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That's the thing that always bothered me about Get Out but I guess it was part of the social commentary. Those're Rose's family and friends. She was raised around them, probably picked up some if their ideals mannerisms. Yet Chris never suspected her. Even after he found those pictures, Rose had to visibly betray him for Chris to see her as just as evil as everyone else. Like, my nigga alarm was ringing on that girl since she said her family's not racist

Good point to in Chris observation or lack of.


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I can't wait to see the reactions of this chapter in the companion fic. Sure Victor is devastated but Yakov? Chris? Yurio? I suspect that even them can't pretend Yuuri has not a right to be upset. They thought Yuuri was breaking his heart and it's Victor that ended up shattering theirs. The playboy was just an anxious and clueless dork lonely in this mess and his career may not recover because they wanted him to be a villain. Phichit gave Victor a chance, they didn't even let Yuuri have one.

You will definitely be seeing a lot of reactions from the skaters closer to Viktor in the companion fic! But also in regards to what you were saying about giving Yuuri a chance, that’s not quite true. Yakov didn’t give Yuuri much of a chance to be sure although he had his reasons. Yurio actually does give Yuuri the benefit of the doubt when he does his speech to Yuuri. Like, he doesn’t just tell Yuuri to stay away from Viktor, there’s more to it that that but as I’ve said before I’ll go more into Yurio’s complicated feelings towards Yuuri in the companion fic. And as for Chris, he actually does give Yuuri quite a lot of chance. As Yuuri says in earlier chapters, they’re not close but they get on well, Chris tells him about the Olympic banquet but his isn’t cruel about it, they are mutually pretty supportive competitors with each other. Chris has also seen some shit and he’s very worried about Viktor and there’s things about Yuuri and what he is perceived to be doing that Chris is very much not ok with but he doesn’t leap right in there without all the facts and accuse Yuuri, he basically acts as Viktor’s version of Phichit and you’ll  be seeing a lot more of him in the next fic and what exactly his thoughts are on the whole mess

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(1/3) Let’s assume that Victoria died while hunting shortly after Claudia's death. So Chris and the Sheriff meet at a support group for single parents and bond as they are the only ones who are also widowers. They help each other to deal with their grief and to raise their children. Eventually they decide to move in as they can take care of each other when one of them has a bad day.

(2/3) Of course things get a bit awkward when during the investigation of the Hale fire the sheriff starts to suspect that Chris’s sister is involved, while Chris tries to keep the sheriff out of the supernatural, but it all works out in the end. They try to help the surviving Hales to continue with their lives and take care of Peter until he wakes form coma.

(3/3) Then there is also the problem of Gerard who tries to abduct Laura to get a cure for his cancer, but they manage to deal with it (with some help from their now grown up children). All is perfect except that Derek once tells his boyfriend that the Sheriff, Chris and Peter all smell of each other like they were sleeping together – which Stiles so didn’t need to know.

Stiles is all, “Oh my god. That’s why Peter always looks so smug! Also, ew!” 

Yes! I would read 100k of this! There is a lot of potential for both comedy and angst, which I love. And Stiles and Ally being like siblings? YES PLEASE! 

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So I've always suspected Chris to have some unexpressed feelings for Victor. He gave me that idea in Canon with the whole flower crown thing and how upset he was by Victor not competing & he seemed a little jealous of Yuuri. What do you think of this? Would there be any truth to it in Rivals?? I love your work ☺️☺️

I think Chris definitely had a crush on Viktor when he was much younger and really admired and looked up to him (who wouldn’t) but it was the kind of in-awe, hero worship crush and he realised early in that it was never going to happen and moved on easily and they became really good friends without Viktor ever finding out about it

And now both @stalk-softly and @voremenacholibre have more faith in my ability to not only befriend my crush but also somehow inexplicably get her to like me back and agree to date me??? They have too much faith in me???? I don’t think she’d ever like me back??? Why????

Hunger - Chapter 24

Hunger master post

It takes nine days.

