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Alone- Part 1

Based on a prompt line; “Don’t leave me behind.”

Warnings; Fighting, Feelings of Worthlessness

Words; 1,249

A/N; Honestly I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. If you want a part 2 though let me know!! Feedback is encouraged! :)

Pairings; Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

It had been almost 3 years since Bucky became an avenger. And it had been almost 3 years since you developed the biggest crush ever.

He had sauntered into the compound and looked at you with those piercing blue eyes and that was it. Ever since then you’d been inseparable. The bestest friends ever, but that was it, nothing more.

The only other person who knew about your feelings was your best friend Nat. She’d been trying to encourage you to tell Bucky how you felt for years but you couldn’t, you were almost positive that he didn’t see you that way and didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

You always told her “Something is better than nothing.” To which she’d dramatically roll her eyes.

You were looking down at the book you were currently reading but couldn’t focus on the words. All you could hear was the high pitched giggling coming from the kitchen and every note pierced your heart. It was one of the many girls Bucky would bring over when he was ‘lonely’.

He strolled over to you, coffee in hand. “Hey doll, whatcha readin’?” He asked as he sat down next to you and handed you the hot mug.  

You smiled and grabbed the coffee from him. “Thanks Buck. It’s uh-”

He grabbed the book from your lap before you could protest and read aloud. “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

He paused for a second, his cheeks going lightly pink and looked at you. Your eyes met and it seemed like his eyes glossed over before he let out a loud awkward chuckle.

What the hell was that about? You thought.

His eyes were still lingering on you as the blonde girl came up behind him and laid a hand on his shoulder. He jumped slightly and turned to look at her. “Honey we should let her read, come on let’s go back to bed.” She purred. He looked visibly uncomfortable as he stood up and followed her down the hall.

As you stared into your mug urging your eyes not to water and trying to suppress the stabbing feeling in your chest, you missed when Bucky turned back to look at you, a hopeless longing in his eyes.

* * *

A few hours later you were in your workout gear pummeling a punching bag, imagining a certain blonde.

Why couldn’t you be enough, why couldn’t he see you as more. What were you doing wrong.

Why. Why. WHY.

You felt hands touch your waist and turned just as fast sweeping their legs out from under them. There was a thud and an “Ow! (y/n)!”

Steve was laying splayed out on his back looking vengeful.

“Oh Steve! I’m sorry! Instinct.” You shrugged as you helped him up.

“It’s okay it was my fault, shouldn’t have snuck up on ya like that.” He smirked. “So what’s got ya so angry?” He pointed at the still swaying punching bag.

“Honestly I don’t even want to talk about it.” You sighed.

“Wanna practice then? We do have a mission tomorrow.” He smirked again inching towards you.

“Rogers, don’t even try.” You ran at him flipping over his shoulders and he turned slowly, not expecting it.

Just then Bucky walked by the door of the training room, but you were too distracted by Steve to notice.

He sauntered over to you and got right up in your face. Grinning he pushed a strand of hair out of your face. You were always very fond of Steve and had a flirty relationship but never took it any further. With one swift movement he took you down and was straddling your hips  inches away from your face.

Bucky couldn’t watch any longer, a lump growing in his throat as he walked away feeling defeated.

Just as he left you flipped Steve over and put him in a head lock. “I win!” You sang cheerfully.

There was clapping from behind you and you both turned to see Nat walking in. “I want in on this!”

The three of you spent the rest of the afternoon training together until you were all too tired and sweaty.

* * *

The next morning you met in the hanger fully dressed in your gear. This mission wasn’t going to be all of you. It was just a simple mission to retrieve information from a Hydra base.

As you, Bucky, Steve and Nat got into the quinjet you tried to make eye contact with Bucky but he wouldn’t meet your gaze.

“Alright, Nat and I will go in through the front and (y/n) and Bucky will go through the back.” Steve said over the comm. “You two will take out anyone in your way and get to the communications room, there should be computers. Back up the information to a USB and get out of there as fast as you can. Nat and I will check for prisoners and take out anyone else. Everyone understand?”

We all nodded in unison. Thirty minutes later everyone was in position. You and Bucky made your way inside, working together to take out the four guards blocking the door. He still wouldn’t meet your gaze as you crept down the dark hallways. A man came from your left, you didn’t see him in time and there was a direct hit to your side, you crumpled to the ground as you heard Buckys metal arm hit the guy and he went down.

Bucky helped you to your feet, your face only inches apart. “Watch yourself next time.” He said in a flat tone as he turned to walk down the hall.

You reached out and grabbed his hand to pull him back. “What did I do that made you so upset?” You asked quietly.

His cold eyes bored into yours. “Why don’t you ask your boyfriend.”

You stood there shocked. “My-my what?”

He pulled his hand out of your grasp. “This isn’t the time for this.” He said as he turned and walked down the hallway turning into a room a few doors down.

Once you were in the room you told Steve and Nat over the comm that you had begun transferring the information.

When the screen read 94% there was yelling outside of the room you and Bucky were standing in.

He looked over at you and nodded. “Stay here, make sure it’s done.” With that he left the room.


Someone was thrown against the door.


There was a gun shot and a loud yell.


The door crashed in, Bucky and another man rolled into the room.


They both stood, the other man had noticed you. You reached for your gun.


There was a bang. Then a lot of pain, you looked down to see thick red blood coming from your stomach. You fell to the ground.


Bucky walked over to you, glanced down and took out the USB. You could see him saying something over the comm but couldn’t make it out. Your vision was starting to fade in and out.

He started to walk out of the room.

He was leaving? Why is he leaving? You thought urgently. Don’t.

“Don’t leave me behind.” It came out as a whisper but he tensed and you could tell he had heard you. Your eyes locked on his and your vision went black. 


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Little Monster part 1


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: mentions of sexual activity (NSFW) and accusations of abuse. Oh, and foul language. Skip the NSFW by skipping the cursive part! (that’s why it’s cursive too hehe)

Word count: 1.707

Summary: You’re an arts student on the verge of graduating when you get the verdict: either you do an extra year or you take one extra, mandatory course to salvage your reputation. You hold a grudge against history and would rather be fooling around with your boyfriend than sitting in a bleak auditorium listening to some old fart’s war stories. Turns out that fossil isn’t as old as you thought he’d be and soon you’re begging for taste of Professor Rogers, taking advantage of the high life.

A/N: As I’m finishing up on Manhattan Mistress, I’d like to pitch this little series based on the newly released photographs Chris Evans did for Vogue (and Esquire). They just screamed recently divorced college professor/high society beau/sugar daddy to me so here it is!

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Request: Kai prompt is pretending to help the group but is really just bored and trying to raise havoc by actually helping kai. Kai siphones her magic in front of the group expecting it to hurt but she gets pleasure from it. Idk

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The mystic falls group stood spread out in worry, walking forward into what seemed to be an invisible wall that surrounded them and prevented their escape. They were aggravated now, kicking and punching at the shield magical barrier that had trapped them for over an hour now. The sun was starting to set, causing the ground to glow orange under their feet, and a cool chill to raise goosebumps to their skin.

“Where is that god damned heretic when we need him!?” Caroline rolled her eyes and sunk onto the ground, admitting defeat as she blew her blonde curls from her eyes.

“Probably taking his sweet time,” Damon growled while vamp speeding around the bubble with agitation and slamming his fists at the air.

“Or because he doesn’t get anything out of it,” Stefan said quietly, still as stone as he simply stared out with a long sigh.

“And my magic isn’t doing anything, I don’t know what to do,” Bonnie said. “What about you, (Y/N)? You’ve been awfully quiet.”

The girl stood apart from the others, her hand against the barrier, fingers sinking into the magic, head tilted to the left, lips barely parted. She wore torn black jeans and a pale blue sweater, her hair tied into two messy braids that framed her face.

“Hm?” she asked with little interest.

“Your magic,” Bonnie repeated, “is it working?”

“No,” she flat out lied, quickly drawing her hand away before they could notice her fingertips sinking through.

She spun to face them, their brows raised and arms folded as the group stared her down.

“I’m telling the truth,” she shrugged, twirling a strand of her soft hair around her index finger.

“Sure you are,” a voice said from behind them.

Kai Parker strutted over to the group, his slender fingers tucked lightly into his tattered jean pockets, iconic smirk plastered to his rounded lips. He stepped over to the barrier, tongue nudging the edge of his cheek as his lips split into a big grin, head cocking to the side with amusement. He stopped outside the wall, looking them over with his piercing blue eyes before finally settling on the pretty little thing that stared daggers at him.

“Kai,” Stefan began quietly, “please help us.”

“Now why would I want to do that?” he chuckled to himself, little dimples lighting his cheeks.

“To prove you’re not an utter dick,” Damon huffed.

“Oh, but I am,” Kai laughed aloud, pacing around the increasingly heated group before stopping just in front of the girl who he proceeded to devour with his eyes. He liked watching the way her eyes would avert his as her cheeks got all pink, unable to resist melting under that gaze.

