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I'm so fucking angry. Why the fuck did she have to cast Chris for her stupid show?? It's all down to that, and her hate for Bonnie, but mostly that she need a new show to be on air when this one is off. Fuck this bitch!

Which is hilarious because Cordon is as good as dead. Then what is she gonna do? lmao she totally fucked herself. 


what if slutty shrek won’t kill Kai?? like yeah some shit will happen but he can be transported in someone’s body (like Kol) or he will be older for some reasons. So Kai wouldn’t die as character it means that another actor will play Kai. Well Kat’s words about Chris “rest of him scenes…” might be true.

Chris can leave TVD but Kai doesn’t

fuck my logic

Anonymous said: Lol stop acting like kai is a good person he isn’t he’s a psycho. The salvatores annd everybody else are way better then him and they aren’t crazy killers. you are pathetic

You obviously don’t get this, so I guess I’m gonna have to spell it out for you. Kai was tormented by his own family his whole entire life. They shunned him and called him an abomination for 22 years. He obviously was pushed to his breaking point, and that’s why he committed those murders in 1994, he wasn’t born a killer, they pushed him so hard that he became one. Then they trapped him alone for another 20 years. His behavior obviously reflects all those years of mistreatment and abuse, and it’s just like he has his humanity switch turned off, just like Damon, Stefan, and every other vampire in Mystic Falls has done before. They all murdered people in cold blood just like Kai had done, and even before you try to argue saying that it’s different because Kai killed his family. Stefan murdered his own dad. Damon murdered ‘uncle Zac’ and his pregnant girlfriend. They all have done terrible things, but they always had someone to pull them back. Kai never had anyone. But then miraculously, the merge made his humanity switch turn back on without anyone and just like it happened to all the vampires, it’s like all of his emotions came back. Guilt, sadness, everything. Yet they still act like he is the bad guy, that he is some evil villain that they need to get rid of, when they have all done the exact same thing. They still treat him like he’s the worst person on the planet, likes he is an abomination. He isn’t, and they aren’t better than him. If anything, he’s better than them. So before you go and start saying these judgmental things, think about it before you open your mouth. 😉


Bonkai videoooo!!