Behind the scenes, Rafael McCall and Jordan Parrish work their magic, and spin a cohesive, credible story to both the FBI and the Beacon Hills’ Sheriff’s Department. Stiles thinks the FBI is the harder sell. The Sheriff’s Department is in a mess since the news of Sheriff’s Haigh’s arrest, and the news that he framed John Stilinski. The mayor calls in some woman from out of state to run things in the meantime.

“They’re even auditing all the speeding tickets we ever gave out,” Parrish tells everyone one night over pizza. “It’s gonna be a while until things settle down.”

“Do you think anyone else was in on it?” Stiles asks him, his mood darkening. “Apart from Haigh and Kate?”

Parrish is silent for a moment, and then he shakes his head slightly. “I don’t know. I hope not, but I don’t know.”

Derek bumps Stiles gently with his shoulder, and Stiles forces himself to relax.

“I think we’re almost done on our end,” Rafael McCall says. “I’m heading back to Sacramento at the end of the week. Maybe I’ll get lucky with a nice relaxing serial killer.”

“Rafa!” Melissa exclaims.

He raises his eyebrows and steals a piece of pepperoni. “I’m just saying, I’d sleep a lot easier at night knowing it was just the Sacramento Slasher out there, you know?”

Stiles knows.

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There’s a fine line between love and hate. Alexis said that in Dynasty once, I think, trying to seduce Blake Carrington from Road. It’s a Thing I Say All The Time even though I rarely remember or think about Dynasty. Might watch the new one though; her who was the best one in Victorious is in it, I think. Worth a go.

Anyway, there’s a fine line between love and hate. Last episode of Love Island saw the first fights AND the first fucks. We’re now to watch Yesterday’s. What will it bring? The id/ego/super-ego model? We shall see.

Every synopsis of every episode says this show stars Caroline Flack. I’ve seen her once.

I think one of the reasons nobody sees Marcel as a potential sex man is because he’s in the parent role. Bit suss that the other might be racism.

Olivia is starting to suspect Chris of not being a very nice person because… oh no, she’s ending that sentence with the assertion that Chris is an angel. What went wrong there? Is there a CURSE at work? Is Chris a literal curse?

Hard to work out what Olivia stood to gain from the fights she started last night. Jess often forgets she’s not on Big Brother and makes audience appeals that would be advantageous there but are irrelevant here, but Liv has shown no signs of this delusion.

The narrator thinks Kem is modestly trying to conceal that he just got the shaggers in. He is not. He is covertly checking that he’s the first so he can brag without risk of having his rug pulled.

Sam (who I’m aligned with, I’ll be honest) has been very skilful in positioning Chris as the one who first raised his voice and turned things aggressive. Not really what happened, as Sam was the one struggling to manage his aggression, but now it’s What Happened. Fair play.

Jess has a nice bum. This episode I am finding the balance between typing and looking at bums.

Montana handles fights in the exact way I do when I’ve no interest in de-escalating them.

Gabby has six different things happening on her hair that could be thought of as antenna. If she was an anime design she’d be a bit busy.

When all the patio lights are on it’s a bit Tron.

Olivia has just rhetorically used the idea of someone having a row with Camilla as something that could never happen. This is amusing to me as I feel certain that Camilla will go to war at some point and Worlds Will Die.

Chris has read the pick-up artist books, hasn’t he? He negs. He peacocks. He’s that guy.

Camilla is doing some feminism. Worlds might be about to end.
Johnny’s sure though that women have more opportunities than men though. Because of Theresa May.

Camilla feels she’s “such an idiot” for mentioning feminism in the house. Worlds have ended. She’s broken the show. GOOD.

Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times. Says the soundtrack.

I’d love to talk about what just happened with regard to class, but that’s not for liveblogging. And I just saw Marcel’s bum.

Johnny can prove Camilla is wrong that feminism is still relevant. In his explanation of this he’s just called her a ‘bitch’ seven times.

Eight bitches now. Nine.

“I’ve never said a bad word about the girl.”

Really want more footage letting us know how the other girls are understanding what’s just happened. It seems in terms of ideology they seem t be Team Johnny but in terms of sympathy they’re Team Camilla. NEED THAT UNPICKED. Need someone to tell her she’s done Nothing Wrong.

