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Imagine making out with Chris and Negan being jealous.

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“Hey,” you greet Chris’ smile before pulling him into your kiss. He had been in the middle of unloading a truck before your interruption, but the rest of the area was clear of any other Saviors but the two of you either way, so you figured a quick kiss wouldn’t hurt anyone. The kiss turned quickly into the two of you making out, and before you even realized it, you and Chris had an audience.

“Now is not the time to get your dick wet, Argent!” has you snapping away from Chris with a gasp, a deep blush coming over you as you realize Negan’s presence. Chris still keeps his grip on you, but straightens up with a nod as Negan continues with a frown, no humor in his voice as he orders, “Y’all can get back to work now.”



Little Girl

Chris Evans x reader

Notes: dominant, jealous, possessive Chris; but also puppy-dog Chris, smut, fluff. (I just felt like doing this)

Summary: something short about Chris being jealous for no reason and letting you know who your daddy is. 

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You knew something was off the moment Chris walked up the few steps into the trailer, and slammed the door shut before locking it behind him. You were used to him sneaking in a private moment with you in between filming, but he always just closed the door quietly and never locked it, or made a show out of it for that matter. Now, he came stalking up to you, making you drop the items of clothing you were about to put back on a rack after steaming them, and just stare.

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Babies and Breakfast

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To my awesome anon. I did more of a drabble/imagine. I hope that’s okay. P.S….ending is kinda eh.

Warnings: Fluff. Chris Evans with babies

You tried to fight it you did, but it was no use. The sounds of the baby crying woke you. You were tucked under Chris’s arm, pressed against him. You slowly began to move away from Chris, when his grip tightened around you.

“Where ya going?” Chris asked, his voice groggy from sleep.

“Baby. Crying. Gotta get up.” You answered.

“Lemme. You go back to sleep.” Chris kissed the top of your head before got out of bed, to calm the baby.

Chris opened the door and saw your ten-month-old standing in his crib, crying. He reached his hands out for Chris as soon as he entered the room.

“Hey, there big guy. Why ya cryin’?” Chris asked picking up the baby. “You woke momma up.”

Your son calmed down as soon as Chris picked him up.

“You hungry is that was it is? You want some breakfast? How about we eat breakfast and make some for Mommy? What do ya say?” Chris asked. Your son responded by clapping his hands.

“Alright big guy, time to take Mommy’s breakfast up to her.”

Chris lifted up your son and balanced the tray of food, and coffee in his other hand down the hall to your bedroom. Chris opened the door and your son began babbling as soon as he saw you.

You stretched and opened your eyes to see your son and Chris in the room with food for you. You sat up and stretched your arms out for your son.

“Hey, baby! How are you?” You kissed him on the nose. Did you have a good morning with Daddy?” You tickled his tummy and he giggled.

Chris set the tray down in the middle of the bed and climbed onto his side.

“Did you make me breakfast? You asked Chris.

Chris nodded yes as he leaned forward.

“Thank you.” You kissed him again.

The three of you spent the rest of the morning in bed, eating breakfast and sharing giggles.

Stupid Idiot

Chris Jericho/OC. For Anon: Reader has a crush on another wrestler. In hopes of impressing this dude she agrees to a threesome he wants, but she gets terribly left out and ultimately leaves. Chris finds her all tearful in the elevator and gets a clingy earful when he tries to find out if she’s okay. She doesn’t believe him when he says what an idiot this dude is, until he makes her believe it back in his room.

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Imagine Chris bringing you breakfast at work.

“Morning, baby.” Chris mumbled into your skin as he peppered it with soft kisses. You stretched in his arms and smiled, pressing your back against his front. “I’m definitely going to miss waking up to you when I have to leave for ‘Infinity War’.”

“Aw, sweetheart.” You reached behind you and looped your arm around his neck, pressing your face against his pouty one. “I’m going to miss you too. But hey,” you reached for your phone to check the date and your remaining days together, when you saw the time; 8:14AM, you were late for work. “I gotta go!” You broke out of Chris’ grip and jumped out of bed, nearly falling face first when your feet got caught on the sheets.

