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Barbie (Chapter 3)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary:   The things you want are not always easy to get. Obstacles arise, Silly fights. Old flames and unfortunately even your own thoughts at times.  Even with all the happiness it still leaves the question: ‘How can two people who are perfect for each other be so fucked when it comes to being together?’

Warnings: Cursing.

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter three. Chapter four. Chapter five.  Chapter six. Chapter seven. 

You turn on the stairwell to face Chris who’s standing just a few steps below you, his chest rising and following with each breath he takes. 

“I’m pretty sure there’s a cop that lives in this building.” You say loudly. 

Chris takes a step forward. “We need to stop fighting.” 

“You need to start talking but we both aren’t going to get the things we want.” You say matching his tone of annoyance as you turn back around, continuing up the stairs. 

“What do you want to know?” he asks as you reach the door. 

“Nothing now. We’re not together.” You say in a playful tone. 

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Chris Pine

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Chris Pine

Gag Reel (Chris Pine x Reader)

Imagine: You are a famous actor and in a relationship with your co-star Chris.

Pairing: Chris Pine x Reader

Warnings: none, just fluffff (because Chris ia a adorable human beeing and i love him more than i love life itself)

A/N: I truly belive that there should be more imagines about this beautifull and amazing actor, with wicked blue eyes. But thats a problem i am going to solve, starting with this imagine.

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“So,Chris..”,James says, as soon as the screams of the audience disappeared,and the host of the Late Late Show gives him a welcoming smile:“Star Trek Beyond was released yesterday, and I have to say it’s a pretty awesome movie!”

Chris, who sat infront of him also smiles:“You’re right, I am very lucky to have the- the opportunity to work together with so many amazing actors and people on a movie like this.”

On the small screen infront of them appears a picture of Chris and you, his fiancée:“Your future wife is also in the movie, how is the “engagement life”? Because I can remember for me and my wife it was very stressful.“

The blue eyed man just laughs:"Oh man, it’s great . Sometimes stressful, of course. But at the end I am going to marry her, I mean that’s pretty awesome-”

The crowd “awws” and the face of Chris goes slightly red.

“So, you and Y/N met 2009, am I right?”,James asks, of course he knows that hes right but the story of how you two met is both beautiful and hilarious.

“That’s right!”,Chris answers and nods:“We were filming the first Star Trek movie, and she was sitting at the same table as Zachary and Karl, because she already met Zachary on the set of American Horror Story, and when we first made eye contact I was so confused about the whole situation that I tripped and fell onto her.”,the whole crowd and James are now laughing:“And instead of saying sorry, or something like that I just stood up and walked into my trailer.”

James smiles:“And then?”

“She knocked at the door of my trailer, and when I let her in she just smiled and introduced herself to me.”,Chris sigh’s:“She was so nice, even though I am the reason why her clothes were ruined.”

“I don’t think that she thought it was too bad!”,James says and looks directly into the camera:“Now here’s a small clip of Star Trek Beyond.”

“Where is Kay?”,James Kirk, who is looking at Scotty with a scared impression takes a step up to his friend:“Tell me she’s with you.”

“Jim!”,the voice of your Character,Kay, is loud but yet you can’t see her.
But as soon as Jim is turning around, you are jumping right into his arms:“Oh god, you’re alive.”

“Of course I am, Kay!”,Kirk says and smirks, before he gives you a deep kiss:“ I am not planning on leaving you.”

“I hope so..”

“Romantic!”,James says, and Chris smiles:“Is this star trek or a new version of Titanic?”

“No no -”,Chris laughs:“ Not the whole movie is like this, there is a lot of action, and also drama -”

“So I met Y/N a couple of weeks ago, when she was on my show let’s see what she has to say-”,James says and points to the screen.

“My favorite Bloopers with Chris?”,you giggle and raise your eyebrows:“There are a few, because you know, everyone on set is often playing with lines and that leads to the outtakes. I truly enjoy seeing how the fans react to all these clips-”

“Oh your fans love them!”,James says and the audience starts to scream a little bit.

