chris vector

In honor of the Lightning Thief Musical, I did a drawing of Chris McCarrell who’s playing Percy!! This drawing took unbelievably long and is 1,429 layers, so please like and reblog if you like it!! Also please don’t repost you guys!

GIRL POWER by mellarkboxers

I was looking through my drafts and since I had nothing better to do last night (& I couldn’t sleep) I finished it and this is the outcome, which I quite like (hope you do as well!) wHO RUN THE WORLD!? GIRLS!!

you can shop it on redbubble / society6 if you like :)

In celebration for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I drew my favourite protector of the galaxy: Star-Lord! The trailer looks awesome so can’t wait to see it!  

I tried out a new style with this one. I aimed for a more vector-like/comic book colouring technique since it’s been something I’ve always wanted to try. It’s hella tough to get all the shading without using gradient shading. I don’t know how you vector peeps do it D: But for a first timer, I’d say it didn’t turn out too bad? 

Also: I’m SO glad I finished this in time. I actually started on this before the first GoTG movie, but never got around to finishing it. This was three years ago so it was really shitty, had trouble with it and only reached the stage of basic colouring. I found the file for it around the end of this April and decided to re-vamp it to fit Star-Lord’s GoTG2 outfit and finish up what I started. Now that I look back at the first line art from three years ago, I cringe so badly. >>


Here I go again with the Undertale/Sonic crossover art. This time it’s the ship addition. Characters/ships in this picture are:

Vector(Sans)/Vanilla(Toriel), Dave(Alphys)/Undyne(Chris), and Sonic(DudeBro Gaurd 2/Knuckles(DudeBro Guard 1). And yes, that Dave.

Decided to do both a black and white, and colored, versions.