“You’re going to go to a funeral home if you’re not careful,” he sat up, chuckling. “Babe, relax.” He told you; you resembled a pinball as you bounced around the room, scrambling an outfit while you brushed your teeth. “I’m sure Xenia can manage without you for a while, I mean- who’s getting flowers so early in the morning?”

“You don’t understand.” You told him as you continued to brush; it was probably hard for others to understand, but Chris had your toothbrush talk down pat. “We’ve got a huge order of table arrangements to do today. It’s for a wedding and the bride’s totally insane, if she comes in to do an impromptu check- Xenia’s going to be fucking pissed I’m not there.”

“Okay, well- you still need breakfast, so I’m going to go quickly whip something up for you to have on-the-go. What do you want?” He flipped the covers off his legs and started to get out of bed when you stopped him.

“No time,” you told him then entered the bathroom to rinse and spit. “Don’t worry about it, babe. I’m not very hungry anyway, I’ll just pick something up later on my lunch break.” You told him and closed the ensuite door behind you so you could pee then change.

While you were changing, you heard footsteps which meant Chris was doing what you told him not to anyway. You sighed with a smile because you loved how unbelievably caring your boyfriend was, that smile faltered slightly when you realized it wouldn’t be long until you had to say goodbye to him for at least nine months. God, you were going to miss that perfect specimen of a man.

You went downstairs and into the kitchen to kiss Chris goodbye and chuckled softly at his variation of “quickly whip something up for you to have on-the-go.” You’d usually just make a smoothie or a protein shake for him when he was running late, but Chris? He had to make a feast with pancakes and bacon and eggs. For a man who was about to run off and be Captain America for the last time, one would think he’d cut his normal eating habits.

“Chris, baby. I love you, but I really don’t have time for any of this,” you told him then pressed a kiss on his cheek. “I have to go, okay?” You grabbed an apple from your fridge then headed for the front door, Chris following behind you. “I’ll see you after work?” You quizzed as you cupped his clean shaved face in your hand; he nodded. “I would really like to see Cap with a beard in 'Infinity War’, you should really pitch that.”

“Maybe he does and I just shaved to throw you off,” he teased and you laughed then pecked his lips before heading for your car. “Drive safe,” he called as you climbed in. He waved until you drove out of the driveway and around the corner.
• • • • • • • •
“I can’t say I like you with Chris,” Xenia began and your eyes narrowed. “Without him, you’re always on time for work. With him, you’re almost always late.” You chuckled when you realized she was just teasing you. “What do you two get up to every night, hm?” She smirked and you laughed, feeling slight heat rise to your cheeks when you thought back to your late nights with your boyfriend.

“Like I haven’t covered for you when you go out and party a little too hard with Tris,” you playfully bit back and she chuckled. “Speaking of, congratulations.” You smiled when you saw her smile; she’d just gotten engaged to her girlfriend of six years. “I can’t wait to see how beautiful your wedding is.”

“And I can’t wait to order flowers from a shop where we don’t have to arrange them,” she said and you both laughed. “What about you and Chris?” She asked when you both settled. “Think you’re ever going to tie the knot with him?”

“I’d like to,” you nodded, smiling. “But it’s not really my choice, is it? He knows I’m in it for the long haul, if he wants the same thing then- he can propose. But I’m not going to push him, I’m good with what we have. Plus- I think he’s got enough on his plate at the moment with 'Infinity War’ coming up and his contract ending.”

“Is he planning on signing another?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “He’s said a few times that if Marvel wants him, they have him, but I personally feel he’d be happier doing something else. He loves directing and he was so happy directing 'Before We Go’, so maybe he’ll go look for something else to direct. He just wants to be known for more than Captain America, and he should- he is so talented.” You were so busy talking about Chris that you didn’t realize he’d walked into the shop and had heard everything you said; he smiled at Xenia who’d spotted him the second he walked in.

“I think you have a customer,” Xenia beckoned her head at Chris and you turned around; you immediately smiled when you saw his face. He held up a little picnic basket and you knew he’d brought breakfast to you. “Oh my God,” Xenia chuckled when you turned back to her, suppressing your excited smile with pressed lips. “You’re not even engaged yet and you can’t spend a minute apart,” she teased and you and Chris laughed. “Go, I’ve got this.”

