Amy - Cream (Batch 1)

Uploading the icons from the shipping chart!

Feel free to use them as you like on your blogs and stuff. You can shrink them if you want or use them as avatars at places. I’d appreciate if you didn’t edit them too much but I’m not going to throw a fit if you do. Credit is cool when able, but again, it wouldn’t be a huge deal- it’d mainly be so that other people can find the source. Please, please do NOT sell these or anything like that.

Links to each Batch-
Amy - Cream (Batch 1)
Cubot - Knuckles (Batch 2)
Maria - Rouge (Batch 3)
Sera - Storm (Batch 4)
Tails - Wave (Batch 5).

Chris Thorndyke is actually Eggman at a younger age that came from the past. That’s why the Eggman we all know and love knows so much about Sonic and Co, and enjoys capturing but not actually torturing any of them. In addition, the two of them are natural inventors. This is why Eggman wanted to send Chris back to his own world: so that Eggman could still exist as he is today and not be erased from history due to any changes to his past by fighting against his future self (aka the current Eggman).