“Yeah, yeah.”,you say and your Y/H/C falls into your face, before you run a hand through your hair:“And you know, Chris is always so clever with it, sometime he’s so sneaky that you won’t realize that the line changed, till he starts laughing! So one day, we were all filming and after I said something like "you know we have to make this quick!” he says out of nowhere “This is something you’re not saying in a few hours!”-“

The whole audience starts to laugh and a few woman start to scream hysterical, James on the other hand is just laughing:"Oh my god that’s amazing!”

“I just realized what he said after one minute..the rest of the cast didn’t realized as well, and when I looked into Karls eyes I immediately understood that that’s not his normal line-”

“You really thought that this was his normal line-?”,James asks and laughs again, now tears are forming in his eyes and he wipes a few away, still laughing.

“He just said it with such a professionalism- that I didn’t really paid attention to the actual line..just to my own one and my own expression!”,you answer and the crowd starts laughing.

“So when you two get married!”,James says as soon as the videoclip ends:“Youre only saying stuff like that?”

“You bet!”

“Fear runs our lives. It doesn’t matter who you are. You have to understand your relationship with fear. Whether you’re scared of getting into a relationship; or taking the new job; or a confrontation - you have to size fear up.”
-Chris Pine

Barbie (Chapter 5)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary:   The things you want are not always easy to get. Obstacles arise, Silly fights. Old flames and unfortunately even your own thoughts at times.  Even with all the happiness it still leaves the question: ‘How can two people who are perfect for each other be so fucked when it comes to being together?’

Warnings: Cursing. 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. 

You could have hit him, you should have hit him; he deserved to be hit. It was like his brain has disconnected from his mouth. He had the audacity to say the stupidest thing you’d ever heard. The most hurtful thing you’d ever hear from any mans lips, let alone Chris’.

“That’s what it started out as?” You repeat with annoyance.

“But…” He starts to say.

“You didn’t allow him to finish, you interrupt him shouting at him with a furry of anger. "You fucking bastard!” He stares at you like a lost puppy, his artful blue eyes doing nothing to subside your anger. “You used me!” You throw the bag at him, hoping it would have hit him but it doesn’t. The bag lands just near his feet, the contents spilling on the floor. “What you wanted that whore back so fucking badly that you figured, ‘Hey, I’m the great Chris Pine, I can fuck anyone i want! I’ll just take the first woman who looks gullible enough?’ well, let me tell you something” You walk closer to him, each step you take raises the volume of your voice. “you’re not fucking great, you are lousy in bed and your acting is sub-fucking-par!”

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When do you feel your best? Oh it depends, I like craftsmanship, so I really love this great outfit I wore to my last premiere that again for me was just evocative of, I wanted to look like, I told my stylist, I was like, ‘Let’s just go for a Nashville country singer that’s on his way to Miami in a [Chevrolet Bel Air], and then became a hit-man for the mob and lives in Little Cuba. We came up with this f—ing bitchin’ little outfit that I loved and so it could be that. Or it could be an Armani tailored suit that I spent hours working with with Isaac, my favorite tailor, taking out the ins and outs of the shape of the lapel, the length of the lapel, the location of the button. It could be my favorite pair of Edmonds jeans with my new favorite sneakers, these Common Project retro high tops. It just really depends. For me, it’s mostly anything that makes me smile, you know?

Happy 36th Birthday Christopher Whitelaw Pine! 

Barbie (Chapter 6)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary:  What started as a simple date ended as a failed romance. Or has it truly failed?

Warnings: Cursing. naughty moments. 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6.

You’d been home less than an hour and your apartment didn’t even look the tiniest bit clean or fixed. On top of the window that was now shattered and the hole in the wall, you had to pay a fortune to the landlord to repair them. You room was another story, clothes tossed out of the drawers, items thrown everywhere and not a single clue as to what this robber was searching for or even took. Other than a trail of messes, nothing looked gone. 

