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Last night was a dream come true: I met one of my favorite Starkids and an inspiration of mine, A.J. Holmes at BSU after Young Frankenstein with Aly :D

To sum up the show, it was hilarious! I was laughing so hard I bent over in my seat about to fall out. Chris Timson (my other pic besides A.J’s) played Igor and slayed the crowd with how funny he was. Met Lexie Dorsett too, who played Elizabeth, but didn’t get a pic with her.

A.J. got a standing o’ and biggest cheers from the whole crowd at the end (I was up in balcony and probably one of the first to stand up. I loved everything about that show). I almost shed a tear because he’s just came so far since making “Doppelganger” and Starkid Productions… I truly believe he will go onto actual Broadway, or make a big name out of himself in another way such as composing music. If any of my followers don’t know of him, check out his work in “Starkid” on youtube, he has a big part in “Me And My Dick”

Afterwards we went by their buses and I was shocked at how many of us there were! A good 20-30 Starkids waited, and some of us even sang AVPM “Different As Can Be” as we waited; finally got to be a part of a Starkid sing-a-long so I was one happy camper!

Once he came out and over to us he said, “Are you all Starkids?” Yeah’s were yelled and I swear to God he couldn’t be any cuter… he pumped his fists in the air and said “Let’s do this!” getting right into M&G mode :D

I patiently waited and when I went up to him I gave him a tiny wave saying, “Hi, I’m Krystal!” He gave his big, adorable smile and excitedly responded, “Nice to meet you Krystal. Hi, I’m A.J!” (I can’t get over how he or other Starkids do this even though we obviously know their names XD )I told him he was one of my favorite Starkid members, also the first one I got to meet. He said it was an honor to be the first and thanked me. I pretty much thanked him for everything he and Starkid have done for me like the nervously excited dork I am and how great he was in the show. We go for a picture and I ask if we could hug for it. He was so sweet and said sure, pulling me to his side right away so my first instincts were to bury my head towards his neck/chest. Biggest and most genuine smile I’ve ever had in a pic I must say :D

Aly went for her turn. After her pic I asked him one last thing; if he had anything else in store after his break off. A.J. told me he honestly wasn’t sure, but to keep an eye out because we never know what Starkid, or he, will have in store. I thanked him again for the amazing show and coming out, then we let him go on with more fans.

We walked over to the other group members and asked for autographs. I mentioned that it was hard for me to realize who played who since they were out of costume and I had balcony seats so Lexie told us who they were haha. After her sig, I got with Chris. I asked how much he improvised and did different as Igor because I saw the movie, and the added bits were hilarious. Said he sings a different song every night at the part where Dr. Frankenstein gets locked in with The Monster. For us, the song was Adele’s “Someone Like You” and it was EPIC. Told him over and over how funny and great he was, and he was too sweet as well.

Sorry this is so long, but it was just an amazing night, something I thought would never happen for me. Hopefully I’ll get to see A.J. in whatever he does next, and hear more great things for all the YF crew! :)


Last night, I had the joy of going to watch Young Frankenstein with Krystal. The show was so hilarious. I almost fell out of my chair that’s how hard I was laughing.

But anyway after the show I got to meet some of the cast, including Starkid AJ Holmes, Chris Timson, and Lexie who’s last name is completely slipping my mind. But AJ (who I got a picture with on the left) was great. He came out and was like “Are you all Starkids?!?” and after we answered him he yelled “Lets do this!” We’d introduce ourselves and then he’d introduce himself like we didn’t know who he was already!

Then Chris and Lexie were off to the back while the Starkid mob was attacking AJ (we weren’t attacking. As one of the girls waiting said, we were a calm, cool, collected mob.) and they also signed our playbill and Chris took a picture with us. :)