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The homecoming was bittersweet because she was thrilled to be with her family again, but sad she wasn’t bringing home the trophy.

It was Rampone’s fourth and final shot at the coveted Cup. In 1999, she was on the team that won it. But not this time.

“Behind the scenes, yes, she’s sad,” said Chris Rampone, who was with her in Germany during the World Cup.

“She’s a perfectionist, so she’s always thinking, ‘We could have done it better,” he said, looking over at his wife, smiling and taking pictures with fans.

“But she has the right perspective on it,” he said. “Participation in soccer is going up, in leagues and in camps. It’s growing. That’s the positive out of this.”

“Being a mom is first priority for her,” said Chris Rampone. “She was really happy to see the girls again.”

—  Chris Rampone after the 2011 World Cup. 
The team will likely be without O’Hara and possibly Rampone for a period of time because of United States National team duties for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. While O’Hara was currently with the USWNT training in Orlando, Rampone has still been in frequent communication with USWNT head coach Jill Ellis.
“We are in constant communication with how the knee is doing and how I’m feeling, but honestly I want to get some games under my belt and see where I’m at before jumping back into that level,” Rampone said. “I’ve been out of the game for five months now, so it’s a process of me getting back and getting that fitness, but yeah we are in constant communication I’m not ready yet, but I just want to be 100 percent if I do get that call back in.”
—  Chris Parker on Christie Rampone’s current health status