chris pine is chris fine


“but imagine what if diana lives some years, maybe hundreds or thousands years after present protecting the world, and then in a future year, she somehow meets this man, who looks like her first ever man, her first ever love, the one and only captain steve trevor,
and that man is captain james kirk. 

Imagine Chris telling his mom about you. He listens as she goes on and on about how she hopes you’re a “nice girl,” telling him to make sure you’re not out to take advantage of his money and fame. As soon as he can get a word in, he assures her that you’re the kindest woman he’s ever met; if anything, he has to worry about you giving all your money away to the many charities you’re involved in.

Imagine Chris taking you out for dinner. You were in the middle of your meal when the paparazzi saw him and started taking photos of the two of you. He rushes you to the car, more concerned with your safety than his privacy. Once inside, he apologizes for ruining your evening and offers to take you straight home. You let him drive you home - but he’s coming inside with you. It was the paparazzi that ruined your dinner, so you throw together a little picnic on your living room floor.

Imagine waking up next to Chris in a rundown motel in the middle of nowhere. You’re taking a cross-country road trip together, and after a racy game of 20 Questions, he pulled over at the first motel that came along. The two of you have been friends for years, but last night was the first time you gave in to the temptation to turn your relationship into something more.

Imagine Chris bringing you to the wrap party for Wonder Woman. You were a little nervous to be around so many people you hadn’t met before, but they were all so welcoming. They told you stories of Chris being silly on set, and how much he loves to talk about you, his incredible wife.