“What about you, princess? You have anything to say for yourself?” he hummed softly.

“Why would I?” she responded nervously, chewing at her lower lip with worry.

“Because I didn’t set up this trap,” Kai answered knowingly, “you did.”

It went silent as all eyes went to her, and she tried with little luck to stand her ground, “I didn’t.”

“Mhm,” Kai said, vanishing into thin air before appearing behind her. His arms went stretching around her from behind, his front pressed roughly into her as he gently used his slender fingers to ease her body through the magical barrier, his breath on her neck making her go dizzy as she blinked her eyes closed, opening them again to see herself outside the barrier.

“So then tell me, why can you go through that?” he breathed against her neck, cool rings sliding down her arms and making her shiver as he pulled himself away.

“I-just-I-” she stammered and looked away from the glares of Caroline, Bonnie, Stefan, and Damon. Her eyes flickered to Kai’s knowing ones, and suddenly she couldn’t help herself as she burst into a fit of giggles, unable to stop her chortles of laughter.

“It worked,” Kai beamed fondly at her, pulling her into his hips with a laugh.

“It did,” she grinned at the heretic.

“What did you do?” Caroline snapped.

“Had fun,” she answered.

“What are you talking about?” Damon rushed at the barrier but was propelled back.

“You guys never lay off me, never give me a break,” she paused, feeling Kai’s fingers attach to her hips, “or Kai, for that matter.”

“He’s a monster,” Bonnie snapped.

“That’s what you might think,” she defended him, her brows furrowed in anger.

“No, you’re just his new siphoning toy,” Caroline snapped. “He’s just going to end up hurting you.”

She opened her mouth to respond, but before she could, Kai seized her and brought his arm around her to pin her against him. She struggled under his grip, but he was too strong for her to budge, Kai smirking as she squirmed in his arms.

“Kai,” she wheezed, looking up at him helplessly.

“What if they’re right, hm?” his nostrils flared, challenging her.

“I’ve known you for months and you’ve never tried that, Kai…I trust you,” she relaxed under his force.

“But if I did?” he breathed, trailing his fingertips across her arms and sending electricity through her blood.

His blue eyes danced across her face, but her lips twitched and she nodded, lacing her fingers gently through his own and watching as his eyes widened in surprise.

“It’s okay,” she encouraged him, tucking her face into the crook of the heretic’s neck and closing her eyes.

“I trust you,” she repeated softly, bracing for the worst.

Kai pressed his palms harshly into hers, not withdrawing when he felt the warm crackle of magic in her bloodstream, squeezing lightly rather than withdrawing from his craving. Their hands glowed orange where he siphoned her magic, Kai’s lips parting and eyes fluttering as he took her in like a drug. He counted in his head, waiting for her to gasp out in pain at any moment, his free hand gently sliding through her locks to ease her, but it never came. Kai blinked through his long lashes to look down at the girl, her knees momentarily giving way, face contorting slightly, but not with pain.

“(Y/N)?” he panted softly, trying to focus on her over the fire in his bloodstream.

She blinked up at him, mouth falling open, but her noise was muffled as she burrowed her face directly into Kai’s front to prevent him from hearing her. Her nose squished into the crook of Kai’s neck as she desperately tried to focus on anything except his scent and the way she could feel Malachai Parker’s magic sending electricity through her every nerve, and how good it made her feel.

Kai hastily removed his hand from hers, the magic getting cut off from his system at once. The trapped magical entities behind the barrier stood in shock, lips bent in worry as they attempted to assess the situation from their vantage point. Kai felt a smile tickle the corners of his mouth as she pulled back from him, her cheeks flushed, skin burning, and lower lip quivering as she refused to meet his eyes.

“That didn’t hurt, did it, sweetheart?” he ran his tongue over his lips with amusement, only growing more satisfied when she blushed increasingly more by the second.

“Malachai,” she nudged him and tried to move past him, but he seized her roughly by the waist before she could.

“Kai,” she barked angrily, eyes flying up to his mischievous ones, “let me go.”

“You like it, don’t you?” he chucked, a hunger instantly flaring within him.

“No,” she tried lamely, hand snapping up to push Kai.

The heretic caught her easily by the wrist before she could remove herself, head tilting as he murmured, “you never were good at lying, were you?”

And before she could begin to respond, Kai squeezed her flesh, energy pouring into his system, not so much from the magic, but the way she instantly went sinking to the ground with an involuntary groan of pleasure, Kai scooping her up into his front before she could hit the ground.

“Let- me go-” she gulped for air, her body starting to quiver as Kai drank her magic up like a juicebox, her breath hitched at her throat.

“We both know you don’t want me to do that, princess,” he chortled, loving the way she crumbled in his arms.

She tilted herself to see the others, but Kai pressed a slender finger to her lips, “they can’t see or hear you anymore.”

She whimpered and dug her lower lip beneath her teeth and turned her head so as to avoid giving Kai satisfaction, which only made him want it more. His fingers crawled under her chin, forcing her jaw up so he could watch her properly, the pleasure she so clearly couldn’t hide, the furrowing of her brows and flutter of her eyelashes.

“It’s okay, baby,” he brushed his fingertips against her lower lip encouragingly, cool rings to her mouth, “let it out.”

Her nails sunk into his wrists as her knees buckled again, mouth falling open as she let out his name in a slow quiet moan, and god did he love the way his name sounded tumbling off her lips like that. She instantly brought her hand over her mouth, her head lamely shaking as she tried to restrain from doing the same again. 

“Say my name,” Kai brushed his lips across her earlobe.

Her pretty eyes blinked up at him, and he saw something in them he’d never seen before, something that none of her magic could ever crave. Then, he watched in surprise as her lips twitched faintly, smirk tickling the edges of her mouth.

“No,” she panted softly, teasing him.

“No?” he growled, jaw pulsating as she challenged him, his eyes darkening, and voice coming husky and soft as he said, “don’t test me.”

He squeezed hard at her wrist, tightening his grip on her and watching with satisfaction as her eyes slammed shut, head rocking back.

“Kai,” she begged softly, blinking up through watery vision at his lust filled eyes, “Fuuuck.” It was soft and drawn out, but not enough.

Kai slid one hand gently up to cradle her face, his siphoning hand switching to her waist and drawing the source of pleasure to the hem of her jeans, sending crackles of electricity sinking through her flesh and down to where she ached so badly for him. Her hand went flying to Kai’s, and she laced her fingers over his as he maneuvered his slender fingers past her waistline and guided him to where she needed him most. He ran his fingers over her underwear, sliding his large hands under her before sending a final jolt through her core, and the sight of her like that alone was too much for him. But just as she began to shake beneath him, to twitch and squirm and beg release, he withdrew himself and cut out the siphon link. The girl blinked her eyes open in confusion, taking in sharp breaths as Kai stood her back up, the magical shield instantly dissolving and releasing the mystic falls group before she could process what was happening.

“For another time,” he breathed, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ears.

She pouted at him in frustration, back to the approaching group.

“You thought you had my weakness all figured out,” he paused and dipped his lips lightly into hers, withdrawing with a satisfied smirk, “I guess I should’ve known I’d be yours.”

And then he was gone, leaving her only with the briefest taste of himself.

AU Writing Challenge!

Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

So I decided I wanted to do a writing challenge this fall to encourage all those wonderful writers out there. Now, if I love anything in fics, I love AU fics and getting to see these characters placed into new situations. So I’m opening it up to all of you!

When you have finished writing it, post on your blog and tag me in it, so I can find it and read it, then I will put it onto the original post. 


- Please be following me!
- No dub-con, incest, rape, abuse, mpreg etc.
- No smut for any underage characters
- ONLY 4 SPACES PER AU and only one character per AU.
- New work only, please. 
- The deadline to enter is October 1st. 

Characters You Can Write: 

- Bucky Barnes
- Steve Rogers
- Lance Tucker
- Hal Carter
- Chris Beck
- Jefferson (OUAT) 
- Carter Baizen
- TJ Hammond
- Frank Adler 

Please send me a message if you’d like to compete with your choice of character and AU! Happy writing! 

