chris summerfield

So with the excellent news that Erimem is apparently confirmed bi in the preface to the new book (thanks to whenyousayrun for pointing this out!) I thought it was time to do an updated version of my old bi companions graphic to include her as well as Benny since she’s confirmed to have married River (as said by both Moffat and Cornell) and also give Owen and Tosh their own squares because why not, even if they’re not technically companions they’re close enough.

The usual caveat applies that this is generally taken as indication that the characters have displayed romantic or sexual attraction to multiple genders and thus many could also be read as pan, or ace and bi/panromantic, etc. while others have been confirmed through word of god, but all can fall somewhere under the bi umbrella. Although anyone who says that Jack isn’t actually bi but is really pan will feel my well-researched wrath.

(The list: Mike Yates, Erimemushinteperem, Ace McShane, Bernice Summerfield, Chris Cwej, Sam Jones, Fey Truscott-Sade, Fitz Kreiner, Majenta Pryce, Jack Harkness, Toshiko Sato, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, River Song, Oswin/Clara Oswald, and potentially more? If anyone has any more to add to the list I’ll be happy to hear of them!)