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I’ve been talking a lot about what an awesome job Elizabeth May did in her real time Twitter rebuttal of the Globe Debate, but something I haven’t mentioned is how awful the Globe Debate was without her.  The posturing, the arguing, the talking over each other – the whole thing was a free for all, a shambles.  

Will the Munk Debate proceed without her?  We shall see.  

Toronto-Danforth Green party Candidate Chris Tolley writes:

“Elizabeth May has been excluded from the Globe and Mail and Munk Debates. Here are 3 good reasons to include Elizabeth May and the Green Party in all Election 2015 debates.

Once you’ve watched this please write to the Munk Debates and demand Elizabeth May be included.

Munk Debates:

And, please share this video. To share this video on Twitter please use #cdnpoli and #vote2015": 


So I finally finished it. Really slacked on getting clips and I sat on them for sometime. Anyway, this was a lot of fun to film and hopefully 2014 will have a lot more riding and filming.


Repost because I’ve been editing lately. Forever alone. Forever self-filming.