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Behind The Scenes - Misha Collins

Misha x Reader

Summary : You meet Misha at Con(Single!Misha).

You straightened out the leather jacket you were wearing as you stood by the stage. Chris waved to the audience as they screamed. You giggled as he began to fist pump as he sat. ‘Now cover your ears, here’s the Banshee’ You felt Chris Hemsworth slap your back and you walked out onto the stage. You waved to them as they cheered. You gave a small dance and Chris took your hand and gave you a twirl as you both laughed causing the crowd to scream louder as you both sat.

You smiled as Scarlett answered the question. ‘Y/n, she likes to call me Letty’ You shrugged blowing her a kiss. ‘My little Letty sounds cute though’ You said into the mic. She giggled. ‘But it’s weird when you hear over the intercom ‘Where’s my little Letty gone? I’ll come find you pretty, don’t you run off on me’ when we’re working’ The rest of the cast laughed and you waved her off. ‘That’ You told the audience. ‘Does NOT happen that often’ And they all started to laugh louder. You turned to see Robert nodding mouthing that it does.

Scarlett leaned into the mic. ‘So yeah, we have a lot of nicknames for one another. ‘Y/n especially’ You smiled. ‘Guilty, I like nicknames’ You told them. Robert leaned back in his seat whistling at you. You leaned back and leaned closer to him behind Chris E’s back. ‘Just warning you, I’m letting the cat out of the bag’ He chuckled and sat back up straight. You furrowed your eyebrows shaking your head in confusion at him

He turned looking down the table. ‘You want to know a really cute nickname though guys?’ Robert said into the mick and the audience answered. He chuckled. ‘Our good old Captain here-’ He patted Chris’ shoulder smirking at you two. ‘-has a lovely nickname for our Y/n’ You rolled your eyes at Robert. ‘He calls her Babe, all the time’ The audience started to scream. You and Chris looked at each other. ‘Thanks for adding fuel to the fire Rob’ Chris groaned.

For years the fans had been shipping you and Chris. It wasn’t that it annoyed you, actually both you and Chris played on it a lot actually. It amused you both. It was true the two of you were close, he was your best friend.

You leaned forwards into the table as the next fan stepped up. ‘Hey guys, I’m so happy to be here’ You smile. ‘So are we’ Hemsworth said and the girl giggled. ‘My question is for Y/n’ You smiled and stuck your tongue out at the others and the audience laughed a little. ‘Good choice’ You winked as you told her and they laughed more. ‘Eh-it’s said that you might be making an appearance on Supernatural’ You leaned back a little giving a small laugh. ‘Eh, well who know?’ You smirked and heard the crowd groan. ‘You all know I like to pop up in random movies and Tv shows. But I havn’t done Supernatural yet’ You shrugged. ‘But I’d love to, maybe I’d be a Monster and Dean will have to kill me’ You sighed happily. ‘I mean if Dean Winchester was the last thing I seen before I got my head lobbed off, I’d die pretty happy’ You laughed into the mic and heard the audience do the same

You waited until the laughter died down. You took a drink of your water. ‘Plus it looks like a lot of fun and the guys are amazing so yeah, if anyone’s here from the Supernatural crew, write me in’ You gave the audience a double thumbs up with a large smile. ‘Have you met any of them?’ She asked and you nodded. ‘Jensen and Mark, but none of the others’ You told her. ‘Who would be your favourite to meet?’ She asked again. You laughed. ‘You guys can keep a secret right?’ There was a chorus of yeses and you smirked. ‘Definitely Misha Collins, I mean, who wouldn’t? Have you seen that man? Those eyes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen’ Chris gasped beside you.

He put his hand on his heart. ‘You’ve hurt me’ He said into the mic. You giggled and leaned up pressing a kiss to his cheek and the crowd screamed. ‘I love ye Chris but-’ You let it hang for a second. ‘-oh come on, you’ve seen him. I’ve made you watch two seasons last week’  Chris laughed. ‘That’s true, she forced me to sit down and watch an entire two seasons, in a week. Last time I spend a week in your house’ You giggled at Chris’ appalled face and the crowd went wild. You raised your eyebrows at him. ‘But yeah, he is a beautiful man’ Chris sighed into the mic. You threw up your arms and did a little happy dance.

He chuckled shaking his head. ‘And-’ You leaned ‘-not to mention what an amazing actor he is. I mean the versatility of his acting is ridiculous. Plus not just that but he’s actually a pretty amazing person as well. I haven’t heard a bad word from anyone who knows him. I mean he’s very generous and kind and his GISHWHES is an amazing Idea. We’re actually taking part in it this year’ You waved your hand to the rest of the team.

You smiled at them. ‘And he’s very funny, I mean. He’s hilarious, have you seen his interviews, cos I have’ You giggled shrugging. ‘Aaand someone stop me before I embarrass myself’ You let your head fall against the table as the cast laughed. ‘I think you’re well past the darling’ Big Chris laughed on the other side you you patting you back as the audience laughed.