Oh shit! And Jess just did. Love it.

“I’m tame compared to these geezers” says Johnny. Probably accurately. He’s tame compared to THE NARRATOR right now. But he’s the one in the conversation. And he just got to eleven 'bitches.’

“You’re going to have a different approach to everyone” says Johnny. Probably accurately in a micro-society that massively values 'manners’ and 'being a gentleman’ but has no interest in uncoupling those concepts from patriarchy.

His argument that feminism is irrelevant finishes the episode on fourteen uses of 'bitch.’

Speaking of words, the girls offering Camilla support seem to see a distance between themselves and the word 'feminism’ but seem pretty good at practically going it. They are why we all need Beyoncé.

Alternate “You”niverse (10/14)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Anything to do with Bruce x Nat is not mentioned, as if it never happened, because I kinda wanna imply Clintasha throughout the rest of this; let me know what you think. Plus, filming for Civil War has finished but they are preparing for Infinity War, hence why everyone was together, so they aren’t filming but reading the first copies of the scripts. Just wanted to clear some things up for this part - Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part One |Alternate “You”niverse Part Two  |Alternate “You”niverse Part Three  | Alternate “You”niverse Part Four
Alternate “You”niverse Part Five
 |Alternate “You”niverse Part Six
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“Pietro?” you frowned, you didn’t understand how this was possible, he had died during the battle with Ultron in saving Clint and a little boy.

“If you say that stupid catch phrase, I’m gonna scream,” Steve tell him sharply, Pietro’s short chuckle rang through the silent, shocked kitchen. “But… how? How are you here?”

“Well, I am not dead, that’s the main thing,” he stated clearly, walking into the room fully “my body was healing itself, too slowly for my liking, Dr Cho said I still had a pulse; it was faint and slowing but she managed to kick-start me back up and I’ve been in a temporary coma as my body healed itself.”

“Someone should go get Wanda plus the others,” Natasha commented and you nodded in agreement with her, knowing everyone would want to see Pietro, you were still slightly stunned by this; despite only knowing him for a few short days, he was still a friend and one you had felt grief for.

Hayley stood up, stating she’d go round up some of the people, Natasha following after her to collect Tony and Vision plus Bruce from the lab. You walked over to Pietro and hugged him gently, he chuckled and hugged you back, pulling back and speeding to Steve’s side and patting his shoulder, only now realising Chris.

“I know I was gone for a while but since when did you have a bearded twin?” he asked Steve, you snickered as Chris laughed loudly, nudging Steve with his shoulder who just sighed.

“Actually, about that, Tony opened a portal to another realm type thing and a bunch of alternate us came through, hence the bearded me,” Steve sighed gently.

“Chris Evans, actor,” he held out his hand to Pietro who just grinned and shook his hand.

“Pietro Maximoff, superhero, I guess.”

“брат!” everyone turns to the door to see Wanda, grinning as widely as ever, a few tears trailing down her cheeks as she runs to Pietro who has already rushed her into a bone crushing hug, everyone slowly fans in; Pietro smiling at them but not ever letting go of his sister, in fear he won’t ever hug her again.

“Apparently, Stark already knew of this news, so he is staying down in his lair,” Natasha walked in, Vision trailing behind her along with Bruce and Bucky, you sat down at the breakfast bar watching as everyone greeted Pietro.

“Tony had told me but a part of me believed it wasn’t true,” Wanda sighed, pulling Pietro to Aaron, making a very confused Pietro slightly freaked out “this is Aaron, he plays you.”

“Yo, Stevie-baby,” Sam slaps Steve upside the head, Chris chuckles along with you, “wanna come along with me on a quick jog? Get away from the drama?”

“That sounds pretty great,” Steve sighs out, standing up and patting Chris on the shoulder “catch you all later, gonna go lap, Wilson.”

“For an old man, you sure got a cocky-ass mouth!” Sam grumbled following Steve out of the kitchen, leaving yourself and the others to chuckle at their bickering behaviour.

