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(CPASS) Counting Petals and Stabbing Skin | Chapter One

Summary: Pastel Dan and his punk boyfriend, Phil, have been in a long distance relationship for the past nine months. All that changes when Phil’s parents move across town and Phil ends up in the same school as Dan. How will Dan and Phil cope with finally being able to see each other everyday and be a “proper” couple?
PastelxPunk (Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil), High School AU, the things involved in high school and life drama, fluff, and some angst.
@legendarygalaxydragon (I’m also the beta of one of her chaptered fics, “Here’s to the Zeros”. I definitely recommend reading that fic and her other fics!)
Words: 2.6K


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I want Leslie calling Ann and telling her she has big news, Ann hearing a knock at the door, and Leslie standing there. 

I want Chris to faint when he hear the news

I want 8 month’s pregnant Leslie waking Ben up at 3 am and sending him to get waffles from Jay Jay’s. 

I want Ben stopping at the grocery store and picking up 15 cans of whipped cream on the way home. 

I want Leslie doing all that she is possibly allowed to do while on bed rest. 

I want Ben forcing her to relax, and making her watch Star Trek with him.

I want Leslie and Ben debating over which captain is the best, and Ben eventually giving up, cause he knows he can’t win this one.

I want Ben panicking when Leslie tells him its time.

I want Leslie waddling into the hospital.

I want Leslie laying a bed holding all three of their beautiful babies, with Ben sitting next to her looking at her with the greatest awe.

I want Andy coming and mixing all the babies up.

I want April calmly sorting them out again.

I want overprotective mommy mode.

I want overprotective daddy mode.

I just want so much Ben and Leslie parenting stuff!!!