“Thank you,” you reached over the workbench and hugged her, before gesturing for Chris to follow you into the back room. He gave Xenia a quick peck on the top of her head as he walked past, making her laugh. “Yes, fooood.” You cheered as Chris laid out the spread his made this morning on the table. “I’m so hungry.”

“I knew you were lying about being hungry,” he chuckled. “You’re always hungry.”

“True,” you grinned as you forked a piece of pancake onto your paper plate. “Mmm!”

Chris chuckled as you audibly enjoy his breakfast, there wouldn’t be a day where he wouldn’t find you adorable. His chuckles turned into laughter when you did a little dance in your chair, humming happily as you ate. God, you were such a dork, but at least you were his dork. He reached across the table and took your hand in his, pulling it to his lips. You raised an eyebrow as he kissed the back of your hand; he smiled in response.

“I thought the flowers were going to be the prettiest thing in this shop, I was very wrong.” He complimented and you chuckled, shaking your head. “You know,” he said as he released your hand, scooping himself some scrambled eggs. “This is the first time I’ve brought a girl breakfast after she skipped out on me in the morning.”

“We’re dating,” you chuckled.

“Still left me cold and alone,” he pouted then laughed when you laughed. “But hey, some girls are just worth chasing.” He shot you a wink and you smiled, kissing the air in front of you. “So, you think I’m talented, huh?” He began with a smirk, feeding himself some eggs.

“Of course I do. I’ve always thought you were talented, incredibly talented for a matter-of-fact.” Your eyes narrowed at his question; it seemed random to you until you realized he was talking about what he heard earlier. It dawned on you that he might have also heard you talking about marrying him. “Exactly when did you walk in on our conversation?”

“Around the time when my beautiful girlfriend starting complimenting me,” he told you and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. “But,” he continued and you tensed, “I may have also heard said beautiful girlfriend talking about marrying me.”

“Oh,” was all you could manage.

“Hey,” he chuckled when he saw your tension; he reached over the table and placed his hand over yours. “Don’t look so worried, that’s definitely the direction we’re headed.” Your shoulders relaxed a little and you smiled at him. “I’ve just got a lot on my plate at the moment, like you said. I want to marry you, you bet your ass I’m going to marry you.” You laughed at that. “But I’m going to do it when things settle a little, okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded, smiling.

“I love you a lot more than you know, Y/N,” he told you. “You’re never going to be the one that got away,” he assured you then kissed the back of your hand again. You smiled and pressed your hand against his face, to which he turned in to and kissed your palm. “Never.”

“Likewise, Evans.”


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 8.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Sometimes a familiar face doesn’t mean a good thing.
Warning: Attempted rape.
Word Count: 3,110
Author’s Note: BIG thank you to @talina-boyaci for this idea! I wanted to speed this process up, so there is a significant amount of time that passes from the previous chapter to this one. I needed more Negan and Simon in this fic, so let’s see how things change now that the zombie apocalypse is in full effect! Enjoy! 

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It had been a year. A year since this apocalypse happened.

You had thought that everything was going to go back to normal. You assumed the government would contain this big of a mess, but after a month of no progress, you knew that this world was never going to be what it was like before.

The phone call with Negan and Simon was the only thing you found yourself remembering the night the apocalypse happened. You wished your phone hadn’t died. You wished you didn’t have a meltdown. You wished you were able to ask them where they were going because with them, you felt the safest.

You didn’t know that going to the woods would be your biggest mistake yet.

You thought seeing a familiar face would calm you down and put you at ease, but knowing Chris’s true intentions caused you to cry every night. It was as if the apocalypse changed his entire personality.

You had been with Chris since the beginning and you thought being surrounded by him and two of his other friends would make you feel safe, but it made you feel the complete opposite.

As the months passed, you were losing hope in bumping into Simon and Negan. You forced yourself to believe that you were stuck with these three men that you wished you had the guts to kill. You believed that there was no one else out in this world.