AU’s to choose: 

1. Coffee Shop AU

- @srgntjbarnes + Bucky 

- @boysbuiltliketanks + Steve/Bucky

- Anon + Jefferson 

2. Royalty AU (King, Queen, Prince, Princess)

- @lame-lozer + Steve 

3. College AU

- @seattlite09 + Bucky

4. Neighbour AU

- @saergentdaddy + Bucky 

- @kjs-s + Frank Adler

5. 1940s AU

6. Cinderella AU

- @queenoftherandomword + TJ Hammond

- @xx-multi-fandom-imagines + Bucky 

7. Other fairytale AU (please tell me which one you want to use)

- @who-the-hell-is-seb-stan + Bucky (Rapunzel) 

8. Mafia/Mobster AU

- @4theluvofall + Steve/Bucky

- @stanleyvincentwrites + Bucky

9. Time Traveller AU

- @sgtjamesbuchananbarnes107th + Bucky 

10. Bookshop AU

- @just-some-drabbles + Bucky

- @yikesbuckster + Chris Beck 

11. Soulmate AU

- @hellomissmabel + Lance 

- @tasting-writers-block +Bucky

12. Heaven/Hell AU

- @queendivaofthedark + Steve 

13. Pornstar AU (18+ only) 

14. Sugar Daddy/Mama/Baby AU

15. Alternate History AU (please specify historical event)

- @nothin-after-79 + Bucky (Late ‘60s) 

16. Billionaire AU

- @sgtbxckybxrnes + Bucky

- @formyfandoms + Steve

17. Cab Driver AU

18. God/Goddess AU

- @salimahbicharara-comun + Bucky 

19. Student/Teacher AU

- @dreamingbig114 + Steve 

20. Artist AU

- @cate-lynne + Bucky 

21. Road Trip AU

22. Hospital AU

23. Single Parent AU

- @supersoldierslover + Bucky 

- @tinaferraldo + Lance

24. Beauty and the Beast AU

- @peterr-parqerr + Steve 

25. Lawyer/Legal AU

26. Angel AU

- @aelin-blackstairs + Bucky 

27. Werewolf AU

- @marvelfanuniverse + Steve/Bucky

28. Assassin AU

- @themanwithovtfear + Bucky 

29. Small Town AU

30. Magic AU

Happy Writing! Message me if you have any questions. 

fic fest writing challenge

Thanks so much for another thousand followers! I did a writing challenge when I hit two thousand, and I decided to do it again when I hit four. I really loved the last one I did, and I’m hoping this one can be even more amazing than the last!

[note: not all these prompts were my original ideas, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless! I might end up adding more if these are taken quickly.]

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You know what is really sad? The fact that Steve never got the chance to share all those “normal” things with Diana that he talked about during the dance in Veld. They both didn’t really know what they will do after the war. Like did you see her face when he was explaining that to her? There was genuine curiosity and wonder in her eyes because she has never experienced all that and maybe in her mind she had thought that she’ll get to have those breakfasts and normal days with Steve. 

But she didn’t.

Can you imagine Diana having breakfast? Everyday? Alone in a room? Those words that she can remember vividly during those moments and the sadness that would envelop her to the point that she would start crying? How she would eat her breakfast and imagine Steve sitting in front of her smiling shyly as he read his daily paper? 

Maybe she did try to share these moments with someone else and she would end up crying because maybe she couldn’t imagine doing all these things with someone else other than Steve. 

And then she would get used to it. She’ll learn to hide her emotions under a mask and keep those precious memories alive in her heart.

I might write a fic about this hehehe.

Harry clenched his teeth. It wasn’t even past afternoon, yet he was already buzzed and angry.

“Who cares?! Weren’t you the one who told me that it was alright since you were making money anyway?!”

“Shut your fucking mouth, Potter! You are the worst patron that this bar has ever had!”

“You’re the worst bartender that this bar’s ever had!”

“Shut up!”

“No, you!”

“No, you!”

“Why do you always need to have the last word?!”

Draco was wiping the bottom of a bottle of liquor but stopped abruptly to shoot a rather unkind look in Harry’s direction. “Why, does that bother you?”, he snapped as he slammed the bottle down. The clear liquid inside sloshed angrily within its confines, much like Draco’s blood, which seemed to be boiling under his skin as he rounded the barrier between him and the prat that just wouldn’t leave.

They were nearly nose-to-nose, with Harry smelling like alcohol and Draco feeling hot with tension that could all but withhold itself, until Harry smirked.

And it was at that moment that the stretchy tension that connected Draco’s mind to his heart lost its elasticity and snapped like a rubber band.

“Yes,” he said lowly. Harry was not going to win. “I do need to have the last word. Would you like another word from me? Leave.

“Fucking hell, Draco! Can you stop being so infuriating for at least one solid minute?” Harry grabbed a fist of Draco’s collar and pinned him against the wall. He never intended to fight, but that ferrety git was so bloody enraging that it boiled his blood. Harry was ready to throw a punch – but suddenly, all Harry could focus on was Draco’s jaw. That perfectly sharp, defined jaw. And his neck. It took every bit of Harry’s rationality to not lick his jaw nor his neck, both of which made his knees feel weak. The things Draco did to him, that git.

“Scared, Potter? Draco’s voice was a bit shaky, betraying his smug look.

“You wish, Malfoy. You wish.

so this is a snippet from my wip collab with @somnumdraconi. do tell me what you think? and tell us if you wanna be tagged when we finally finish this and post it? idk idk feedback maybe? pls?

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“Breakfast in bed really isn’t that original, you dork”

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes


Pairing: Chris Beck x reader

Warnings: FLUFFY with a tiny bit of sexual references

Word count: 1.688

Summary: After Chris returns to Earth, you are finally able to peacefully wake up in his arms again, or so you think.

A/N: Part of the Valentine’s challenge as hosted by @oneshot-shit (prompt in bold) and this is also for the amazing @writing-soldiers, seriously, go check her out!

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46. im in love... shit

starlord x reader

Requested by: @summertime-nd-butterflies

Originally posted by starlvrd

Days and nights truly had no meaning whatsoever in space. Instead, you divided your time into hours and places. With all the different timezones getting thrown around, life was just easier to say things at the time (according to the place you were at in the moment) and the name of the place you were.

For instance, you met a self-proclaimed “legendary outlaw” with the title “Starlord” at Knowhere, at about 1500. Upon first glance, you were taken aback by his confidence and outwardness. He joked openly about… well, anything, and didn’t take much notice to you, the self-proclaimed legendary nothing-in-particular. You owned the title proudly, and sat back in your seat and watched the empty-minded aliens drunkenly punch each other and screech in different languages.

He was just another person. A diamond in the rough, perhaps, but you had seen many of those pass through, and most of them ended up the same way; they were too outward or too “funny” and got their ass handed to them, quite literally, and never made it passed the golden age of 27. Of course, he was something special, though you’d never admit to anybody who asked, but you tried not to linger on it, because in this life, lingering only led to hurt and hurt led to… well, hurt led to a great-big downward spiral of pain and never-agains.

“You look bored,” he said, suddenly right in front of you.

You jumped, eyebrows raised as a lump formed in your throat. You looked up at him for a moment, angry at how you had let yourself get lost in your thoughts. Or rather, lost in your thoughts about another person, who was now right in front of you- and, oh, god, you still weren’t saying anything.

“Lack manners where you come from?” he chided, pulling up a rusty old chair next to you and taking a seat.

You took in a breath and shrugged. “You took me by surprise,” you said softly, your eyes gently grazing his face, his stubble, his eyes, his everything.

He smirked. “Sorry, then. You’re a pretty face-” he said, but quickly took in a sharp breath, “pretty, uh… pretty new face,” he hurried.

You chuckled. “Maybe to you, but I’ve been around here for a while now. I haven’t seen you, either.”

He shifted, leaning back slightly. “Well then I guess it was about time we met,” he said, reaching out a hand for yours, “I’m Peter Quill, legendary outlaw, though you may know me as Starlord.”

You let your hand fold around his, small and soft. “No, actually I haven’t heard of you.”

His expression faltered for a second, but he quickly reclaimed his overbearing confidence. “Well now you have.”

“I suppose,” you said, suddenly bored.

“And what about you? You have a name?”

You thought for a moment. You glanced around, and sat up straight, your hands folded over your stomach. “Y/N,” you said, meeting his eyes with your own, “I am merely a speck of dust surviving in a universe infinitely too big for my tiny mind to comprehend.”

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Age Is Just A Number (Requested)

Chris Evans x Reader 

Word Count: 3095 // Rating: Teen and Up

Warnings: angst, fluff, break-ups, reconciliation, age gap, 

Summary: Chris and Y/N are in love, the only problem is that she’s 15 years younger than him. Will it break them?

Note: Requested fic, all i wanted to do was use ‘if there’s grass on the wicket, lets play cricket but i had to americanise it ahahaha

This is adorable! great job!
Okay, also i was wondering if i could request a one shot where Chris is dating a younger reader (maybe early 20s) and he gets teased or they break up but then realize that they love each other and get back together! Thanks! 


Stepping out of the bath Y/N grabbed a towel from where it hung on the rail and wrapping it delicately around her she pottered to the bedroom and perched on the end of the bed. Drying off she slipped into her underwear, before searching around in the drawer for a loose t-shirt and some sweatpants, deliberating for a minute on where was best to do her makeup. At home, she had an elegant dressing table that her parents had bought her on her graduation, but at Chris’ house there was not a clear, flat surface in the room and so she grabbed her makeup bag and headed back to the bathroom to start her look. Chris came back just as she was adding the finishing touches to her look. She heard a noise at the front door and move through the house before at last, he stood at the bathroom door, watching her. ‘Hey,’ Chris said, coming up behind her and wrapping his hands around her waist as he placed a kiss on her shoulder. ‘Careful,’ Y/N warned, her hand trembling slightly as she tried to get the perfect wing on her eyeliner. Chris backed off, pretending to be annoyed, but when Y/N finished she turned around and planted the biggest kiss on him. ‘How was the gym?’ she asked, her hands rubbing gingerly at his hips. ‘S’okay, you look gorgeous by the way.’

