chris wing

From octopuses to bats, Yzerman to Zetterberg, 25 season playoff runs to the end of an era. An arena who saw Howe and Gretzky face-off, Roy and Osgood leak blood, Vladimir Konstantinov return for a cup but never again on skates. Fans who watched Jiri Fischer collapse, the retirement of #19; #5, #9, raised to the rafters to watch over the Joe.

Thank you Joe Louis, for the memories, the games, and years where you held our hopes, dreams, blood, and victories.


“I gotta tell you, this is…I think this is the best one of the three that we’ve won. You know, our team just played—I thought we played so well. Everybody played so well. We got stronger with each round, we got better. I thought winning once was great but…I don’t know why this one’s the best. This one is so good.” (x)