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Phone Call

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(shout out and credit to @that-lolachick for this gif)

Chris Jericho/OC- Reader wants Chris to help her but he gets a phone call during it.

Warnings: Pure smut not a lot of plot to it, Daddy kink, Choking for like a millisecond.

Note: This is kind of short but I really wanted to write something with Chris so here it is.

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I walked into the living room and smiled as I saw Chris sitting on the couch reading. I huffed and quietly walked up behind him. Chris flipped a page as I ran my hands over his bare shoulders and down to the book.

“Hi baby.” Chris said as I grabbed the book out of his hands. I smiled and walked in front of him.

I laid the book on the table and turned towards Chris. I bit my lip as I laid my hands on his knees and leaned forward, “Hi.” Chris raised one of his eyebrows at me while I talked, making me groan internally, “What are you doing today.” I said as I placed a knee between his legs.

“Wasn’t planning on anything.” Chris gently rubbed circles into my thigh. I let my eyes flutter shut for a second.

“Oh good, because I was hoping that we could do something….Daddy.” I smirked as Chris let out a low growl.

“What were you thinking about baby?” Chris asked as I straddled him and slowly lowered myself onto him. Chris brought his hands to my waist, gripping it tightly. I blushed a little while dropping my head to Chris’s shoulder and grounded down on him. Chris grabbed my chin and brought me eye level to him, “Tell me.” Chris said with a stern voice.

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More Than Comfort - Chris Jericho x Reader

Summary:-You are Bayley’s younger sister, brought backstage one night on Raw by her. Chris Jericho gets attacked during the festival of friendship by Kevin Owens, and when he gets backstage, he bumps in to you clearly upset. He finds comfort in you, and things go on from there. 

Warnings :- Smut, Swearing, Lil’ Bit O’ Fluff

Word Count :- 1,490

Requested by @fangirlybookreviews


A/N - Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, and also sorry to the lovely person who requested this that it took so long! However, I’m back now, and d’ya know what that means? Smut and fluff and smut. 

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Summary: Sammie and Chris go to the Super Bowl. Sammie experiences fanboy Chris at his finest. 

Warnings: Smut, being a Falcons fan and having to relive this experience of losing a 28 point lead. (I am by no means a Pats fan.)

Words: 3022

Author’s Note: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for taking the time to beta read. You’re the best!

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, Sammie had decided to get in on fun. She had managed to get video of some of her students rooting for both the Patriots and the Falcons and planned to have Chris watch them before the big game.

She was happy with the videos from her students and couldn’t wait for show Chris.

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I came across this photo today while organizing my 2016 con binder:

I realized I never shared this op and I noticed something new when I was looking at it today.

If you look closely, Misha has a strong grip on my arm. He’s actually kind of digging into my arm with his thumb.

Here’s what happened. This was at BurCon, just after Trump was elected President. It was understandably a difficult time for many people, Misha included. Most of the cast discussed the election and their disappointment during their panels.

For this particular con, I had upgraded to VIP. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Creation cons, VIP means that you have your own ‘green room’ with the other VIP’s, (ten total), you get a private meet and greet with each actor for ten minutes, and you get to go to the front of the line for both autos and ops.

For Misha’s auto, I ended up in the very front of the line. Literally no one ahead of me. He looked at me, and I could just feel that he was down. It was written plainly on his face. I was feeling the effect of the election as well I gave him a small smile, then started to tear up. He started to tear up as well.

I think this photo captures the emotions on both of our faces. After Chris took the photo, he gripped me a little tighter and said “thank you” before letting me go.   

I’m sure he doesn’t remember this moment in time, he sees thousands of people.  But this moment will stand out to me for the rest of my life.  

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 18

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.7k


Part 17 <<< >>> Part 19

The most striking thing Mara noticed when she woke up was that it was dark outside, which immediately led her wonder how long she has been out. She tried moving her head, but a throbbing pain dissuaded her from doing so.

“Argh,” she groaned, and tried to move her hand to her head, but she realized she couldn’t move it.

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Get Out Of Town

Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by raskasslikainensielu

Warnings: THERE IS A SCHOOL SHOOTING IN THIS! Not too gory but you have been warned. 