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Name: Samantha 

Nicknames: Sam, Sammi, Sammi Jo by my grandfather

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Height: 5′7 1/2” 

Orientation: In a Gal and Chris sandwich

Ethnicity: Eastern European, German, Polish um I don’t really know since y’all know the Holocaust bullshit ruined it

Favorite Fruit: Watermelon, Strawberries, Apples

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book Series: Maximum Ride, Another by Sarah Dessen, plenty more that i cant think of

Favorite Fictional Characters: Leonard McCoy, Jim Kirk, Steve Rogers, Bucky Banres, most of the Marvel characters and others

A Fictional Character I’d like as a sibling: Hmm probably the Maximoff Twins, Wanda and Pietro

Favorite Flower: Roses

Favorite Scent: Roses, bookstores, freshly baked sweets

Favorite Color: Red and Black

Favorite Animal: Dogs, Tigers, and Butterflies

Favorite Artist/Band: Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Sam Hunt, Carrie Underwood, um plenty others

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: hot cocoa

Average Sleep Hours: good nights 8, bad nights 4-5

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: A comforter and a fuzz one

Dream Trip: Heritage trip through Europe 

Last Thing Googled: NSFW Sentence Starter

Blog Created: 5 - 6 years ago. Not fully used till a few years ago

How many Blogs do I follow: 217

Number of Followers: 441 or so

What do I usually post about: Uh pretty much anything i want

Do you get asks regularly: No

What’s your aesthetic: Bookstore, blankets, paper and notebooks, and dogs

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The Patriots Vs. The 49ers- Chris Evans One Shot

Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: Your life with Chris where you support the San Francisco 49ers and he supports the New England Patriots. Football is the basis of your relationship.

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: Two uses of the “a” word

A/N: I know that Colin Kaepernick has said some very controversial things lately and this is in no way supporting his actions (or being negative towards him). I used these two teams because 1) the Patriots are Chris’ favorite team and 2) the 49ers are my dad’s favorite team and they’re just as good as the Patriots. I don’t know many football players (other than the quarterbacks) or terms, so if you are a sporty person, please do not get offended by this.


Football always had a strong influence in your life. You grew up with your father watching it constantly on TV and your cousins teaching you how to play. You were born into a family that loved the San Francisco 49ers and, even in adulthood, you still fully supported the team.

It was a big day for you. The San Francisco 49ers were playing the New England Patriots and it was considered one of the biggest games of the season. You got your jersey and cap on, then headed down to your local LA bar to watch the game with your friend. You both shared the same passion for football and the 49ers. It was tradition for you two to watch big games such as this at a bar on the TV.

You sat with your friend, both of you leaning on the top of the bar-watching the game intently. You both groaned simultaneously as the ball was fumbled and handed off to the Patriots.

“Another round.” Someone ordered from the bartender, sitting beside you. You looked over at the guy, who was wearing a Patriots jersey. You scoffed lightly to yourself and he turned to you.

“What? Can’t stand a little competition? I’ve got to represent.” He said.

“You’re representing the losing side.” You stated in a playful, yet serious manner.

“I’m afraid you’re wrong, sweetheart.”

“Seeing as it’s third quarter and we’re winning 45-17, I’d say you’re on the losing end of the stick.”

“Kaepernick plays good in the first half, but it’s Brady who will dominate in the second.” The stranger replied, giving the bartender a bill after he received four beers, presumably for his own friends.

“Kaepernick may be terrible, but we’ve still got better defense.” You stated.

“Wanna make this a bet?”

“Depends. What’s the prize?” You asked.

“If the Patriots win, then you let me take you out on a date. If the forty-whiners win, then I owe you fifty.” He suggested.

“Whiners, huh? Is that how it is?”

“Oh, that’s how it is.” He smirked, “I’m Chris by the way.”

“Y/N.” You paused, “Well, Chris, don’t get too cocky because the Patriots are about to get their asses given to them on a red and gold platter.” You said.

“We’ll see about that, sweetheart.” Chris winked, taking his beers and walking back to his friend. You turned your attention back to the game and less than a minute later the Patriots scored a touchdown. You heard loud cheering from another corner in the bar and turned to see Chris sitting with his friends. He smirked at you while raising his beer in a toast motion. He sent you a wink as he drank from it. You would never live this down.


“Third date and your taking me to a football game?” You laughed from the passenger seat of Chris’ car. He sent you a smile from the driver’s seat as he pulled into the parking lot of the Gillette Stadium.

“What could be more romantic than box seats at a Patriots game?” He asked, holding your hand in his.

“Box seats at a Niners game.” You stated.

“Nah, the Patriots are way better.”

“I would stream the Niners’ game here, but I don’t have that much data.”

“It’s a date-you’re stuck with me, darling.” Chris replied, kissing your hand as he parked. You both got out of the car and made your way into the stadium. It would be a hour until the game starts and that left you two to walk around the park.

As fate would have it, the Patriots won the game against the Niners and you had a date that Friday night. The day after your date, Chris called you again-seeing if you would like to schedule a second one. Other than his taste in football teams, he was practically the perfect guy for you. You both had a lot in common-except the teams. That led you to two weeks later when you two were on your third date at a Patriots game. This time, however, they weren’t playing your favorite team-they were playing their rival, the Miami Dolphins.