“I’ll catch my brother up to speed with everything” Wanda smiled gently, dragging Pietro from the kitchen, along with Aaron and Elizabeth following after them.


“Loki is played by a good friend of mine, Tom, Tom Hiddleston!” Chris explains to Thor who are both sat in the living room, watching something random on the TV, Paul Rudd and Chris Evans sat also but more focused on the television than the actual conversation happening.

“Is he anything like his character, my brother?” Thor asked, glancing at himself, it didn’t really shock Thor all that much; he knew about the different realms of the universe, of course, another him did kind of freaked him out but it wasn’t as odd as everyone made it seem.

“No, not at all,” Chris chuckled “Tom is an Englishmen, very well spoken, like Loki in that respect but their personalities are far more different and Tom is a very complex person; whilst he is very kind and gentle, he also has a very playful nature to him, making him some ways a lot like myself… he’s actual an adopted Hemsworth brother at this point.”

“This Tom sounds like a nice man, I’d very much like to meet him, sounds like he does the portrayal of my brother correct,” Thor grinned and Chris nodded in agreement “I’d like to know how much of Asgard they had gotten true, I assume they go by the books they have written on our laws, not much of that correct is either.”

“I think they got it as accurate as they could, the final piece is always amazing, it’s mostly green screens and I never see it till editing is over but I think we do Asgard justice.” Chris nods.

Thor begins to describe Asgard and it’s people, slowing bringing Paul and Chris Evans into the conversation, all asking questions about his home and what it’s like; questions Thor is only willing to answer, he never really gets to talk about it too much, other than the few times Darcy has asked and to have people who are from a different universe ask, it was very much entertaining.


“ON YOUR LEFT!” Steve raced passed Sam for the sixth time, well to Steve he had run six times around the National Mall, for Sam, it was the third lap and he was only slightly getting more pissed off with his best friend.

Grumbling to under his breath as he watches Steve running in the distance, that was Steve’s jogging pace, or so he tells Sam but today everything was going to change. All those times Steve had poked fun, mocked and yelled that stupid line was about to come crashing down, Steve had no idea about the plan Sam was plotting and now that he had another him… well, it seemed like the perfect chance.

As he jogged, he pulled out his phone, sending the text and waited. Steve had no idea he has been jogging with Anthony, not Sam, like (Y/N) he was clueless on who is who, only making the plan work a lot sweeter than Sam expected.

A whooshing sound came from above, Anthony glanced up to see Sam fly above him, a look of determination coming across his face and he sped up to Steve. Steve frowned when he heard a familiar, yet strange noise; he glanced up and over his shoulder seeing Sam, Falcon using his wings.

“ON YOUR ABOVE, OLD MAN” Sam yelled, flying over Steve, making Steve laugh but slow to a final stop; resting hands on his hips, breathing heavily as Sam landed a few feet away, a proud and amused smirk settling across his best friend’s face.

“Very funny, Sam, you got Anthony to trick me?” he asked slightly baffled by his friend, who simply shrugged, high-fiving Anthony once he met up with them.

“I just decided to give you a taste of your own medicine and I feel prett-ay good about it” Sam smugly grinned, nudging Steve who crossed his arms in defeat, “that will teach you to think twice about messin’ with me.”

“Okay, okay,” Steve raised his hands in defeat, his own smirk settling in “but, I still beat you on foot.” He sped off, causing Sam to yell after him and Anthony to laugh at them both.


“Are you bringing a date to the wedding?” Chris asked Sebastian, who had now joined him in the kitchen looking for food.

It’s silent for a few moments as Sebastian plans his words, he hadn’t really thought of finding anyone to go with him, he wasn’t exactly seeing anyone exclusively or at all and he didn’t want to show up with some random girl; it was a special occasion between family and friends.

“No, I don’t think so,” Seb shrugged at his best friend, who nodded lightly, a thick silence settling between them both. Sebastian had always suspected Chris knew or had an inkling, he just never wanted to ask or state it, maybe cause he didn’t want to admit he may be the reason for Sebs single life or out of respect for Sebastian not having to admit he was in love with his best friends fiancée; whatever it was, he was grateful for it.