Your emotions where still on high from the night before. What made it even worse was when you walked into the kitchen and there was the rag you used on Chris’ forehead resting in the sink. Just when you went to reach for it to discard, a knock on your door scared the daylights out of you. 

A sharp intake of breath as you turned, your hand on your heart as you headed to the door. It was a teenager with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and a clipboard in his other. “Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” He asked looking around your apartment in confusion. 

“Yeah.” You said walking towards him. “Who are these from?” 

He looks at the clipboard, “Doesn’t say.” 

He hands you clipboard to sign and then the large overpriced bouquet of deep red roses. You gave the teen a small tip and closed the door gently.  There was a small card on the roses that read nothing more than, “I’m sorry” and in the trash can they went. Another act of apologies from Chris was the last thing you needed, he didn’t even have the respect to leave them at the office again. Now you were angry cleaning, throwing things in every direction; angrily shouting that Chris was overstepping his boundaries. 

“He thinks he can apologize and then send me flowers and still be on my good side. He’s got another thing coming.” You shouted as you lift you bookshelf up, pushing it back up against the wall again. The rest of the morning was spent cursing Chris’ name and the robbers name not only had he destroyed your apartment that created a bill but he’d also broken the small frog shaped jewelry box–which couldn’t fit a single thing but you’d had it since you were a child meaning it had a place in your heart plus you’d cut your hand when you taped the window up–which technically wasn’t his fault but you were blaming him anyway . 

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Barbie (chapter 4)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary:   The things you want are not always easy to get. Obstacles arise, Silly fights. Old flames and unfortunately even your own thoughts at times.  Even with all the happiness it still leaves the question: ‘How can two people who are perfect for each other be so fucked when it comes to being together?’

Warnings: Cursing. Implied sex. 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4.   Chapter Five Chapter six. 

When you walk into Chris’ house, the realization hits you that this is the first time you’ve been here. That this new territory you found yourself exploring was because you’d gotten in a fight, gotten Chris hurt and now were left dealing with the gigantic mess you’d found yourself in. 

Chris offers for you to take the bed and opts for the couch, he remains quiet as you walk to the bedroom and close the door, silently behind you. It’s the most awkward moment in either of yours lives, sharing an apartment with the other and not saying a single thing to one another or acknowledging the other exists. 

In the bedroom, you remove your t-shirt and jeans. You pull a tank top out of your bag, putting it on and taking a moment to look around Chris’ room. It’s a typical bedroom, much to your dismay. A few photographs resting on the dresser, an array of watches; rings and even a few hats. His room is full of the colors blue and white. It’s normal. Nothing to brag about. 

You continue exploring, rummaging through his nightstand drawers. A few phone charges, another watch; a few books and a box of condoms. You scoff, annoyed and slam the drawer shut. The small wooden nightstand rocks, hitting the wall. You cringe, starring at the door, hoping Chris didn’t hear. 

Annoyed, you lay down on his bed. The scent of his cologne, permanently stained into the blankets and pillows that surround you. You lay in silence for a little, starring up at ceiling before you reach over to his nightstand and grab your phone. 

Pulling up a game and loosing yourself in the fun. 

Your phone chimes, a few hours later that you’re battery is running low. You glance at the small clock icon reading it, 12:00a.m. You groan, you’ve been playing on your phone for a little over two hours now instead of sleeping. You plug your phone in using one of Chris’ discarded phone cords and stand up, walking out of the room. 

You get two feet away from the door when you come face to face with Chris, he’s just in a pair of jeans and his eyes have dark circles under them as his eyes meet yours. His hair is sticking up in multiple directions. 

The muscles in his jaw clench as he looks down your body and he’s quick to look away, shocked. It’s not the first time he’d seen you in little clothing and but ou feel exposed. Like a deer in headlights as he stares intently at the floor. You don’t move, you stand still; your legs getting attacked in goose bumps. 

