“I was perfectly happy killing myself, right? But then you asked me to try. And for the first time in my life, it felt like someone actually gave a shit, and that that person was worth trying for. And, now, I’d fucking, I’d make the world record’s biggest sandwich if you asked me to! I’d kick old grannies in the tits, I’d fill the rivers with Panda Pops! I’d… I fucked up big time. I’m more than sorry. I love you Jal. You’re my whole world.” - Chris

This, and so much more great dialogue, happens in one forty minute episode and that is why I love Skins.

Even if your ship doesn’t become cannon who cares? I mean that hasn’t ever stopped people before. Be strong and continue to love what you love.