“Well, maybe you should,” the tone of Evans’ voice hung in the air, both locking eyes with each other and a small hint of a smile came upon Chris’s face, “wouldn’t want you leaving with the maid of honour.” He joked light-heartedly.

“Hey, boyo’s” you yelled entering the kitchen once more, mugs in both hands, you had been sitting down in the lab with; Tony, Vision, Bruce and Bucky watching them work on fixing the portal.

“Hey, (Y/N),” they both say at the same time chuckling at one another.

“What you two talkin’ about? Anything interesting?” you placed the mugs into the sink and then lent your elbows beside where Chris stood making a sandwich, glancing at Seb and then to Chris.

“Discussing wedding stuff for Chris and his fiancée” Sebastian spoke without really thinking, widening eyes and looking at Chris who just sighed and looked down at you, you had raised eyebrows in question.

“You’re getting married and I only find out now?” you asked astonished by this revelation, Chris sighed and nodded gently, “Well, who is she?”

“Uhh-well, about that, she’s kind of… well, to put it clearly, she’s uh, hmmm-“Chris shrugged “she’s the alternate you!” he came out right with it, after stumbling over his own words.

It took you a few seconds to fully register what he had said to you, glancing at Sebastian who just nodded with a small smile; you widened your eyes slightly but smiled. You never thought you’d, well alternate you would be marrying alternate Steve but in some ways you could understand.

“Oh. My. God” you mutter “that’s… wonderful congratulations and to me, I guess.” You laughed.

“I know it’s strange, it just sort of happened, can’t really explain it” Chris sighed, going back to making his sandwich, you shrugged and grinned.

“I get it, I am so happy, that’s so sweet” he chuckled and nodded “I bet the wedding is going to be magical… OH MY GOD! We gotta get you back, I must be freaking out, planning a whole wedding whilst you are god knows where!?” you yell slightly, both men raise their eyebrows at you, chuckling slightly.

“Actually, you told me to stay out of the planning just to show up on the day.” Chris smiled.

“That does sound very much like something I’d say” you mutter, Sebastian laughed loudly at that comment, only nodding in agreement with you.

“Although, I do have a few ideas if you wanted to hear them and make sure they are good or not?” Chris asked a small shrug of his broad shoulders, you nodded with a smile.

“I’ll leave you both to it” Sebastian sighed, getting up and out off of the stool, you waved slightly at Seb who did the same and left the kitchen to find Bucky; set on making Bucky tell his feelings to you soon, he didn’t want the alternate him missing out on the chance to plan a wedding with you.  

“Whatever it is, it better not involve a horse and carriage” you sternly warn, Chris widens his eyes and sighs.

“Forgot you hate cliches” you both chuckle at that with one another.

(Please, tell me what you think. I work really hard on these parts and I would very much like to hear what you think of them, also you want to be tagged, let me know. Thank you for the suppport. - Rosalee)

Hunger - chapter 20

Hunger master post

Kate Argent’s blonde hair is spread around her like a blood-soaked halo. Her dead, glassy eyes stare at Stiles. It’s not pleasure that spreads through him warmly, but it’s something close enough that it frightens him. Because there should be a line, right? She was going to put a bullet in his head, but there should still be a line. Stiles is afraid that if he crosses it, it he takes delight in this moment, then he’ll be no better than her.

Then again, maybe it’s okay to be happy about it, just for now. Maybe it’s okay to be pleased that the bitch is dead. She wouldn’t have spared a thought for him, would she?

Maybe it’s okay to feel whatever he feels now, and to worry about his conscience tomorrow.

If there’s a tomorrow.

The hunters are still banging on the door.

This isn’t over yet.

And right on cue, Peter Hale slides down onto the floor, black blood pumping out of his chest.

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Darren and Chris have a fight that ends when Darren storms out of their apartment in Brooklyn. Then Sandy hits. 

Little companion to my (old) story From Broadway to Brooklyn but can be read as a stand-alone.