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Fic: Stinky Bombs

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary: Natalia wakes up and witnesses a cute bonding moment between Chris and their new baby daughter.
Characters: Chris Evans, Natalia Evans (OFC), Abby Evans (OFC)
Warnings: Language (well, duh, it’s Chris and Nat!)
Author’s Note: Cause shrug why not


Ten little fingers…”

Natalia awoke with a start. Confused, she sat up in bed, letting the covers pool around her waist, and blinked in the darkness. It took a few lengthy seconds before her delirious, foggy mind cleared and her surroundings were no longer unfamiliar.

Seeing the shadowy bedroom fixtures that smacked her back to reality out of a hazy dream only escalated her confusion. The last thing she remembered was being downstairs in the living room, folding the newly clean pile of bibs and onesies. True, the sleep deprivation was making her a little cuckoo, but the lack of recollection of coming up to bed was concerning, albeit common for a new mom.

Just as the thought of maybe her husband had carried her to bed was about to cross her mind, his soft spoken voice disturbed the stillness of the late hour.

“…ten little toes…”

Her head whipped to the nightstand, finding the source of what had startled her awake. There sat the baby monitor where Natalia could snoop in on him while he sang a lullaby to their precious infant.

“…and one cute button nose!”

A sleepy, watery smile painted across her face. Watching him cradle Abby – the treasured gift of their love – in his arms while he rocked back and forth in the chair by her crib with such cautious gentleness was a sight that Nat hoped she’d never get used to. It filled her with the utmost joy.

She thought on how amazing he had been, not only when Abby had been born, but the months spent carrying their daughter. A few weeks into this whole parenting thing, and he was already a pro. In all honesty, Natalia felt he was better than her in their new role. It was Chris who had the magical ability to calm the fussy infant. It was he who had gotten the first smile, the first gurgle, the very first real belly laugh. All the milestones thus far belonged to him. Jealousy, be damned. Natalia was proud to call him her partner; her baby daddy.

The more Natalia watched the scene, the desire to be with her little family grew stronger and stronger. And so, she tossed the covers aside and stumbled out of bed.

The number of steps it took to get to the nursery was dangerous, apparently. She had tripped over her own two feet and cursed, hopping on one foot as she cradled her stubbed toe. So much for sneaking up on him, Nat inwardly berated herself.

Chris’s chuckles replaced the melody he had created earlier to subside Abby’s discomfort. His gaze remained fixated on the angelic face he loved so much. “Who’s that?” He whispered down at his sleeping daughter with pure affection; adoration. “Is that Mommy? Is Mommy making all that ruckus in the middle of the night?”

“She’s jealous, I’m sure,” Natalia murmured, fondly looking on. Seeing it in person only added onto her emotional state.

Abby sighed in her sleep, triggering Chris to chuckle again. “I know, that’s your job, isn’t it? Isn’t it, my Abby girl?”

Natalia stood by the door for another minute, simply just watching. She blinked the happy tears away, before shifting towards the two loves of her life. She reached out a finger, tracing her daughter’s beautiful features, smiling as she mentally noted what Abby had inherited from her, and what she had inherited from Chris. If she had to guess, it was a fair even 50/50.

“She was being a little fussy, but thankfully calmed right down when I picked her up.”

Nat snorted. She wasn’t surprised. “Of course; that’s all she wanted. And, really, I don’t blame her.”

Chris grinned up at her, and Nat mirrored the expression. Her fingertips began to walk a path up his bare torso, pausing when she reached his beard to scratch the rough hair, then traveled up to comb through his overgrown hair. He really could use a haircut. She started a calculated motion, starting from his receding hairline and straight across his scalp, tenderly rubbing the back of his head.

His tired eyes fluttered at the soothing sensation it created. He craved sleep all of a sudden, his rocking halting, but his grip on the bundle of joy tightening.

“Did you carry me to bed?”

“Mhm,” he answered, sighing and leaning into her touch. “You were out cold with your mouth hanging wide open.”

She scoffed. “You fuckin’ liar.”

Eyes still shut, his face twisted in mock displeasure. “Mrs. Evans, language.”

Nat flicked his ear. “Oh, don’t reprimand me. It’ll be a miracle if Abby’s first word doesn’t start with F.”

The grin on his face grew, half-guilty, half-mischievous. Before Natalia could question him, an unpleasant sound ripped through the air.

“Ugh, dude!” She chided while letting out a laugh of her own. “Way to ruin the moment.”

He bit his lip to cover up how desperate he wanted to laugh. “What?”

She flicked his ear again. “You’re nasty, that’s what.”

Chris tried his best to suppress his laugh so he wouldn’t disturb Abby. With shaking shoulders, he dodged his wife’s fingers that were threatening to pull on his ears, whipping his head from side to side.

Nat’s torments were short lived. “Oh, my god, Chris. It reeks in here!” She pulled away, pinching her nose together as she inched her way back towards the door.

Chris snickered. “Woo-we! That was a deadly one.”

In exaggeration, Natalia gagged, then bolted out of the room, leaving behind the sounds of his laughter that could no longer be contained.

Not soon after, Abby’s wails filled the house, prompting Natalia to return.

“Dude, crack a window or somethin’.”

“Take her for a second,” Chris asked, standing up on shaky legs, the mirth overtaking him. Apparently, the lack of sleep was making him a little out of it, too; he couldn’t get a handle on himself.

“Sorry, baby girl,” Nat said, taking the squirming baby from Chris. “Unfortunately, we’re both stuck with Daddy’s stinky bombs.”

“Oh, shit,” Chris managed to spit out through his howls of laughter. “I need fuckin’ sleep, man.”

“Or some fuckin’ Gas-X.”



Hi, i love your imagines and i was wondering if you have time for a request. Could you write an imagine about Kai falling in love with someone and he is confused with his feelings for her and he gets angry at first but the girl can calm him down and he confesses his love for her? Hope it made a little sense, thank you! :) 

 gif cred - christopherwooddaily 


She could hear him throwing pebbles up against her glass window, but this was the norm by now. The sky had settled into a dusty orange-pink color, free of clouds, a cool breeze rustling the bright green ferns outside. The girl hopped up from her chair, wearing a golden yellow sundress and messy bun atop her head. She skipped over, pulling her blinds open and sticking her head out to see Malachai Parker, nervous smile on his lips as he signals at her with a tilt of his head. He wore a black coat with his usual muddy converse, and the light sent pretty flares across his sculpted facial features.

“Why do you bother knocking, or, throwing pebbles?” she laughs.

“Because I am a gentleman,” his voice comes from behind her as he melts into the air in her room.

She yelps and stumbles back, hitting the wall, hands flying to cover her face, “Kai!!”

“Ah, that gets you every time,” he chortles, lacing his fingers through hers to pull her hands from her face so he can look at her.

She gave a usual pout, “you need to stop that.”

“Only when it stops being funny,” he beams, dimples rising on his cheeks.

She sighs and pulls her window closed, turning to face him, “what?”

“What?” he mimics.

“What’s that look you’re giving me?” she elaborates.

“There is no look,” he lies with a smirk.

“When Kai Parker is up to something, I know it.”

He folds his arms on his chest, “okay, maybe there is something.”

“Tell me,” she commands.

And then his smile fades a little, and he pulls her gently by her wrists, “can we talk first?”

“Oh yeah, of course,” she nods, sinking onto her mattress which is draped in a flowery quilt and overstuffed pillows. She sits beside the heretic, who’s fingers are lightly shaking. Kai has an aroma of dark spice that makes her dizzy, in a good way, but makes it hard to focus on his words.

“Everything okay?” she takes his fingertips in her palms, and his eyes stare at her hands for a good ten seconds before he answers.

“Yes. Sort of. I don’t know?” he stumbles, brows knitting.

She never sees him nervous, so this was something new.

He runs a hand through his brown locks, giving a nervous laugh, “it’s complicated.”

A smile tickles her lips, “oh my god. It’s a girl, isn’t it?”

His big blue eyes go wide, and his cheeks burn red, the signs being enough of an answer, so she doesn’t listen when he tries to deny it.

“Well, I know all about being a romantic, Kai Parker,” she says sarcastically.

“You do?” he responds with worry, not picking up on her joke.

“Yeah, of course! Here, you can ask my boyfriend, he’s right…” she looks around the empty room as if in search of something, “oh wait that’s right, he doesn’t exist!”

Kai lets out a quiet snort, unable to stop his lips from splitting as he laughs.

She smiles at him, bringing her hand to rest on his tattered grey jeans, “so, tell me about her.”

“Uhh,” he toys with the silver rings decorating his slender fingers, averting her eyes all at once.