“Want a pretzel?” Chris asked, stopping in front of a stand selling the soft delights.

“Sure, but I’m getting cheesesteak for dinner.” You stated, stepping into the line.

“It’s all about the stadium hot dogs.” He replied.

“Clearly, you’ve never had a decent cheesesteak. I mean they’re not Philly Cheesesteaks, but they’re pretty good as far as stadium food goes.”

“Never had a cheesesteak-I’m too attached to the hot dogs to get one.”

“You dragged me to this game-you’re getting a cheesesteak.” You said, crossing your arms and cocking your eyebrow in a challenging manner.

“Fine, I’ll get the dumb sandwich.” Chris answered, making you smile.

“It’s more than just a dumb sandwich.” You replied, stepping up to order a soft pretzel.

“Next time you’re in Philly, get a cheesesteak with the Cheese Whiz. It’s the best thing ever.” You said.

“If you insist.” He smiled as he took a bite of the pretzel.

You two headed to your seats and the game soon started. Chris ate his cheesesteak, surprised at how good it actually was (he even went far enough to admit that he was wrong in claiming that the hot dog was better). It hit the fourth quarter and it was late. The lights lit up and the mosquitos came out.

You tried your hardest to stay focused on how the Patriots were losing-yes, they were losing by twelve-but the chill of the night got to you. Your jacket was abandoned in the car and you didn’t think there was a chance that Chris would leave before the game finished; to be honest, you wouldn’t leave either if it was your team. Chris glanced over at you as you crossed your arms, shivering slightly.

“Are you cold?” He asked.

“Just a little.” You replied.

“Here.” He shrugged off his own jacket and handed it to you.

“You’ll get cold.” You stated.

“I’m the Human Torch-I don’t get cold.” Chris said, causing you to laugh. You reluctantly put on the large jacket, trying to ignore the fact that it had the Patriots logo plastered on it. Chris put his arm around you and pulled you in closer to him. You sighed, content with you new found warmth.


“Chris! No throwing the football in the house!” You scolded.

“Sorry, sweetheart.” He replied, holding the pigskin in his hands. You turned your attention back to making a layered bean dip. Superbowl Sunday was crazy for you and Chris because of your shared enthusiasm for the sport. This Superbowl Sunday, however, would be the craziest one to date. Why? It’s the first time that the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers would be playing against each other in the Superbowl since you met Chris. It was also the perfect opportunity for him to have a little party. He invited Sebastian and Anthony-since both of them were in town.

“Dad, can we play outside?” Your son, Grayson, asked. He was five years old and the biggest daddy’s boy you’d ever see. He absolutely loved his dad-Captain America was his favorite superhero along with the Human Torch; he drew on his face with brown marker to have a beard like his dad’s (which was not fun for you to clean off); and his favorite football team was even the Patriots. He also looked like Chris; they were exact copies of each other.

“Sorry, bud, the game’s about to start.” Chris replied, ruffling his son’s hair. He set down the football and ate a chip from the bowl.

“You two are crazy enough as it is on a normal football day-I can’t imagine how you’ll be today.” Anthony laughed.

“It gets intense. We’ve done this for eight years.” Chris stated.

“But this year is important because Lumberjack over there,” you said pointing at your husband, “will finally see just how great the Niners are.”

“You’re about to get your ass whooped, sweetheart.” He trash talked back, covering your son’s ears as he swore. You had a rule about not swearing in front of the little one.

“Keep dreaming.” You shot back.

“Apart from the football, they’re a match made in heaven.” Sebastian laughed to Anthony.

“The game’s starting!” Grayson shouted and everyone settled down into the couches to watch the game. Every once in a while your son would ask Chris about the rules, but for the most part all the words being spoken were words of encouragement to your respective teams and trash talk to the opposing teams.

They were tied going into the last quarter and you began to get nervous. Chris cheered as Brady threw the ball and if it fell into the other player’s hands, then the Patriots would certainly get a touch down. You jumped off the couch in glee as the throw was intercepted, giving the 49ers a better position to get a touchdown.

Tension increased as the clock ticked down to zero, but in the end your team won. You jumped up and down, cheering.

“In your face, Chris. That’s number six! Number six!” You exclaimed happily, “Loser cleans the house.”

“Don’t get too prideful-next year the Patriots are going to tear the whiners to bits.”

“We’re number one, Evans. Suck it.” You replied, watching as the team celebrated on the screen.

“I’m glad we don’t live here.” Sebastian told Anthony.

“Yep, I’m never going to Superbowl Sunday or anything football related with either one again.” Anthony agreed.

AU in which Chris, night guard for the American Museum of Natural History, has to bring his bro Josh around during the night for some reason. Josh ends up getting introduced to Ahkmenrah and Ahk takes to him right away, clinging like a puppy, while Josh is simply weirded out at first. Eventually Chris has to go do something important and Ahk makes a move while he’s gone and things happen and Chris walks in and Josh is super embarrassed but Ahk just wears a guilty completely innocent smile. He knows what he did. 

Bonus: Chris joins in. Chris sandwich in which the bread is Josh and Ahk. Yum.