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Kenneth Jay Lane turned designing “fake” jewelry into a global business. He didn’t take himself too seriously — joking his costume jewelry wasn’t fake or junk. Instead, he would pronounce it “faque” and “junque.”

Lane died in his sleep at his home in Manhattan, according to Chris Sheppard, executive vice president of Lane’s company. Lane was 85.

A documentary film about the designer, called Fabulously Fake: The Real Life of Kenneth Jay Lane, is expected to be released in 2018.

Costume Jewelry Designer Kenneth Jay Lane Dies At 85

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

All My Shepards

Today, after much soul-searching, I decided to do one of the stupidest things (so I’ve heard) an author can do: change my main character’s name. Then I decided to do probably THE stupidest thing at author could do: split said main character into different characters so I have three separate universes, instead of three alternate universes. 

With all the changes going on, this seemed like an excellent time for some formal introductions - and face-claims - so here we are. (I will probably be posting some ask memes a little later in the week to help us get to know each other better. I hope you will all participate!)

Under the cut because the pictures make this a LONG post…

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All these people out here wanna be in a relationship with all these famous people, which would be amazing, but I’m realistic…let me be your friend! We can chill and be dorks and it’ll be amazing! Let’s geek out together


The Eisenhower Jacket

General Dwight D. Eisenhower considered the Army’s World War II military uniform to be restricting and poorly suited for combat. Instead he had a standard issue wool field jacket tailored to be “very short, very comfortable, and very natty looking.” The resulting “Eisenhower jacket” or “Ike jacket,” as it came to be known, was standard issue to American troops after November 1944.

This “Ike jacket” was worn by Eisenhower, seen here in this photograph.

Ike urged theater-wide adoption of the shorter jacket in a May 5, 1943, letter to General George C. Marshall, the Army Chief of Staff.

Can cute boys stop being

1. Famous
2. Fictional
3. Gay
4. Double my age
5. 135774147883 miles away from me
6. Taken