“Oh come on, wuss,” she teases with a gentle shove. 

“Okay,” he says seriously, eyes flickering up to hers. “She’s sweet, and empathetic, the kindest person ever. And she makes me laugh like nobody else can.” He pauses, chewing at his bottom lip, gaze boring into her, “and she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

She sits there, contemplating him, taking in deep and slow breaths.

“But?” she asks at last.

“But I’m scared I’m only going to hurt her.”

“No you won’t, Kai,” she answers.

“I won’t mean to,” his voice drops, “but it’s what I do.”

“Don’t say that,” she warns.

“Why?” he snaps suddenly, eyes going misty like he does when he gets mad.

“Because I can tell you care about her, and you would never hurt someone you love,” she says, placing a hand on his arm to try and calm him.

His jaw pulsates, “and if she doesn’t love me back?”


“You heard me,” he whispers, an edge in his voice, like his every action is determined by her next words.

“If she doesn’t, she would probably want you to know she cares about you, and that it’s not anything you’ve done.”

“So that’s how it is then,” he says, sounding final.


But before she can speak, a blue vase across the room shatters, glass fragments soaring through the air and scattering across the carpet. Kai doesn’t flinch, his eyes closed ad he unintentionally channels his magic.

“I’m sorry,” he tries to compose himself, blue eyes sad as her lamp goes flying off the dresser and crashing to the floor as well.

“It’s okay,” she soothes, “calm down, it’s okay.”

“I can’t,” he shakes his head, a candle on her desk igniting in a huge red flare before extinguishing all at once. A puff of smoke seeps into the air where the embers had been a second ago.

“Shh, look at me.” A hand comes up to cup either side of his face, her fingers spreading across his sculpted cheekbones and soft stubble. “It’s okay, deep breaths.” And so she sits, bent into the heretic, forehead pressed to his as they both take deep waves of oxygen in until his breath steadies, one together. When her eyes blink open, he’s staring at her like she’s the only thing he sees in the world, and he pulls away abruptly.

“Better?” she asks quietly, rubbing her thumb gently against his skin.

He nods faintly, “thanks.” He didn’t tell her of the control she held over him like that, how she was the only one who didn’t flinch away, the only one who could calm him down when he felt the darkness settling in.


“See,” Kai murmurs, “I can’t lose control with her.”

She doesn’t know what answer to give Kai, so she just stares blankly at him, the silence enveloping the two, broken only when Kai shuffles around a bit in his pockets.

“I got her this necklace,” he says, withdrawing a tiny silver hourglass on a chain. It’s filled with little grains of sparkling sand that tumble as he turns it in his palms.

Something registers as she raises a brow, “hourglass?”

“It’s symbolic,” he answers, icy blue eyes flickering across her face, awaiting her reaction.

Her heart hammers loud in her ears as the realization dawns upon her.

Kai whispers to her, never breaking her gaze, “I got it for her the day I realized I was in love with her. I remember because she told me-”

“Every minute of her life with you in it was one worth living,” she finished quietly.

“Yeah,” Kai whispered, his hands visibly trembling.

“Kai,” she begins, but is cut off.

“Just let me say it,” he begs quietly. “Because I haven’t before, and it’s been tearing me up from the inside out for too long I don’t know if it’ll ruin what we have, but all I know is I can’t live another second without you knowing how I feel. You drive me crazy, (Y/N), to the point where I can’t see someone without seeing your face, smell something without breathing in your perfume, hear something without listening to your laugh,” he rambles. “When other people ran from me, you stayed, and hell, you should’ve run as far from me as you could, yet here you are. I’ve felt dead, asleep, gone, for as long as I can remember, but you…you’ve made every minute worth living,” he said. He swallowed the lump in his throat, his eyes boring into her, “and I love you.”

She sat in awe, her lips slightly parted. “Do you remember where we were, when I told you that?” she asked.

Kai brushed his fingertips against hers with a nod, and suddenly they were in the middle of an empty park together, the cozy bed and scent of her dissipating into something new. In reality, they were back in her room, but everything around them, the scent of the pines, the green grass under their feet, felt real. And then it started to rain, rolling black clouds sending buckets of water upon them, soaking their skin and sending a misty haze over the park. Water droplets clung to the heretic’s skin, plastering brown locks to his forehead, sending goosebumps to his flesh, but the girl burned as bright as her yellow dress under that rain, each splash of water sending a jolt through her bloodstream. Kai closed his eyes, reciting his words like from the first time.

“I can make us cover,” he offered, a silver cloud appearing over their heads like a magical umbrella.

“No!” she insisted, reciting her own words. “I love it!”

“Why?” he laughed aloud, a happy rumble emitting from his throat as he wiped at his eyes.

“It’s weird,” she shrugs with a tilt of a head, “or you’d think it is.”

“Try me,” he beams, lighting up the shrouded darkness with that smile.

“The rain and darkness can seem scary, daunting, even. It’s not like sunshine, bright and inviting, something that warms your flesh and makes you smile as you take it in. People love sunshine, not like rain, they hide from rain, when really it poses no threat. I think when it rains, all that water flushes away everything bad from all the days before, and you’re left with a clean slate, a new start again,” she babbles, remembering each word perfectly, droplets catching in her eyelashes.

Kai inhales the dewy smell with a smirk, “you know what, you’re right.”

“I am?” she poses it like a question, just like she had the first time.

“Yeah,” he pulls a piece of her wet hair affectionately back behind her ear, trailing his thumb down her cheekbone.

“And why’s that?” her heart flutters.

“Because I know it isn’t fear or sadness I feel, never with you,” he shrugs. “So it can rain all it wants, but when the time passes and the sun comes up again, you’ll still be there, and that makes it worth living through.”

He takes in a shallow breath, and she smiles, the next words falling easily off her lips, “Well every minute of my life with you in it is worth living, Malachai Parker.”

A silence fell, only filled with pattering raindrops around them, the scene was over. The trees around them swayed with the wind that rolled over with the rain, the ground sparkling from the droplets that shone like tiny diamonds.

“That’s when I knew,” he breathed.

“Me too,” she says quietly.

Kai’s heart does flips in his chest, like he heard wrong, “w-what?”

“I love you, Kai,” she says, a weight lifting off of her, “so much.”

He gives a breathy laugh, lips splitting, blue eyes crinkling like he doesn’t believe her own words.

“There’s just one thing I regret from that day,” she says over the falling rain.

“What did you do?” he asks nervously.

“It’s what I didn’t do.”

And just like that, her lips go crashing against his own, and his arms are around her waist, hers around his neck, fingers in his soft hair, and nothing between them. A swirling downpour splashes over the two, but they are oblivious to the darkness around them as they are lost in each other’s lips, a newfound hunger rising in both of them. Kai nudges softly into her, and she nudges back harder, their mouths at war as all those unspoken words and lost moments go flooding back into that one kiss. The grey sky and cold rain that enveloped them gave no sign on warmth or brightness, but entangled in each other and feeling only the dance of their lips against the other, all their happiness would be enough to light the world and more.

Teach me how to dance with you (800 followers!)

Originally posted by andwebegin


Pairing: Steve x reader

Warnings: ANGST, little bit of fluff, talk of miscarriage.

Word count: 2.222 (hell yeah)

Summary: Steve’s away for another mission and you fall apart. There’s a secret that has been weighing on your shoulders for way too long and you have no idea how much longer you can keep it from Steve.


A/N without the caps: This is part one to a very random series of mine. It’s based on the song “Teach me how to dance with you” by Causes.

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friendship forged in glitter

I’ve seen people wanting a longer fic based off my not!fic so I decided to write it. Not beta’d. Also of ao3.

“You really need to start getting along with Derek, mischief.” Stiles’ mommy tells him on their way to her work. Stiles gets to go to work with her because she and Derek’s mommy run a daycare together.

“But, mommy, he’s so mean!” Stiles whines, crossing his arms over his chest.

Claudia sighs softly and turns around to look at Stiles after parking her Jeep. “I don’t think so, baby, but even so you’re five now. You’re a big boy. So please play nice?” She asks him.

“I’ll try.” Stiles says because his mommy is the best and he loves her.

“Thank you, Stiles.” Claudia says, getting out and letting Stiles out.

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Waking up together, for the first time, is something Sana and Yousef both cherished and tried to enjoy as long as they could. Sana was lying in Yousef’s arms with her hair sometimes covering his face. Did he mind? Not at all. 

Sana turned around to face him, immediately finding his hands and holding them close to herself. They are both tired, they arrived last night. The couple, now a married couple, left for their honeymoon right after their wedding. 

They keep staring into each other’s eyes until Yousef leans forward and kisses Sana shortly but sweetly and lies back onto his pillow. 

“You’re beautiful, you know that, right?”, Yousef says and is still mesmerized by her beauty like the first time he saw her. Now that they are married, he thinks to himself, he has the privilege to wake up next to her every morning. To see her in her most natural state. Her hair messily falling down her shoulders, her face bare of any make-up, eyes still a little sleepy. 

