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Bravest Warriors Season 3 Teaser! - CartoonHangover
Click Here to Get VRV Now! Bravest Warriors Season 3 is coming January 10, 2017! Join Chris, Danny, Wallow, Beth, Catbug an...

Bravest Warriors Season 3 is coming January 10, 2017! Join Chris, Danny, Wallow, Beth, Catbug and the rest of the gang as we start to air our longest episodes yet! Be ready for the new season by downloading the VRV app now!

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Belated Happy New Year/Updates!

Hi guys! I know I’m late but I hope you guys have a Happy New Year! Here’s hoping the 2017/Year of the Rooster will be a much a better year for all of us!

Also my Last batch of Stony Neko Atsume stickers have finally arrived :3 (I have a few left over I will sell at my store when I reopen in February I hope. )

I don’t do New Year resolutions because they are often forgotten or broken so I’m sticking to just plain old ‘resolutions’ which are more do-able for me XD So for example one of my resolutions is to put more effort to be more active on this blog.

 I know I’ve been very on/off here but I will try harder to put more effort to input more art here and just to talk more (and ignore my dash asap if i see hate/toxicity).  Work at my retail job and work on my store took alot of my time these past few months but now I have more time off to work on my art and get my shit together/get better!

I’m busy working on Bonus art prints for customers right now who adopted both my puppy and kitty acrylic charms- but here’s a sneak peek! I was totally inspired by a certain Chris Evans Photo lol

Thanks for Everyone who read this post, I hope to to post more soon :)

Mountain Lodge Candle aka The Boyfriend Candle

So a few weeks ago, I saw a post on Tumblr praising how AMAZING the Yankee Candle “Mountain Lodge” Candle smells like exactly what you’d think “insert sexy famous dude” here would smell like. Like people are making Chris Evans stickers for the outside of these candles. (Seriously, check out the Tumblr tag.)  I thought this was hilarious and of course ordered one out of pure curiosity. There’s no way this thing smells like the essence of “hot boyfriend”. 


pool party headcanons

requested by anon: Aight, so itsa pool party headcannon, right. Who does what. Like who’s chilling getting a tan, who’s like almost drowning in the middle of a chicken fight. Or like who’s making out behind the lifeguard station.

• Josh is jumping off the the diving board and swimming laps. He decided to join the swim team in school that fall to keep his mind off of therapy and his medication. This would help him train for tryouts.
• Ashley is sunbathing out by the water. What she doesn’t know is that Josh and Chris replaced the sticker on a bottle of tanning oil with one from a sunscreen bottle. Since she has fair skin, she’ll be as burnt as a lobster in about an hour and a half.
• Matt, Mister Big Shot Football Man, can’t swim. He sits on the edge in the kitty pool, watching Emily as she tries to show him different strokes. He’s not really paying attention, he’s honestly just thinking about how fucking good Emily looks in that bikini and how much he wants to rip it off of her. (Keep it PG, Matthew)
• Jess and Mike are, as expected, making out behind a life guard chair. Every time Josh jumps in, though, water flies back and drips on them. It’s quite annoying, but they don’t let it ruin their time.
• Hannah, Beth, and Sam are racing to see who could eat the most ice cream sandwiches in under two minutes.. Hannah is winning when she starts to feel nauseous, turning around and throwing up into a garbage can. “Victory is mine!” Sam had screeched, practically shoving the whole ice cream bar in her mouth.
• Chris is laying on a floaty in the deep end, reading a book for his business class. Josh and Emily get the sneaky idea to creep up on him and tip the floaty over. Once he breaks the waters surface, he looks like a drowned rat. But the look on his face, Josh and Emily decide, is worth it.