Chris speaks, finally. “Did–Did you need something?” he breathes out deeply after he’s finished, still trying to keep his eyes away from you. 

You stare at him with your jaw wide open. “I–I was going to get a glass of water.” You say, quietly. 

“Oh…” He says. 

“Did you?” You ask, unsure why you even asked the question. This was his house why would he need to tell you what he was doing. 

“I can’t sleep.” he confess as he finally looks back at you. His blue eyes starring deeply into yours. “I was going to get something to eat.” 

You nod your head in response. Chris is the first to move into the kitchen where he opens the fridge, retrieving a box of Chinese food that he sits on the counter. You join him in the kitchen, watching him grab a few more boxes and place them on the counter as well. 

“Chinese?” He asks, smiling

“Yeah, that’s fine.” 

You lean on the counter as Chris pulls out two forks, handing one to you. With the silence, you both begin to eat. “How’s your head?” You finally ask, glancing at the small bruises near his hairline. 

“It’s alright.” he says, shrugging his shoulders. 

“Are you sure?” You ask, stepping closer to him. You stand on the tips of your toes and gently move his hair to get a better view of the bruise. “Did you ice it?” You ask

“For a little. It was worse earlier.” he says, smiling at you. 

You stare into his blue eyes, worried. “You should really ice it again, Chris.” 

“Yeah…” he whispers. 

“Yeah…” You repeat. 

Your mind panics at the sudden intimacy of the moment. “This is a bad moment, get out of here. Go back to the room.” Your inner thoughts shout at you. You’re standing just inches from Chris, your hand resting near his on the counter and now you’re starring at him, caught in the ocean that is his eyes. 

Your brain is like a military instructor, demanding that you retreat but with each threat that your brain repeats, you remain still. Starring at him. “You’re mad at him for god sakes, Y/N get a hold of yourself.”

Y/N.” he says, quietly. 

“He’s just trying to get you in bed, one last toss in bed before you never speak to him again.” You’re brain continues as Chris moves closer, his eyes starring with a hunger at your lips. It’s unsettling, the way he stares at with lust. Chris takes one last deep breathe before he kisses you, gently. The kiss is soft gaining force as you react. 

You’d moaned into his mouth after just seconds of Chris kissing you which egged him on further, he puts his hand on your hip, pulling you closer to him. In a moment, you’re victim to one another. Victim to sexual desire. He kisses you with expertise, unlike the ones you’ve shared previously. He holds you like he can’t get enough of you, like he could loose you in seconds. He trails kisses over your neck and finally your hand comes to rest on his chest, applying pressure and pushing him away. 

You breathe deeply as you stare at him, shocked. Your chest rising and falling as his hand on your lower back pushes you closer. He bites his lower lip and speaks, in almost a whisper. “If you want this to stop… you need to say something now.” 

You shake your head unable to speak but you don’t want too anyway, all you want is his lips back on yours again. Gladly, he answers. Capturing your lips as he forces you to walk backwards towards the bedroom. 

The bedroom–Chris’ bedroom smells of sex, sweat and betrayal, there’s a trail of clothes from the hallway to the bedroom; the comforter hanging onto the bed for dear life. You lie silently next to Chris, breathing deeply.. 

You pull the thin sheet over your chest and begin to make your escape. “It’s time to go.” You yell mentally at yourself as you move, slowly Inching your way further and further off the bed. You hope–plead Chris has fallen asleep, that he won’t feel you move away from him, that maybe one thing will go in your favor this time. 

“Where are you going?” Chris asks when you finally stand up, pulling the blanket tightly around your body. 


“What?” he asks, sitting up. You search the room for your clothes, trying your best to hide your naked body from him. “What do you mean?” he adds as he moves around the bed, doing what you can only assume is also looking for clothes. 

“I’m going home.” 

“What….Why?” Chris asks as you feel his hand touching your shoulder, he holds out your underwear in his other hand. 

