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It’s their strength that gives people like me strength. If there’s any way you can bring a smile or just give positive words of reinforcement, it’s worth it. 

anonymous asked:

Man, I really love the headcannons you write so I'm gonna give it a shot and ask how would the prattpack react when they find out that bae's life is in danger and then how they would act afterwards.

Thank you! I’m glad you like my stuff :)

Faraday: Basically just starts going around shooting everything that moves until you’re safe. The whole damn time he has a smile on his face and he’s using stupid catch phrases. But while it seems like he’s just being a nerd at a super inappropriate time, it’s sort of his way to keep you calm like “hey look at all these jokes I’m making. I wouldn’t be making these jokes if everything wasn’t going to be okay”. When you’re safe and sound he rents out the nicest hotel room he can afford and then he…ahem…spoils you for the night.

Owen: Getting emotional would be a waste of the little time he has, so he immediately goes into military mode and quickly puts together a strategy to rescue you. Granted, that strategy is essentially “get to you, get you behind him for protection, and get you to safety” because he’s willing to risk his own life for yours. Afterwards, he does a once over on you to make sure you aren’t hurt, before pulling you tightly against him and holding you in silence.

Andy: The problem with Andy is that he thinks he’s a bad ass. Which, he is sometimes (I mean, he did jump through a glass door and is pretty great at karate). But in reality, he’s from a small town in Indiana where he has probably never been in a severely dangerous situation. The fact of the matter is that he just doesn’t have a ton of experience–which is by no means, his fault. But either way, he goes blindly charging in to save you. After a series of events that are just straight up luck, he gets you to safety and kisses you all over while he talks about how worried he was + “Did you see that cool thing I did, babe?? Did you??” From then on, he likes to refer to himself as your “Ex-FBI Knight in shining armor who is still secretly in the FBI.” 

Quill: He’s a mixture of scared and pissed off at whoever put you in danger. The angry part of him seems to be more prominent as he goes around taking people out one by one. The only time you’ve ever seen him like this was when someone stole his walkman (oooh it’s a metaphor. you are the walkman to the mix tape of his life). When he gets you back, he squeezes you tight…and then goes into a rambling about how awesome he just was. It’s oddly comforting to you.

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favourite halloween episodes | parks and recreation, 4x05 - “meet ‘n’ greet”

andy: we are throwing a halloween party at our house. it’s gonna be the greatest thing ever.
april: someone will die.
andy: of fun!
april: and of murder.


They’re back. Check out this sneak peek of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” coming to theaters May 5, 2017!

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