chris petescia

anonymous asked:

can you tell me about your logo? its lovely.

A very handsome, ambitious, and talented young designer (Chris Petescia) decided to use his spring thesis project (during his final semester of school) to work on the brand for a company he hoped to start with some friends, after graduation. He went through pages and pages of sketches… starting with clear-form illustrations of carrots with text and eventually, through his (some would say) divinely-infused talents, began to see that the form could be simplified. The top/ root of the carrot could be abstracted to an arrow, and the rounded end of the carrot itself resembled the form of a “c.” Because the company was intended to be both creative and production/development, the idea of using an arrow (>carrot) with the logo worked wonderfully for both aspects. It also allowed versatility with display in both logotype and simple icon forms. Moms were proud, an excellent grade was received, and a business identity was born.