“Because…” You say, angrily puling the cotton material away from him. You grab your tank top off of the nightstand and retreat into the bathroom. Inside, it takes everything you have to not cry, to not fall apart. This is last thing you need to do, especially here in his house. He’d spent the last day apologizing, asking for forgiveness when once again, he screwed up. 

“Hey! Don’t go home.” You scoff, annoyed at his plead. He doesn’t even realize it, doesn’t realize his mistake or simply, he doesn’t care. “Hello?”

You put on what little clothes you have and storm out of the room, nearly slamming the door into Chris on your way out. Grabbing your gym bag from the corner of the room, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the small mirror he has in the room, your neck is covered in hickeys, the marks he’s left you or to be more correct the marks he’s left her. Chris still confused follows you out of the bedroom, in his briefs. 

“Y/N?” He says when you stop to rummage through the bags, looking for your phone

“So, you do know my name and here I was thinking that you forgot it.” You shout at a him. 

“What?” He asks, his mouth parting and his eyes squinting. 

“How can such a beautiful man be so stupid?” You ask, starring at him in disbelief. 

He holds out his hand, “What the hell is going on? Will you talk to me?”  

You close your eyes and breathe out deeply. “What’s my name?” 

Chris looks at you confused. “Wha–” 

“What’s my name?” You interrupt him, annoyed. 


“You’re positive?” 


“Okay, so that is correct, my name is Y/N… so tell me why ten minutes ago did you call me Beatrice!” You shout, throwing a shirt you grabbed from out of your bag at him. 

The shirt hits him in the middle of his chest as his eyes grow wide, he stares at you shocked. “Nothing to say now? No ‘I’m sorry’s,’ no ‘Give me another chance,’ huh? Nothing?” You pick up your bag and give Chris one last look. “Yeah… I didn’t think so.” 

 Chris takes a step closer to you. “That’s not fair, hold on.” 

“What’s not fair? Please, do tell how I am not being fair to you.” 

“You kept bringing her up every second of us talking, of course she would be on my mind.” He argues. 

Your expression goes blank. “So, it’s my fault that you called me another name while you were fucking me?” 

“No… That’s not what I meant.” 

“Then what?” 

“She was on my mind.” 

“Not better.” You mutter, annoyed. “Okay, so she was on your mind. Was she also on your mind when you we were out that night?” The question inflicts pain on yourself as well, you regret even asking it but there no time to take it back now. Chris is standing in front of you, shirtless, glistening with sweat and a look of confusion on his face. 

He doesn’t answer. 

“How about this. Did you take me simply because you knew she would be there?” 

Chris stares at you emotionless, his expression doesn’t change when he looks away either. He stares at the floor, his breathing shallows as his mouth starts to open and words start to come out of his mouth, your heart begins to slow. 

‘You know, your father was Captain of a starship for twelve minutes. He saved eight hundred lives, including your mother’s. And yours. I dare you to do better.

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I don’t Multi-fic  (Chapter 2)

Chris pine x reader

Rated: M?

Summary: Many years ago you and Chris were in a relationship prior to him becoming the great Chris Pine, the household name that everyone knew. Sadly, as most couples fall victim; it fell apart but recently in an interview, Chris is asked of surprising information that brings his past back to the future.

      Chapter 2: There will never be an explanation for the things we do while we are intoxicated.  


The next morning you awoke tangled in Chris’ arms and legs, his naked body clinging to yours. The soft snore–breathing if you asked him– filled the room, doing little to help your headaches. Your body felt weak, every muscle in your body was sore plus the familiar raw feelings between your legs and your thighs, stung as you tried to move. 

Your hand reached out to the direction of the alarm clock, hitting the empty dresser with a thud. You turn and following the cord with your eyes and see the clock is on the floor. face down. You groan, slowly leaning off the bed to pick up the clock. In big bright red numbers it flashes: 12:20. You sigh, letting the clock fall back down to the floor and close your eyes as you rest your head back on the pillow near Chris. Another breathe drops escapes your lungs as panic sets in. 

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