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I'm so happy that Chris is going to sdcc tomorrow. But I really do hope people will be respectful and not be rude. It really does hurt my heart knowing people judge him because of his character and sometimes twist the words he says. I just hope he knows (which he probably does) that many of us support him and are so proud of him.

i hope they will too! chris is gonna have an amazing day, our little dork loves sdcc and he’s gonna have a lot of fun there (i hope!)

i hope everyone screams loudly for him when he walks on!!

and look, we know they’re going to twist ANYTHING chris says, and it’s obvious he’s gonna have to talk about mon and km, so yes, they will look into things and take things out of context, but we know they’re just reaching and chris is a smart guy, he isn’t going to say anything bad, we just have to support him and be louder than the haters, as we always try to do!

i’ve been worrying non-stop since he was confirmed, but then i thought you know what, fuck that, we haven’t had chris content in so long and i won’t let the fear of a bunch of immature idiots who are going to twist things he says to fit their agenda ruin my excitement!!! we’re finally getting chris content and we’re gonna drown in it all!!

Layover - cc ficlet

Title: Layover
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating:  ~1,450 / PG
Summary: As requested, a small follow up to Departure.  Now where are my promised mimosas?


Chris’ stomach twists in cold knots when the landing announcement sounds through the cabin otherwise quiet cabin. They’re arriving in Los Angeles and Chris doesn’t know what comes next.

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This is a celebration of all black hair. Because if you want to keep it natural, that’s beautiful. If you want to relax it, that’s beautiful. If you want braid,twist, dread, weave, put on a wig, or just shave it all of (I mean I did). That. Is. Beautiful. Always. It goes excellently with your dark or medium or lighter skin. It helps to accentuate your stunning facial bone structure. It’s yours. Never change your hair for anyone: Not your partner Not your interviewer Not your boss Not your parents Not for the standard of beauty Change your hair only for you. Because you love yourself and you want to express your versatility. This has been an uninvited public service announcement.

Chris Evans Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: hiii i found ur account and literally in love with it, and i was wondering if you could write a chris evans imagine where you are babysitting sebastians neice (who is a complete brat) and so sebastian leaves to go out and you and chris try to become friends with his neice but she just doesn’t like you two at all. so she pulls a prank on you and hides somewhere and you two think that you lost her. sebastian calls you up telling you he’s on his way home. you can make up the rest, thank you love u!

A/N: aww, thanks nonny, i love you to <3

Warning: None

You march your way up the stairs of the apartment that Sebastian was currently living in, you had Chris beside you on the way up. You finally reached Sebastian’s door and knocked, the door swung right open, not a second passed by. It seemed that Sebastian was waiting for you, which he obviously was. After Sebastian opened the door your eyes shift down to his leg which had a young lady wrapped around it.

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“You can’t justify murder by masking it with a cause.”