A/N: Idk wtf this is. I had an idea for it and just sorta wrote  ???? 

Peter hugs you tightly on the porch, just before your doorstep. “Don’t leave,” you say to him between kisses. “Believe me, I don’t want to,” he grins before kissing you again. “Then don’t. I can probably sneak you back into my room,” you add with a mischievous smile. “As tempting as that sounds,” Peter murmurs to you, holding you by your waist, “I really do have to go. Besides, I don’t have any protection.”

“I’ll add it to our list of vacation needs.” You proceeded to whisper something into Peter’s ear that made him groan. “Will that make it worth waiting?” you tease. “God, yes,” he laughs, kissing you on the mouth.

The “vacation” was actually a school trip, and both have been counting the days down to this weekend where the Midtown Student’s HIstorical Society (MSHS) would be taking their annual trip to Virginia. Lavish hotels and amazing museum tours sounded amazing, but so did an entire two weeks alone with Peter and your friends.

“I’ll see you at school,” you chuckle. “I love you.”

“I love you too, beautiful,” he responds with a charming smile; that charming smile which made you melt as soon as you saw it. 

After bidding each other a farewell, you return back to your house. “Never break up with that boy,” your father rejoices the moment you return. “I wasn’t planning on it,” you giggled. “Can I ask why you’re bringing this up?”

“His aunt make the best apple pie in the entire world.”

Your mother coughs as she washes the dishes alongside your brother. 

“The second best,” he corrects himself. “Alright, I guess I can withstand him,” you say in mock frustration. “But only for the best dad in the world. And the best pie,” you add with an amused glance towards your mom. She gasps and throws a dish towel at you. 

As you skip up the stairs, you hear your dad say: “We raised her well.”

Your bed is still warm from where you and Peter had been sitting and studying, vigorously quizzing each other for upcoming tests; after settling in with your laptop, you decided to go through your messages.

Pass APUSH Gang-Four Members:

Liz Allen-Can you believe he sent me this?! 

Gwen Stacy-Ugh! He’s so gross. 

Michele Gonzales -thats weird liz like freaky weird

Gwen Stacy-you should honestly call the police

Liz Allen-oh, why, so your dad the Chief of Police can make all of us stay home from the VA trip????? He’ll totally flip out if we tell him since Chris is part of MSHS

You frown and scroll up some more; an attachment is there and you click it to load.

A video plays: it’s of a boy who goes to your school, Christopher Kathem. And in the video he is crying and saying really rude things about Liz, stuff like “You should have loved me back” and “You and your bitch friends will pay for this.”

[Y/n] [L/n]- wtf ??? Liz I thought you let him down easy

Liz Allen-I did! You saw the screenshots, guys, and we’ve all been nothing but kind to him. Did anyone say anything mean

Michele Gonzales - no

Gwen Stacy- ^^

[Y/n] [L/n]-same here

Liz Allen-ugh. Maybe I should have just gone to the flippin dance with him

Gwen Stacy-Babe you have a bf! It isn’t your fault

Gwen Stacy-and besides plenty of people get turned down to the dance

Michele Gonzales - yeah it’s not our fault Chris Kathem is a psycho

Gwen Stacy-lmaoooo

[Y/n] [L/n]-Guys don’t say that

Liz Allen- [Nickname] is right we can’t be mean to him he just has a crush

Liz Allen-an intense crush

Michele Gonzales - that doesnt give him the right to be mean to you tho PLUS he attacked the rest of us

Gwen Stacy- M is right. he’s harassing you he has been since homecoming which was a like million months ago. if we turn him in evidence and all we have a pretty good shot of taking him down

Liz Allen-I don’t want to talk about it anymore

Liz Allen-I’m going to sleep

Michele Gonzales -goodnight guys

Gwen Stacy- night

Gwen Stacy- sorry lizzy

[Y/n] [L/n]- goodnight.

The next morning, Liz picks you up in her car. “Starbucks?” she asks while turning out of the neighborhood. 

“Are you alright?” you say instead. She gives you an odd look. “Yeah, I’m fine,” she replies. 

