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What I hate about Imagines

  • The reader’s appearance

So apparently is everyone white so that’s why everyone writes the reader like she/he is a basic white person, with straight hair and everybody can lift the person up like Nothing??

Cause I’m black and chubby and I wouldn’t even dare to let someone lift me up because I know they won’t make it.

Why do you even need to mention the reader’s hair structure? I mean there are so many ways to describe a person but if you wanna make your writing realistic as possible; don’t mention the person’s appearance.

There’s more than just one skin colour.

There’s more than just one hair structure.

There’s more than one body size.

  • Nothing else

That was the only thing that annoys me the most about imagines, cause I’m a writer and I know how much it takes to not mention any specific characteristics but if you work and use your creativity hard enough it makes everyone happy, first off with your amazing writing and second off with the fact that you include everyone in this.

I Summon Thee

TITLE: I Summon Thee


AUTHOR: chris-venom

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine going to the library and finding a book dedicated to the God of Mischief. You accidentally get locked into the library overnight having been so caught up in the book. While reading the book, you come across a passage that catches your attention.

You read the passage aloud, unaware that it is actually a spell. Once you finish reading, a green and black mist beings to swirl and suddenly, standing before you is Loki in all his glory.


RATING: Teen (Swearing)

NOTES/WARNINGS: I know next to nothing about Norse mythology, so information the character reads in the book is purely based on my knowledge of the MCU Loki. Apologies if anyone is offended by this!

Shivers run down my back as I shuffle into the library, shaking the rain off of my body. A crack of thunder outside causes me to jump slightly and I pull my soaked jacket off, hanging it by the door on a coat rack. As I pass through the second set of doors, a couple familiar faces of volunteers and staff smile at me from their places by the shelves. I trek up the stairs to the second floor and a smile crosses my face when I see I’m the only one up here. I hum to myself quietly as I head towards the shelves, browsing titles. 

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Editor Chris Jackson has worked with writers from Jay-Z to Edwige Danticat. Ta-Nehisi Coates credits Jackson with his success – and his new book, We Were Eight Years in Power is part of the official relaunch of the publishing imprint One World, with Jackson at the helm.

Our own Lynn Neary reports on the relaunch – check it out here.

– Petra

I understand that Princess Diaries 2 is to Wonder Woman for Chris Pine as Dirty Dancing 2 is to Rogue One for Diego Luna: the precursor to the big hit featuring a super young baby face, tropey plot, SWELLS of MUSIC, great chemistry, not really good but with LOTS OF FEELINGS!!!

But guys. I did not read all 10+ books in the Princess Diaries series only for the films to dump Michael after ONE MOVIE.

Yesterday in the mail I received something very exciting: my 23rd-birthday-present-to-me! Neverwhere is my favorite of Neil Gaiman’s novels, and the first one I read. I was thrilled when I heard they were coming out with a copy illustrated by Chris Riddell, but couldn’t find or afford it at the time. But recently I found a copy of it on AbeBooks, and it was affordable, so I went for it! It’s not only the gorgeous illustrated edition, and not only smells amazing and feels incredible in my hands, but it also is double signed by Chris Riddell and Neil Gaiman. I’m over the moon to add this to my Gaiman collection!

Velocity (Excerpt Below!)

The Fast and the Furious meets The Hunger Games in acclaimed author Chris Wooding’s blistering vision of the future.

Buckle up for a fast-paced, high-octane thrill ride!

Cassica and Shiara are best friends. They couldn’t be more different, but their differences work to their advantage – especially when they’re drag racing. Cassica is fearless and determined, making her the perfect driver for daring, photo-finish victories. Shiara is intelligent and creative, able to build cars out of scrap and formulate daring strategies from the passenger’s seat.

Now they’ve set their sights on the Widowmaker – the biggest, most anticipated, and most dangerous race of the year. The winners get a pass to a life of luxury and fame. The losers, more often than not, die in fiery explosions. And even if Cassica and Shiara survive the deadly three-day challenge … their friendship might be roadkill.

This breathless reimagining of extreme sports is perfect for fans of Mad Max: Fury Road and NASCAR.

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Velocity (Excerpt) by I Read YA on Scribd

Reading wasn’t an attempt to educate myself. It was my chief escape from a world that, although gorgeous in landscape and rich with mountain culture, didn’t provide what I needed—the promise of adventure, a life beyond the perimeter of hills. I often fantasized that I’d been adopted and had mysterious powers such as flying or teleportation. Books offered the promise of a world in which misfits like me could flourish. Within the pages of a novel, I was unafraid: of my father, of dogs, snakes, and the bully across the creek; of older boys who drove hot rods close enough to make me jump in the ditch; of armed men parked near the bootlegger.
—  Chris Offutt, My Father, the Pornographer: A Memoir