“I don’t appreciate feeling like a freaking housewife from the 60s all the time!” Chris yelled. 

That wasn’t the reason they had started fighting, though, and they had already said a lot of things they shouldn’t have. And now, somehow, they had ended up here, fighting about vacuuming and laundry. 

“No one’s asking you to clean!” Darren yelled back. 

“Oh, you’d ask if you didn’t know I’d do it eventually anyway! This place would look like…”

“What, Chris? What would it look like if you just let go of control for once and let me take care of things? Cleaning is not brain surgery, I know how to use the washing machine!” 

“Then why don’t you? Ever? I’m just as busy as you and yet it’s always me who makes the effort of making our apartment livable. I’m sick of it, Darren! I’m not someone who’s willing to do everything just so you can sit on your ass! If you want someone like that then I suggest you go pick up one of your fans!” 

It came out in all the wrong ways but Chris didn’t even try to take it back. There was no use, it was said and there was some truth behind it. 

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I think Chris at least suspected that Kate was involved. Because when Stiles accuses her he does not provide any evidence. He doesn't say "It was Kate because my friend Danny hacked her account and she bought a truckload of incendiary just before the fire" or "She was a teacher at the school and would you look at how she touches Derek on this class photo." He just states that she was it and Chris turns on her.

I think when he looks at Kate he can’t deny it any more. We know from the moment she’s introduced that there’s something about Kate. Something that Chris doesn’t want Allison influenced by. 

Chris is a man trying very hard to believe that his sister (and his father) haven’t broken the code. He’s trying to hold onto his faith, even though a part of him knows it’s empty. 

I Can’t Take It *Chris Evans x Reader*

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Summary: Inspired by all the hate, I and other writers have been receiving as of late.
Admins Note: The only I could make this work was if you were a vlogger/ blogger for YouTube, but that’s only mentioned briefly. I’m not one to really express how I feel, in fact, sometimes I just delete the anon hate because it doesn’t bother me but I have days like I am writing here where, yes, the hate does affect me and I want the “haters” to realise that the stuff you write has a domino effect. Your messages can really affect how someone is feeling, especially, someone who suffers with mental illness; I have dysthymia, so waking up sometimes is difficult for me, reading messages that tell me to die, well, yeah that’s gonna effect how I feel! So, please, reconsider how you treat someone on and off the internet.- Ro

If you know any blogs/ writers that have been receiving hate and you think they may like this as a pick me up, then direct them, I’d like to lift as many spirits as possible with this Evans fluff.

You sat scrolling through your dashboard, laid upon your bed with your laptop propped up on a book to keep from overheating too much, your chin resting on one hand as the other hit the down button and occasionally reblogging some cool content.

Your eyes would flick to the message icon, the number increasing still as the hours passed, you had been avoiding clicking on the icon for almost a day but you knew you had to view all the messages at some point or another. It’s part of your “job” to have a presence on the internet, at all times, when did blogging become a job you didn’t know but it did.

You sighed as you clicked on the icon, sucking in a harsh breath as the screen loaded for a few seconds before showing various “anon” messages to you, you let out a shaky puff of air and began the scrolling of the ego bruising messages ahead.

Various; “Kill yourself” messages, “youre ugly and fat, just leave” messages and the famous “he is too good for you, you are just a distraction to him!” messages.

It never usually affects you this much, normally you are able to take it on the chin and just delete those messages, shrug them off with a simple chuckle and go about your day. You knew the shouldn’t mean anything, amongst those bad messages, are a tonne of nice ones, people still congratulating you on your following count so far-plus a million subscribers on YouTube. It shouldn’t matter, but yet it does.

You had woken up not feeling too great, not in a sick way just having a bad mental day, you just felt lethargic and didn’t want to do anything but stay in bed. Days like these weren’t good for scrolling through your social media’s, especially Twitter. It seemed no matter what media you clicked on, someone had something to say about you or your relationship, whilst you’d shrug off the teeny-boppers any other day but today was different.