Sana’s eyes only ever leave his when she looks at his face closely. The intimacy of being newly-wed, waking up in the same bed for the first time, makes Sana’s skin tingle. Yousef’s light fingertips on her hip contribute to that too. She knows he just woke up but his eyes still look so wide and bright. He has light stubble on his jaw even though the groom had his traditional appointment at the barber yesterday morning. 

“It doesn’t hurt that you keep reminding me.”, Sana answers with a smile. 

They end up lying there too long to still be able to have their breakfast at the hotel but they don’t care. They take their time getting ready and when they finally leave the hotel Sana is overwhelmed by the hot weather. She has never been a hot-weather kind-of woman but it doesn’t keep her from holding Yousef’s hand and intertwining their fingers. Yousef look around and turns to Sana.

“What do you want to do first?”, he asks her.

Sana laughs and looks up at her husband. “I don’t know, it’s my first time in Istanbul. What do I have to have seen of this city?”

She knows Yousef has been here many many times, with his family or with his cousins. Yousef looks down at his wife and thinks for a second. There is so much to see. Some big things he hasn’t seen and he has been here many times. “What do you think about exploring the European side of the city today and the Asian side tomorrow? The days after that we can figure out what to do.”

Sana nods and she doesn’t answer verbally but looks at him in the same loving way he looks at her for some time. Yousef can’t get rid of his smile but looks at her confused.

“What?”, he asks laughingly. 

“Nothing.”, Sana answers. “I’m just really really happy." 

Yousef immediately pulls Sana into hug and holds her close. He can’t believe he’s lucky enough to have married the most beautiful, intelligent, sweet woman he knows. "Is Sana Acar getting soft?” Sana loves how her newly changed name sounds from his mouth as much as Yousef loves saying it. 

“It’s the last name. It has that effect on me.”, Sana smirks.

When they part, he holds her hand again and pulls her towards a taxi stop. Yousef says something to the taxi driver but Sana doesn’t understand. She just observes as he speaks Turkish. It has something special hearing him speak his mother tongue.

After their late and long breakfast Sana quickly learns that Yousef didn’t kid around when he said they were going to explore the city. The streets of Istanbul are busy and so many different types of people walk past Sana and she definitely hears people speak more than Turkish. At one point Sana heard someone talking Arabic and she turned around so quickly that she ran into someone and almost fell over. She surely would have fallen if Yousef didn’t catch her in time. Yousef didn’t hesitate to make fun of her for that. But it’s a weird feeling hearing your mother tongue being spoken somewhere else than at home. In Oslo she knows in which boroughs she can expect people to speak another language than Norwegian. Here it just surprised her. Especially because, in contrast to Yousef, she has no clue what people around her are saying most of the time.

“Babe, please don’t do that again. I need you to stay in one piece.”, Yousef says with a grin and they keep walking. Sana looks up at him and narrows her eyes playfully but when he looks at her and smiles she breaks out in a smile herself. She is almost too happy, too content with her life to even act like she is mad at her husband. Almost.

“You only say that because Baba and Elias would kill you if something happened to me. Especially during our honeymoon!”, Sana exclaims and pulls away her hand out of his hand. He stares at her, looking deeply offended that she would do that and quickly walks over to her and wraps his arm around her shoulder.

“Not true! I plan on being with you for the rest of my life, so please don’t sabotage that.” Yousef can’t stop smiling and starts laughing. Sana joins in with her own laughter but sobers up before Yousef. They’ve stopped walking. 

Once more she leans away from him and teases Yousef: “See, you’re being selfish again! You’re only thinking about your own life!”

One more time Yousef looks so offended. He knows that she’s just joking but he just married the love of his life and even the slightest thought of not having her with him for the rest of their lives made his heart stop.

“Sana!”, he exclaims. “Don’t even joke about that! I’m not letting you go for the rest of our lives now that we’re finally at this point!”

Sana melts at his words and can’t even keep up her game to annoy him. It’s so funny to get him all riled up. With a soft smile she gets on her tip toes and places a lingering kiss on Yousef’s cheek. She wraps her arms around his neck and whispers: “I love you.”

Yousef wraps his arms around her and rests his chin on her head. He wants to tease Sana about being so openly soft with him but he can’t bring himself to do that. 

“I love you, too.”, he says back and Sana loosens the hug to look  at Yousef. Her husband looks to his right and tells Sana: “We’re here, by the way.”

Sana follows his gaze and sees a big, old, beautiful building. It’s a mosque but to be very honest, Sana doesn’t know which one it is. She knows that Turkey in general but also Istanbul has many beautiful mosques. Until now she has only ever seen pictures, partly sent to her by Yousef, and was always mesmerized. 

“It’s the Hagia Sophia.”, Yousef says. “It was a church first, was changed into a mosque in the Ottoman Empire and is now a museum." 

Sana and Yousef walk up to the entry and the way Sana looks at the facade of the building, how fascinated and interested she is, makes Yousef fall in love with her even deeper.

Before they enter Yousef mentions:” I told you I would take you here sometime.“

Sana looks at him, a little confused, with her eyebrows furrowed but as soon as Yousef opens his mouth it dawns on her. But she doesn’t interrupt him.

"Years ago, when I missed your pre-Eid party because… well, I was here. You remember?”

Sana nods: “Of course! I can’t believe you actually kept that small promise.”

“Did I ever not keep a promise I made to you?”, Yousef challenges his wife with a small smile. She shakes her head and wonders what she did to deserve this amazing man.


Lunch takes a lot longer than intended. Neither Yousef nor Sana minds though. It’s funny actually. Apparently the shop owner that was walking around the restaurant to see if everything is okay got talking with Yousef and when Yousef told him that they were actually on their honeymoon, the restaurant owner waved over a waiter.

Sana could only watch as Yousef shook his head at whatever the older man with greying hair was saying. Their conversation ended with the waiter going to the kitchen and the restaurant owner patting on Yousef’s shoulder and smiling politely at Sana.

Then, finally, Yousef turns back to Sana and smiles this distinct smile of his. He’s happy but at the same time unsure about something.

“Mentioning you’re newlywed brings out a lot of generosity in that guy. He just told the waiter to go get us a bit from every dessert they have. And it’s on the house.”, Yousef explains. He manages to look somewhat guilty and honored at the same time.

Sana picks up the menu card and flips through the pages. She then holds up the menu to Yousef and points out: “This dessert list doesn’t end!”

They both start laughing and later end up having a bit from every dessert that was brought to their table. Which was a lot because Sana barely was able to find place to put her phone on the table. She took a picture of all of it, featuring Yousef ducking down and grinning to fit into the frame and posted in on Instagram.

“I’m so full.”, Sana says and rubs her stomach. Yousef agrees and looks exhausted, from eating.

Then they hear a call for prayer. Not from Sana’s phone but from a mosque nearby. Sana and Yousef instantly look up and then to each other. Sana’s smile grows and Yousef admires the happiness he sees in Sana’s eyes.

Hearing a public call for prayer makes Sana insanely happy. That never happens back home. And it obviously makes sense. Norway is not a Muslim country, it’s barely a dominant Christian country but rather secular.

“The Blue Mosque is up this street!”, Yousef says and Sana nods. She takes Yousef’s hand again.

While Sana prays, Yousef waits outside. The sun is shining, many people are walking around. And a lady that sells flowers approaches Yousef while he is sitting there and scrolling through Instagram. He comes across the picture Sana posted of their lunch with him ducking into the picture and is tagged in. He like the picture and comments a heart.

Sana comes back out and has taken her time praying to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in the mosque. She immediately finds Yousef who is waiting for her with his hands behind his back and a grin on his face.

Will he ever get used to how beautiful his wife is? It’s not only her outer beauty but also her inner beauty that makes her glow.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?”, Sana asks him smilingly.

Yousef shrugs and holds out one of his hand for Sana to take and pulls her close to himself. “Let me be happy to see my wife.”

“I haven’t been gone for long.”, Sana laughs and leans in Yousef’s side. He draws out his other hand and holds out a rose for Sana. She quickly takes it from his hand and goes to smell it. She looks at Yousef and smiles lovingly.

“I know roses are not your favorites but I still wanted to get it for you.”

Sana kisses him on the cheek; she is not a fan of PDA. “Are you kidding? That doesn’t even matter. Thank you!”

As their last stop in the city for the first day, the couple goes to the Grand Bazaar. There is no way that they would be able to explore all of it in one day, in the last hours it’s still open. But they still have their fun. Sana and Yousef go from store to store, from stand to stand. It’s overwhelming at first because there is so much going on but Sana loves it. Yousef tells her this might be one of his favorite places in Istanbul because his grandma would always take him here when they were here.

They walk around but have to stop so many times because either Yousef or Sana sees something they need to get a closer look at.

Their last stop for the day at the Grand Bazaar is a huge sweets stand. There is so much different stuff in so many colors that it’s hard to concentrate on one thing. Both look around and eat from a few samples that are given out.

