While the Black community (me not being an exception in all fairness) is discontent with the fact that people of color got few to none nominations for the Oscars 2016, Chris Rock, this year’s host, called out the Academy’s lack of diversity on his Twitter. Caption to the new promo of the ceremony, that Rock posted, says “The #Oscars. The White BET Awards.”
I’ve got a feeling this year’s Oscars might turn out to be fun, because this man has definitely a lot to say about ‘all-white’ nominees. Hopefully that’ll teach the Academy a lesson and next year we will be observing diversity among people nominated for the award.

The real question everybody wants to know, everybody in the world wants to know: ‘Is Hollywood racist?’  Is Hollwood racist?  You know, you gotta go at that the right way.  Is it burning cross racist?  No.  Is it, 'Fetch me some lemonade!’ racist? No, no, no.  It’s a different type of racist.  

I remember one night, I was at a fundraiser for President Obama.  Lot of you were there.  And you know, it’s me, and all of Hollywood.  …And there’s about four black people there: me, Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons, Questlove – you know, the usual suspects.

…So, at some point, you get to take a picture with the President.  As they’re setting up the picture, you get like a little moment with the President.  I’m like, 'Mr. President, you see all these writers and producers and actors?  They don’t hire black people.  And they’re the nicest white people on Earth – they’re liberals!  Cheese!’

That’s right – is Hollywood racist?  You’re damn right Hollywood’s racist.  But it’s not the racism you’ve grown accustomed to.  hollywood is 'sorority racist’ – it’s like, 'We like you, Rhonda – but you’re not a Kappa.’

—  To a relatively quiet and definitely uncomfortable crowd at the Oscars, host CHRIS ROCK