Today you had enough; you had enough of the constant ridicule, insults and death threats. You had enough, it was plain and simple, you couldn’t take it… you couldn’t stand it. Was any of this worth it? Was actually being in a relationship with someone worth all this shit? Sure, you loved him but was that enough that take this amount of hate every day for rest of your life, maybe.

The bedroom  door opened, you didn’t even realise you were crying till you sniffed and wiped the evidence of weakness away, you looked up to see a confused Chris standing in the door of the bedroom; holding the leash that was connected to Dodger.

“Hey, how as the walk?” you asked, smiling as Dodger pulled on the lead to get to you.

“Yeah, it was good, why are you crying?” Chris asked unclipping the lead from Dodger’s red collar and he stormed to you, jumping on the bed and assaulting you in kisses and fluffy hugs; making you laugh loudly.

Chris pulled Dodger away, telling him to lay down and he obeyed, you were left sitting on the bed with the opened laptop beside you both; you nodded to the screen, Chris pushed the lid of the laptop back and scanned the few dozen hate messages, clicking on Twitter to see your mentions full of the same abuse also.

He sighed gently, “We’ve talked about this, doll. You gotta ignore ‘em, you aren’t doing this for them, we aren’t together for them!”

“I know, I get it,” you sighed and ran a hand through your hair “just… it’s hard to ignore them, Chris. It’s my job to take criticism and feedback from my audience, I don’t have actual New York Times reviewers, I have these people who send me messages every day, telling me what they think. So, yeah, it will affect me because that there, is how they think of me.”

“But they aren’t your audience or your followers, they definitely are not your fans, so stop listening to them and listen to me” he closed the laptop shut and turned to face you “you’re a nice person, who has a tonne of friends, who loves doing what she is doing and that’s running a blog, you met all your friends from doing this also! You have a great community of people, yeah not everyone is gonna love ya, I don’t understand why it works that way but it does” he sighs “those messages are people who are jealous and are fucking idiots.”

“I can’t take it anymore,” you sighed helplessly, “I hate feeling like this, I can’t go on any social media without feeling like utter crap, I get it shouldn’t affect me but that’s easier said than done. I sound so pathetic, cause look where I am, but it just… hurts.”

Chris pulled you to him, hugging you tightly in an embrace “you shouldn’t have to take it, no one should but unfortunately people are gonna keep being assholes over the internet, but you gotta remember the good things about why you started.” You sighed shakily, cuddling into Chris some more.

You don’t know how long you sat in Chris’s lap for, his hands running soothing circles on your back, the silence of the room being calming and lulling you into peacefulness. If there was anyone to make you feel better about having such a terrible day it was-

“Dodger, piss off” you jumped as Chris laughed, almost pushing you off him in response to Dodger wanting some affection, you chuckled as his dog carried on showering his best friend with affection and Chris meekly trying to push away the lovable dork.

“Okay, you two lovable goofballs are worth all of this shit,” you grinned.

“I wish I could make them stop,” Chris sat up, scratching behind Dodger’s ears “but I can’t, I can offer warm hugs and a dog that won’t leave you alone, not even for a second.”

You smiled opening your arms, Chris suspected for him but instead Dodger got to you, you wrapped your arms around the fluffy neck and snuggled into him. Chris raised his eyebrows at you both, shrugging and wrapping his arms around the both of you, hugging slightly tightly.

(I just wanted to lift myself up with some Dodger and Chris moments. - Rosalee)

Brains and Brawn

The jocks at my college were assholes. The only reason they passed were from the special attention there given from sports. They hire ‘nerds’ like me to help them. But they don’t even want help! They just sit there and make me do their homework. They always promise money for the tutoring, but when you ask for pay they say there payment is not beating you up. I still worked hard for them though, because if they don’t get the A on the homework then I will definitely hear about it. They beat me up if its not A quality. Most of my work was always A quality, so the coach always had me tutor the Captain of the football team, Lucas Reed. I loved it, he was so incredibly sexy, I didn’t even mind doing his work for him. He was a cocky shithead but a sexy one at that. We meet every other day, and it was amazing! He would get mad at me but I could never get mad at him. 