Sana once again notices how someone starts talking to Yousef. She doesn’t really listen because she won’t understand much. Yousef has taught her a few words already but not nearly enough to understand a conversation. She still hears the woman at the other side of the counter say something after Yousef responded nodding the first time.

“Eşiniz çok güzelmiş, maşallah!”

Sana understands the last word but nothing else. She quickly looks at Yousef who is also looking at her and smiles. Then he looks back at the woman and nods. He responds but Sana doesn’t get any of it.

“What did she say?”, Sana whispers to him once the woman is preoccupied with another customer.

Yousef hugs her to his side and answers: “She just pointed out how pretty you are.”

Sana furrows her eyebrows sceptically. Yousef laughs and kisses her on the top of her head. “Don’t look at me like that. Everyone is appreciating your beauty!”

He makes Sana blush and she buries her face in his chest for a second. While Sana is more subtle in showing her love for him, he straight out just compliments her non-stop. Since they became a couple he lost all his filters when it comes to complimenting her. Sana loved that he cared so much but at the same time she is more reserved with showing affection and it made her nervous, but in a good way. Sana’s friends just found it adorable.

Sana tilts her head back, her chin still on Yousef’s chest, and says with so much adoration for him: “I love you.”

Yousef laughs and nods: “I know and I love you, too.”, and hugs her close. 

On their way back to the hotel that is very close to the Kilyos beach, both of them are on their phones, checking messages and social media. Neither of them used their phones much the whole day, they mostly just took pictures with them. They both sit in the back of the taxi and Sana starts reading the comments on the picture she posted at lunch.

“Please don’t get diabetes! You should share with us to prevent that!”, commented Isak.

“ Ohh Ahhh!! I’m crashing the honeymoon if the food is so good!”, commented Adam.

“ Sana, you have the best view you could wish for!!”, Noora commented.

“I’m jealous! My best friend and sister enjoying all that without me. I’m offended!”, Elias commented. 

Chirs answered to Elias’ comment: “Hey, don’t give the love birds a guilty conscious! They’re on their honeymoon!”

And there are a few more from their friends. Sana laughs and shows her phone to Yousef. He turns his phone to Sana and shows her that he’s been reading the same things. 

Instead of going straight to the hotel to eat, they decide to go on a walk on the beach. With their shoes in their hands they walk along the almost empty beach, good thing it’s a week-day, and watch the sun set.

“You know, you really have to teach me more Turkish.”, Sana says out of nowhere. Yousef looks at her with a smile and nods.

“Of course. You’ve learned some things already, though!”, he had so much fun teaching her. Because let’s be honest, he knows Sana is better academically than he is and being able to show her something she doesn’t already know was very fun.

Sana laughs and goes closer to the water. “I only know a few words, how to count, more or less, and how to properly say the names of your cousins.”

“But you do all that very well!”, Yousef laughs and joins her going to the edge of the water.

Sana looks at him acting offended: “It’s not enough! I want to be able to talk to your side of our family without you as a translator in-between!”

Yousef’s heart grows ten sizes hearing Sana say ‘our family’. “You haven’t taught me enough Arabic either, yet! How am I going to talk to your side of the family?”

Sana kicks a little bit of water at Yousef and instead of running away from it he gets closer to his wife. She answers: “My problem is more urgent. We’re going to see your family this weekend! It’s going to be so embarrassing and they’re going to think I don’t care enough about them to learn the language.”, she rambles on and waves around her hands. Yousef catches her hands and brings them close his chest first and then kisses them. He looks back at Sana and shakes his head.

At the end of their honeymoon Sana and Yousef will be visiting Yousef’s family members that could not come to the wedding. Some of his and some of her family flew over to Norway to attend the wedding but not all of them could do that.

“Sana, I can assure you nobody is going to think that! They all love you!" 

"They haven’t met me, yet. How would they love me if they don’t know me?”, Sana complains and gets overwhelmed with anxiety in that moment. She tried to be positive but now they are married and what if they don’t approve and think she is the wrong person for Yousef. It wouldn’t change anything about how Sana loves Yousef but she also knows that family is very important to him.

“Because..”, Yousef answers, “I have told them all about you. They’ve seen you over skype and face-time before. We send them videos from our wedding. Mom and dad told them how much they love you. You have no reason to be worried.”

Sana’s face softens and she goes to hug Yousef. He also wraps his arms around her but then says mischievously: “Now that that’s cleared, let’s get back at you for kicking water at me.”, and lifts Sana and spins in the water with Sana in his arms. She quickly wraps her arms around his neck and shrieks surprised. 

“Yousef, stop, o God. Don’t let me fall!”

Slowly Yousef stops and looks at Sana. She’s laughing by now and doesn’t really mind this at all. 

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you. I wouldn’t have married you if I didn’t.”

“Good. So we trust each other!”

“Yeah, we trust each other!”

Minutes later Yousef finds himself chasing Sana down the beach. Sana laughs uncontrollably which makes her slower than she usually is but that doesn’t matter because the same goes for Yousef. Finding seaweed, that doesn’t look or feel good, and putting it on your husband’s head might make him chase after you. 

Yousef manages to catch her and with his hands around her waist he lifts her and twirls in the sand. When he lets her down, she is a little dizzy and wants to sit down and pulls Yousef down onto the sand with her. They end up lying there, directly on the sand. Sana leaning on Yousef, they’re holding hands.

“In which language are we going to raise our children?”, Yousef suddenly asks. They’ve been lying there and just enjoying the light breeze and each other’s company without saying anything for the past minutes. 

Sana doesn’t move from her position but thinks about it. She thought about having children someday, with Yousef, but never about this specific thing: “I… don’t know, to be honest.”

“Well, we both grew up bilingual. What if our children grow up with Norwegian, Arabic and Turkish?”

Sana realizes he must have thought about this before. She puts her head on his shoulder and looks up at him with a thoughtful expression. “I mean we grew up with two languages and it only influenced us positively so I guess so.”

Sana can’t help but imagine little children, their children, running around their home. She really doesn’t rush to have children; she has a lot to do career-wise, as does Yousef. 

“We’ll look into it when it’s time.”, Yousef says and Sana agrees with a 'Hmm’. Yousef is not quite done yet, though. “Which is hopefully sooner than later.”

Yousef leans up a little and sees Sana smile to herself when he says that but a few seconds later Sana says: “Yousef, we already have a child in our marriage.”, she looks at him and smile innocently, “You’re mentally a child sometimes.”

Yousef gasps in an overly dramatic way: “I’m hurt, Sana Acar!”

“And I somehow still love you.”, Sana laughs and sits up. 

Yousef does the same and pats away the sand that’s stuck on Sana’s light blue hijab. “You better! Because we still need to figure out in which language to raise our children!”


Bruises (Pt. 1)

My fave, @fandomimagineswithme, asked me to write a Kai fic, so this is my first one and i’m hoping it’s not a flop!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

Malachai Parker, or so he claimed to be, sat hidden behind the rounded corner of the girls bedroom, his head against the wall, knees to his chest as he took in quiet, ragged breaths. She’d found him outside, running, crying, and though she had no idea from what, the good in her heart told her that bringing him in was the proper thing to do. The girl’s room was warm and inviting, full of light and colorful family photos, essentially the opposite of Kai’s, and it seemed to emit the same radiance as she did. He was clothed in a black tee and torn old grey jacket, frayed and dirty around the edges, and his full lips seemed to bend down into a permanent frown.

“Here, tea,” the girl entered the room, shutting the door quietly behind herself, raising a finger to her lips. She was wearing a floral printed white blouse paired with a high waisted black skirt and cute little brown boots covered in the mud from outside. She held a steaming blue mug of tea in her hands, and she kicked her boots off as she sunk slowly to the floor and handed it to the boy, who outstretched trembling hands.

“Thanks,” he muttered, eyes anywhere but on her as he took a sip.

The girl watched him as if he were some foreign creature, her eyes darting to his sunken blue eyes, colorless cheeks, and-

“Hey, are you okay?” she asked, reaching out towards a purplish blue bruise on Kai’s wrist.

He snapped his arm quickly away, as if an instinct, apologizing at one, “s-sorry.”

“No, it’s okay,” she said apologetically, “I shouldn’t have….”

She continued watching, not saying a word until he put his mug down. Once he did, he finally locked eyes with her, getting a good look at her pretty face for the first time, instantly feeling himself freeze over. She looked so sad over a stranger, so, human.

“Are you okay, Malachai Parker?” she asked softly, genuinely. 

“You can call me Kai,” he responded.

“I like Malachai,” she smiled, little dimples alighting her cheeks “it’s nice.”

“Oh,” he said, taken aback, “alright.”

Her smile faded, fully aware he’d avoided the question, but not pressing him for more, she pushed herself up and walked away before quickly returning with a hoodie in her arms.

“Change,” she insisted, “I’ll wash your clothes for you, they’re pretty dirty.”

“It’s really okay,” Kai shook his head.