“Has Chris Kathem messaged you since we talked last night?” 

Liz nods slowly and cautiously, her fine dark hair bobbing in its ponytail. “Maybe Gwen is right,” you admit. “If you show the police the weird texts and videos, then-”

“I already got rid of them,” Liz interrupts. You stare at her, wide eyed. “Liz! You can’t just-”

“I can! It’s my life and my situation. I can take care of it. If I thought the police needed to be involved, they would have been a long time ago.” You saw her hands tightly grip onto the steering wheel. “Did you tell anyone?”

You shake your head no. 

“Not even Peter?”

You sigh. “No.”


From parking to third period, nothing interesting happened. You couldn’t catch Peter at his locker, so you assumed he either got to school early or late. You had pouted at the thought of not being able to see him until lunch, but the day went by fairly fast. 

When third period ended, the first one out the chem class door was Chris Kathem.

“I know you and Liz have that weird thing about being nice to everyone, but that boy is crazier than a bag of cats,” Michele sighs while slinging her bag over her shoulder. You shake your head and refrain from chastising her; mostly because you know it’s right but you don’t like the idea of saying anything mean. 

Instead, you don’t reply at all and only listen to her ramble on about the MSHS trip. Idly walking down the hall towards the cafeteria, Michele is cut off by the sound of shouts and yells. “Sounds like there’s a fight going on,” you comment with a huff. “Probably Flash Thompson getting his feelings hurt again,” Michele adds in with a snort. 

Seconds later, you realize that wasn’t the case. A flood of people had come crashing out of the cafeteria and among them there is Liz sobbing. She grabs both you and Michele by the hand. 

“What’s wrong?” you exclaim when Liz tries to drag you away. “He’s got a gun,” she manages to gasp out between hysterical breath. Her voice is rife with shaking terror. “Gwen and I-we were talking and he pulled out a gun and-and-and Peter was there and I saw blood and-”

Your heart nearly stopped when she said Gwen and Peter’s names. 

A gunshot fires off and Michele suddenly begins to yell.

The three of you sprint off down the hallway. Liz tumbles against classroom doors, falling into the room of detention students; they had already been huddled up into the corner of the room, frantically shrieking and scrambling for safety. 

“We need to move the desks in front of the door,“ you hear Michele exclaim in a frantic voice. But all that is on your mind is the image of Peter and Gwen still in the cafeteria. What if they were hurt? Or worse? 

A round fires off and you scream in fright. The sound of bullet shells clattering to the floor sent goosebumps down your spine; the ringing reminded you of the bells that hung on trees during Christmas. 

Liz falls to her knees, holding her face in her hands. “This is all my fault!” she sobs out. 

You kneel beside her, hands on her shoulders. “Liz, how is this your fault?!” 

“Because it’s Chris!” she exclaims. Liz grips the hem of her skirt until her knuckles go pale. “I’m going after him,” she suddenly declares, standing and pushing you away. “Uhm, the fuck you aren’t,” Michele shouts at Liz and you agree. “That’s the number one way to get you killed,” you seeth to Liz but she can’t shake anything off.

“Listen, guys, I’ve seen the movies. I’ve been on youtube, I know how this will happen if I can’t get through to him.”

“And now you’re using knowledge of some crazy movie you saw clips of on reddit,” you snap. “[Y/n], I don’t need your bullshit logic right now,” Liz fumed as she began pulling desks from the door. “Liz, for the love of God, can you fucking stop,” Michele stammered out. Her attempts to be calm and brave were slowly sipping, as were yours. 

Before anyone could move to stop her, the door flew open and a arm grabbed Liz. Yanked out of the room, Liz let out a cry of pain. 

You rush forward before Michele can stop you. The hallway is empty with people huddled into the corners and pushing themselves up against the lockers, as if they wished they could disappear into them. 

“[Y/n]!” Liz shouts. You hold your breath when Chris spins around. Liz is thrown away, hurdled into the lockers. Suddenly everything stops. All there is and was and will be is this moment of time. Your eyes staring into the barrel of a gun with your future carved in. The hair on your neck prickles up in wait. 

