chris whittingham

(Image description: A white woman with chest-length, bedraggled hair with flowers in it is staring at the camera. She is wearing a lilac dress. Her underarm hair is visible.) 

Katie Jane Garside: Why She Kicks Ass 

*She is an English singer, songwriter, poet, and artist with a cult following.

*She started her career in music in 1989 as the singer of the punk rock band Daisy Chainsaw. They had a small hit single in 1992, “Love Your Money”. The band toured with Hole and Mudhoney.

*In 1999 Garside started a new band called Queenadreena. They released four studio albums in the 2000s.

*In 2005 she released a solo album, Lullabies in Glass Wilderness, and a comic book that she made with Daniel Schaffer, Indigo Vertigo. They also made a comic called Lesions in the Brain.

*In 2006 she started Ruby Throat with Chris Whittingham, a busker she met on the London Underground. Since then they have released three albums. Their music has been described as folk noir.

*Her art has been exhibited at the WOOM gallery in Birmingham and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

*In 2008 she released an electronic album with the French composer Hector Zazou, Norewegian jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær, and KMFDM’s Bill Rieflin - Corps Electriques.

*She designs all of her clothes.