“Kai,” she sighed, giving him that pout and bright eyes.

“Alright,” he said, standing. He just stood there, waiting for her to realize.

“Oh! Right, sorry, I’ll go,” she said, handing Kai the pullover and stepping out the room. As she left, she couldn’t help but catch sight of him in the reflection of her window. He pulled off his black shirt, and her hands went flying to her mouth as she caught sight of his beaten and bruised body. Initially, she’d been worried the her biggest clothes wouldn’t fit him, but he easily slid the clothes over his skinny and underfed body. She quickly ducked behind the wall before he could catch her looking, eyes wet as she shook her head in disbelief. She went to put his clothes into the wash before returning with her composed self back in order, wiping at her eyes before she entered her room again.

Kai stood awkwardly near her bed, eyes drifting up as she drew close. 

“These smell like you, like, really nice,” he said, toying with the sleeve of her clothes.

“Oh,” she smiled bashfully, cheeks warming, “uh, thanks.”

A sort of tension seemed to hang between the two, and not sure what to say, she quickly added, “your clothes will be done soon, I put them on quick wash.”

“Thanks,” he said, “I mean, I can wait for them but I don’t want to hold you up, so if you want me to go…” he trailed off.

“No, it’s okay,” she insisted, “wait.”

She sighed and suddenly sunk straight down onto her bed atop the fluffy quilts, rubbing at her temples with agitation. She felt his weight sink slowly down beside her, and she raised her head to catch the worry in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Kai asked.

“What’s wrong?” she laughed sadly. “What’s wrong is I found a stranger out by himself in the middle of the night with nobody, and he hasn’t mentioned once where he came from or where he’s planning on going. He won’t tell me about the bruises he’s covered in, and now I’m scared to let him go back to wherever he got those bruises,” she said, jaw clenched as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Kai didn’t say anything, rather, he didn’t know how to.

“Who are you, Malachai Parker?” she asked quietly.

“I think the word you’re looking for is what,” he said after a long silence.

“What?” she asked, eyebrows furrowing as she raised her head.

“I’m not-” he stumbled, not quite sure how to open up, “I’m not like you.”

“How?” she pressed on.

Kai closed his eyes, giving his head a little shake as he searched for the right way to show her. His eyes fell to a silver ring around her finger, and he signalled at it before gently sliding it off of her hands and placing it into his opened palms. He then proceeded to quietly whisper some sort of strange incantation, and the girls eyes widened as the ring began to melt into his flesh, silver goo dripping across his fingertips. Liquid dripped down before vanishing all at once as his blue eyes opened hesitantly.

“That’s how,” he said softly.

“You’re- You have magic?” she gasped quietly. He expected her to be more horrified than happy, which is why he was taken aback by the grin that split across her lips.

“It’s not that simple,” he uttered. “I don’t have magic, I steal it.”

“Oh?” she asked.

“I’m a heretic, but, I’m also a siphon. The rest of my family, well, they’re all perfect little heretics, but me, I’m just the dysfunctional outcast. The only way I get my magic is by taking it from other people, so, that doesn’t go down very well with the gemini coven, you know, ‘crazy sociopath’ and all.”

Half of what he said took a couple of seconds to process, but she figured it out eventually, scooting herself sideways to face Kai.

“So, the bruises?” 

“My father,” Kai said coldly.

She sat there in shock, brain going crazy as she took it all in, and suddenly she was bent forward, wrapping her arms tightly around the heretic before he could say anything. She sunk her face into the back of his neck, squeezing him lightly and gently rubbing her hand over the small of his back. Kai went stiff for a moment, but then cautiously sunk into her arms, eyes closing as he breathed her in, this feeling unfamiliar to him.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, releasing him. “For what you’re going through, and for making you tell me.”

“I’m sorry I let you take me in,” he said, to which her eyes narrowed. “It’s clear to see you’re a perfect girl with a perfect life, and I don’t want to get in the middle of that and mess it up,” he sighed.

“Maybe I don’t want a perfect life,” she murmured, eyes fixated on Kai’s.

Kai took in a shaky breath before standing and heading over to the girl’s window, eyes fluttering closed in an attempt to prevent her control over him to continue.

“Malachai,” she said, taking his hand from behind.

He felt his heart go crazy, biting at his lip to restrain himself.

“You need to let someone in,” she begged, “I want to be that someone.”

Kai turned, eyes opening, “Don’t you see? I can’t be selfish with someone like you,” he said. “You’re precious, human, I just can’t-”

“Don’t,” she pleaded.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “Thank you, for taking me in, for showing me more kindness in one night than I’ve ever been shown in my life, but, I have to go.”

He raised his slender fingers to her face, gently pushing her stray hairs behind her ears, the faintest of smiles tickling his lips, “goodbye.”

And then he was gone.

"Daddy's Girl" - Peter Quill x Reader

It was times like this when you were glad that most of your companions liked spending time away from the ship.
Aside from Peter, who was busy tinkering away with yet another broken part of the ship, you were certain that the vessel was deserted.

Which was perfect, considering your current activities.
You were lying on your bunk in your small room, wearing only a t-shirt and your panties. You weren’t entirely sure what had provoked it. One minute you had been lying there thinking about Peter, the next minute you’d been touching yourself.

You were kind of ignoring your surroundings, too caught up in what you were doing, rubbing slow circles on your clit and sliding two fingers in and out of yourself.

You weren’t sure when you started moaning Peter’s name; you couldn’t stop thinking about him – the way his clothes clung to his ridiculously muscled body, his gorgeous eyes, cheeky smirk, and above all, how damn good it would feel if it was his fingers, not yours, doing this to you.

“Mmm…Peter… oh, daddy, yes!” you moaned as you touched yourself.
You were jolted out of your fantasy by someone clearing their throat. Hastily, you removed your hand from your panties, blushing bright crimson when you realised that standing in the doorway to your room was Peter Quill himself.

He was wearing only his tight-fitting pants, having obviously taken off his shirt to fix the ship.

He entered your room, closing the door behind him.

“Daddy, huh?” he was walking towards you with the air of a predator about to leap on its prey.

“I-I… umm…” you stammered, fumbling for an explanation.

“I would say don’t stop on my account, but honestly I’d much rather do it myself,” he smirked at you.

“Peter, I-” you were cut off by his lips descending on yours in a deep, hungry kiss.
When he tore his mouth away from yours, he helped you remove your shirt before he started planting wet, open-mouthed kisses down your neck.

“Such a kinky little girl,” he murmured as he kissed lower, lips brushing both your nipples before he kissed down to your thighs.

His stubble tickled as he kissed your inner thigh, but any giggle on your lips turned to a moan as his lips brushed your core.

“God, Peter!” you whined, and then gasped as his hand landed on your ass. Somehow, without him even speaking, you understood what he wanted.

His tongue lapped at you, making slow circles on your clit then licking up and down your slit, his hands gripping your hips to keep you in place.

You squirmed beneath him, whimpering and moaning.

“Oh, Pe- daddy!” you corrected yourself at the last moment, but he still caught you out, and you were punished with another light slap to your ass.

You were close, so tantalizingly close, to your climax, but he denied you, pulling his mouth away from you.

You whined pathetically at the loss of contact.

He smirked, leaving your bed for a moment to remove the last of his clothing.

When he lay down beside you, you knew precisely what he wanted.
You sat up and moved to straddle his legs, bending your head to take him into your mouth.

He groaned in satisfaction as you moved your head, licking and sucking at his length.

“Fuck,” he groaned, “such a good girl for daddy.”

You moaned internally, loving the way he talked dirty.

“Get up here.” He ordered after a little while, and you complied, moving a little way up his body, and then sinking down onto him.

You moved slowly at first, your body adjusting to his size. Once the slight pain had faded, you built up a rhythm, rolling your hips as he thrust up into you. Just as you felt your pleasure building, he rolled you over so he was on top of you.

You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him in deeper as he thrust into you. Somehow, despite the roughness of his pace, it still managed to be sensual.

“Oh, Peter, yes!” you gasped, then flinched as he once again slapped your ass and thrust harder and deeper, rendering you breathless.

All you could do was moan incoherently.

“Oh my god… ohh… yes… daddy, yes!” you moaned as he left kisses and lovebites on your neck and breasts.

“Fuck,” he growled, “I love when you call me that.”

You were so close, desperate to reach your climax after he’d been denying you for so long.

“Oh…Peter… daddy, yes… right there!” you cried as you finally came, raking your nails up his back.

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned, “just like that.”
You felt the warmth of his own climax fill you.

You were going to be bruised tomorrow, you mused as he pulled out of you and rolled off you, pulling you into his arms.
“I had no idea you were so kinky,” he smirked down at you.
“Only for you,” you replied.

“Why do I sense us making a habit of this?” Peter mused.
“Because you like fucking me?” you smiled at him.
“Mm. That’s gotta be it.” He nuzzled your messy hair.

You pulled your blankets over the two of you, and settled back into his arms, thoroughly exhausted.