“Boom.” Chris’s voice was hardly a whisper. He turned away from you, gun swaying around to Liz. 

Liz couldn’t even shriek as you pounced. Slamming yourself against Chris, the gun clattering to the floor. Liz scrambles forwards on her knees, her shaking hands grasping the gun and pointing it towards Chris. 

“No, don’t,” you gasp out. 

“She’s right you know!” a singsong-ish voice exclaims. A sling of web shoots forth and the gun is pulled from Liz’s hands. “You’d regret it the rest of your life,” he added. 

You clamber away from Chris, Liz’s arms engulfing you in a tight embrace. One red and blue clad figure stands before the both of you. Without moving his face away from yours, the gun is slammed against Chris’s head. With his eyes rolling to the back of his head, he falls unconscious and Liz suddenly sobs a breath of relief. 

“Ssh, ssh,” you muttered to her, stroking her hair. Your own body was shaking like hers though you had no tears. 

“Are you alright?” Spider-Man had knelt down in front of you both. “Take care of her,” you insisted, pushing Liz into Spider-man’s arms. “I need to find him, I need to find Peter, he was in the cafeteria when it happened.”  You begin to stumble off down the hallway, legs shaking dangerously. 

“No, wait,” Spider-Man calls back. “You’re in shock, you can’t just-”

Nothing further, then, did he utter because your swaying form collapsed into a crumpled ball upon the linoleum. 

“Reports say that our very own Spider-Man was first to the scene. He managed to stop the shooter from going after two high school sophomores, Liz Allen and [Y/n] [L/n]. Luckily, there were no deaths and fifteen students were scathed with minor injuries. However, daughter of NYC Police Chief, Gwen Stacey, remains in the hospital undergoing surgery for a major bullet wound in her rib cage.”

You turned the TV off. It made you nauseous thinking about it. Plus, you didn’t really like the thought of everyone across the city thinking about you and sending their prayers. As much kindness as they all meant, you still couldn’t stand the attention. Even four days later, you can’t leave our house without reporters bombarding you with questions and pleas for interviews. It wasn’t as though they actually cared about your wellbeing; it was the chance to have something to do with such an awe-some story. 

“Mom, I’m okay,” you repeat for the upteenth time. She, along with the rest of your family and friends, had been pestering you since the incident. 

“Honey, someone is here for you,” she smiles softly. Peter ducks into the room and your mother slinks away. 

“I haven’t seen you at all,” he murmurs as he sits on your bed. “I didn’t want to bother you. I know you can sometimes need time.”

You chuckle at him and pull the blankets up, patting the spot beside you. “Come cuddle with me,” you beckoned. 

He hesitates. “I came here to tell you something,” he says slowly. “And I’m afraid if I cuddle with you then I’ll talk myself out of telling you.”

You sit up straight, pulling a pillow from behind you and placing it on your lap, relishing the feeling of the cold fabric against your hands. “You can tell me anything, Pete.”

He takes a deep breath. “Okay, so, the school thing got me thinking. Thinking about…well, us. And I wasn’t there for you but-”

“Are you breaking up with me?” you ask frantically. 

“God, no,” he exclaims. He takes your hands in his. “[Y/n], I’m doing the exact opposite.”

You look at him with wide eyes. “Are you proposing to me?”

“What?! N-no! Just listen-”

“I’m confused,” you shrug, leaning back. “The opposite of breaking up is getting married so if that’s not happening, what is?” 

Peter held his face in his hands. “[Y/n],” he whined. “I’m trying to tell you something important!”

You hold your hands up defensively. “Alright. Talk.”

He took another deep breath. “Anyways, uh. So I wasn’t there for you. During that…that whole thing. But Spider-Man was, right?”

You nodded. “Yeah, he showed up out of the blue. I’m just really lucky he did. Plus he carried-”

“Carried you to the hospital,” Peter finished. 

You gave him an odd look. “I didn’t tell you that. I didn’t tell anyone that, except Liz.”

“You didn’t have to tell me,” he told you. “I already knew because I’m Spider-Man.”

It was on reflex for you to slap him. “Get out of town!” 

“…what the fuck, [Y/n]?!”

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