We were scheduled to meet today. There was a big test coming up. They always hate tests because they have to take it themselves. It was always stressful for me during this time because they had to relearn everything I taught them because they don’t study ever. I grabbed my book bag and headed out to their frat house. They always cleared the house whenever Lucas met me, they are all scared of him and will do whatever he asks. So when he wants privacy with his tutor, he gets it. It was quite the walk across campus but theirs nothing I can do about it. They don’t offer any form of transportation. It takes up so much time out of my time to study.

I finally made it to the house. I walked in, I don’t have to knock anymore, he knows when I will be there so there’s no point in doing so. I turned the corner and there he was sitting down. God he looked so sexy, his jelled over hair was amazing. His stubble was perfection. He looked like a model, so incredibly photogenic, he has probably never taken a bad pic. I slipped my book bag off my back and put it down by my chair. I slumped in the chair across him. He looked up like he just saw I walked in. He had a goofy smile on his face, but yet he made it took amazing. He said he had a plan. I was confused. He grabbed a small black device, with a bunch of gears and blinking lights on it. He reached out and grabbed my hand. A gear struck my finger and blood trickled onto the device. it was sucked into the contraption. He put his finger in as well. His blood mixed in with mine. He looked over at me again, his smile became devious. He smashed the button and I saw him pass out. A wave of nausea flooded over me, until a blackout stuck me. 

I jolted forward. I saw my body lying on the table passed out. I couldn’t believe. Was I a ghost? No, I looked down and saw hands, tan muscly hands. I knew what happened. We swapped bodies. I reached over and check for my- well his pulse. It was low and steady. He wouldn’t wake up for a while. I got up, feeling the major weight change. But I was able to lift it easily. I walked over to the bathroom. I noticed my posture change, it was now straight. My shoulders were more back and I didn’t slouch. It was like the body was on auto pilot. It kinda was in a way. I had no idea where the bathroom was but my body led me towards it. I walked in the bathroom. It shocked me still even thought I knew we swapped. I quickly stripped revealing his body. It was better than I could imagine. I started to beat one out with my new cock. While jacking off I changed my facial expressions, making sexy faces to goofy faces, it was amazing I moved his body like it was mine! The cum came out. It felt amazing. I heard a rustle and knew my time was up. I quickly cleaned up and pulled up my pants. I felt something in the pockets. It was the device. ‘I should break this, then we could never swap back!’ I stomped on the device with my foot breaking it. I put it back in my pocket. I would tell him the device broke when I woke up. Or I can say that when he blacked out he landed on it. I walked out of the bathroom and saw my body figiting. He was about to wake up. I quickly sat down and laid my head down. I tried to act like I was still blacking out. 

I heard him lift his head. He immediately tried to wake me up. I got up slowly, acting like I just woke up. He was smiling but in my body. 

“Now you can take the test in my body! Then after we can swap back!” My old body said excitedly. 

‘”Well except the fact that this device was broken when you passed out.” I said, but it was weird coming from my new low and powerful voice. 

Thats when he started getting angry. 

“I’ll make sure the entire team knows!” He shouted.

“Yea, but they won’t believe you. I mean come on, swapping bodies?” I retorted. 

I told him to leave. If I ever want to swap back I will call him, but why would I want that. The time I normally tutor for was up. Some of the guys were finally coming back. Chris Young, another jock, walked in. My old body flipped out telling him I took his old back.

“Yea right.” I scoffed. “Chris do you believe this nerd! I never want him back here, hes weird as hell.”

“Damn right, I ought a beat you twink!” Chris said dominantly. 

My old body ran out defeated. 

“Luke (My new nickname), will you be able to pass with out that nerd?” Chris asked suspecting nothing.

“Yea, I have something up my sleeve.” I replied with a cocky smile. 

He walked off. With brains and brawn I can do anything. Being captain of the football team and smart was amazing. I ran my hands through my hair like he normally would and I headed of to my room. I had to get some sleep, I had my first game tomorrow. Bring Lucas Reed is all I could hope for in life. I had an army of jocks at my command, along with being amazing at football and also hella smart. Nothing could ever go wrong.