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“I thought you hated baths”~Corey Seager smut

Corey hates baths… so he thought. based off this request

Contains smut! Word count:  500+

You turned on the water for your bath. Once it was all filled up you decided to put in two of lush’s bath bombs conveniently named the sex bomb. 

Just as you started to undress you felt a strong hand on your shoulders, then you feel a soft kiss on your neck. “Hey babe” Corey said. 

You turned around in Corey’s arms to get a proper look at him. His face was glistening with sweat from the gym.

“You about to get in the bathtub?” Corey asked. 

“Yes…care to join?” you asked. 

Corey shook his head, “You know I hate baths.” 

“Suit yourself” you said taking off your shirt and shorts. 

Corey stood there as you did so watching your every move while you unclasped your bra and pulled down your  underwear. 

“There’s nothing like a bath to help you relax” you said getting into the bathtub. 

“Fuck it” Corey said hastily taking clothes off climbing into the bath tub with you. He kissed you hungrily.

You were leaned against the back of the bathtub, “What’s got you so worked up Corey?” 

“You” Corey said his fingers moving down to rub circles around your clit. You moaned in response only working Corey up even more. You head fell back as Corey kissed your neck. 

“Corey” you moaned. 

“What baby” Corey asked a smirk forming on his lips. 

Now you were the one who was all worked up, “Corey please” you mumbled unable to form a sentence. 

“Please what?” 

“I need you inside me, Corey” you said.

In an instant Corey lined up his cock to you entrance. You mouths both open against each others as a moan escaped your lips. Corey’s hands moved to the edge of the bath tub to support himself while he built up a steady pace. 

Water splashed all around the two the of you, the heat from the water causing sweat to form on both of your faces. Corey’s shut as you pressed a kiss just below his ear. Your fingernails digging into his back with every thrust.

You moaned against his lips as Corey began to rub your clit again, you were going to last much longer if he kept this up.

“Corey, I’m about to…” you murmured only to have Corey thrust deeper into you hitting you g-spot perfectly. 

You head hit the back of the tub while you moaned his name, your toes curling as you came. 

Seeing you like this made Corey cum himself, his eyes tightly shut as he came inside you.  

He pulled out pressed a kiss to your lips. 

“God Corey” you said. 

He smirked in response. 

“I thought you said you hated baths?” you asked. 

He groaned, “That was before I had one with you.”

Alright so I enjoyed writing that…


I seriously don’t know about this… but, here we go:

Dragon Age fancast → Chris Pratt as Commander Cullen.

“No! I didn’t mean to- Maker’s breath. I’ve answered that question so many times I’m rejecting it automatically. I’m not one for dancing. The Templars never attended balls.”

Cullen screenshots: @cantkeepmyeyesoff

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 17 via The Criterion Collection. The 1992 film has been restored in 4K under the supervision of David Lynch.

A prequel to Lynch’s Twin Peaks TV series, Fire Walk with Me stars Sheryl Lee, Moira Kelly, David Bowie, Chris Isaak, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Wise, and Kyle MacLachlan.

Read on for a list of the Lynch-approved special features.

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